Monthly Archive:: April 2010

Nonpareil Issue #3

Yes, it’s that time again – Nonpareil Magazine, my partnership with Kristen of Paper Crave, has launched another issue. This marks our third issue launch, and our current theme is “Something Old into Something New”. Each issue keeps getting better and better (and we’re certainly learning a lot in the process!), so obviously I’m going to tell you that this issue is my favorite yet, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Images from Nonpareil Magazine.

Putting it on a Pedestal: Lovely Cake Stands from Herriot Grace

When I saw Oh Joy feature one of Herriot Grace‘s wood pedestal cake stands yesterday, I think I nearly fell out of my chair. Not only are they absolutely stunning, but I personally would style them exactly the same at a wedding – with a humble, homemade style cake to create a perfectly charming presentation. Be warned, they’re not exactly cheap – they’re currently running between $100 and 160 – but if you really enjoy entertaining and could get more use out of them, or you’re a planner and could use these as props in multiple weddings, I suggest you high tail it over there for some beautiful cake stands.

Images from Herriot Grace.