25 Fresh Takes on the Ring Bearer Pillows

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Imagine the beautiful moment when the bride and groom exchange vows and slide rings onto each other’s fingers. But hold up, who’s responsible for delivering those precious rings down the aisle? That’s where the ring bearers come in!

Usually, rings sit on fancy satin pillows, but nowadays, couples are spicing things up. They’re getting creative and finding new ways to showcase their rings.

So, say goodbye to boring old pillows – it’s time for some fresh ideas!

Excited to see what’s out there? Stick with us as we share 25 cool alternatives to ring bearer pillows. From rustic vibes to city-slicker styles, we’ve got something for everyone.

Let’s dive in and make your wedding dreams come true!

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Key Takeaway

  • Traditional ring bearer pillows are being replaced with creative alternatives that suit the couple’s aesthetic, venue, and personal preferences.
  • Some unique options include personalized ring boxes, rustic wood ring holders, seasonal flower baskets, and incorporating the rings into the ring bearer’s attire.
  • Couples are encouraged to add meaningful, personalized touches to their chosen ring presentation method to make their big day even more special.

Alternatives to The Traditional Ring Bearer Pillow

While there are many alternatives to the traditional ring pillow, it is best to choose a way that suits your aesthetic, season venue, and personal preference. You should also pick a functional object that fits your budget. Below are some inspirations:

1. Ring Box

A wooden ring box is a classic way to keep the rings safe. You can customize it with your favorite paint color and a heart embellishment.

2. Ring Dish

silver platter with wedding rings, boutonniere and macarons

A ring dish is another unique object that can hold your rings. You can personalize it by engraving it with a quote or message about your love. This is an excellent option because you can keep it in your home after your wedding, and it will remind you of the memories of your big day.

3. Ring Holder Sign

Love Sign Wedding ring holder

A ring holder sign is also a cute way to deliver the rings to the altar. You can write anything on the sign to speak about your love story.

4. Faux Bird Nest

A faux bird nest offers a whimsical touch to your ceremony. It can be crafted with delicate materials and adorned with rustic accents. It also provides a unique, nature-inspired vessel for safely carrying wedding rings down the aisle.

5. Small Jewelry Box

25 Fresh Takes on the Ring Bearer Pillows 21

This is a creative and unique way to display and present your wedding rings. You can do it using ribbon loops, which can be glued/sewn onto the sides of the box, then slip the rings through the loops. You can also position fabric pockets or decorative hooks inside the box, which you can get from a local store.

6. Floral Arrangement

Wedding rings attached to wedding flowers

Try this unique way to showcase your wedding ring. You can securely thread the string holding the rings through the flower stems. Alternatively, attach the rings to a small birdcage and hang it from the flowers with a ribbon.

7. Incorporate into the Ring Bearer’s Attire

Attaching the wedding rings to the bearer’s outfit is a fresh way to present them. It’s hands-free and stylish and ensures the rings make it safely to the altar, avoiding any risk of loss or mishap.

8. Rustic Wood Ring Box

Wedding rings. Gold rings are boxed. Preparing for the wedding. Wedding attributes.

A rustic wood ring box is an excellent idea for a rustic or outdoor wedding. Attach your rings to the wood with a ribbon. You can customize the box with personal details like your name or monogram.

9. Beach Themed Sand Pail

For weddings that have a coastal theme or are using beach elements, this is an excellent style to incorporate. Paint the pail using beach or wedding theme colors, and tie ribbons around its rim or handle. Then, add sand to the bottom of the pail. When attaching the ribs, use ribbon loops or seashell holders.

If you’re looking for reasons to have a beach wedding, we’ve got you covered!

10. Book-Inspired Ring Holder

Get playful with this unique idea! Transform an old book into a ring holder by carving out a space in the middle and adding decorations like paint or ribbon. Then, place a cushion inside to hold the rings safely.

Another option is a quote box: Choose a favorite quote, write it on parchment paper, and place it in a small sand chest. Nestle the rings inside for a romantic touch.

11. Seasonal Flower Basket

Depending on the season, you choose flowers and incorporate them into your wedding theme. For instance, for a spring wedding, you can purchase a wicker basket in a light pastel color with in-season flowers like tulips and hyacinths. Then, place the rings in a pocket sewn inside the basket or nestle them in a soft fabric within.

Read our blog to prevent wedding flower mistakes.

12. Family Heirloom Ring Box

Secure your rings in a special box with history. These boxes come in different styles, showing off craftsmanship from past eras. Find them online, like on Etsy.

25 Fresh Takes on the Ring Bearer Pillows 25

13. Macrame Attached in Branches

This idea is unique and beautiful compared to the traditional white satin pillow. It is perfect for an outdoor ceremony, especially a boho or rustic wedding. Remember to personalize it to your wedding theme.

14. Engraved Ring Box

Engraving your ring box adds a personal touch and makes the box a cherished keepsake. You can use a wooden, velvet, or metal box, then engrave it with your name, initials, wedding date, or a special message.

25 Fresh Takes on the Ring Bearer Pillows 27

15. Grandparents’ Wedding Bands Wrapped in Handkerchiefs

Use this method to add a sentimental touch and incorporate their love story into your own. But ensure you wrap the handkerchief tightly so the rings won’t slip out. To avoid damaging the handkerchief, put it on a small plate or stand close to the altar or inside a ring box.

16. Antique Box

Adding a touch of history to your wedding can make it unique and memorable. Let your ring bearer bring the rings in an antique box. You can make it sentimental by choosing a box that your grandmother loved.

17. A Remote Control Car

A dramatic entrance is one of the ways to excite your wedding guests. Set your rings in a remote-controlled car that your ring bearer will “drive” in. But remember to assign someone to control the vehicle.

But the ring bearer can carry the toy car as he walks down the aisle for brides who want to keep it cool. It will entertain him and motivate him to keep him entertained.

18. Oversized Balloon

A large balloon is an excellent idea for a lighthearted wedding ceremony. You can customize it with words like “Here comes the bride.”

19. Embroidery Hoop Ring Holders

These elegant and timeless pieces serve as a unique way to present your rings and as cherished keepsakes. Consider embroidering your name, wedding date, a meaningful quote, or a heartfelt or funny Bible verse about marriage to add a personal touch and make it even more special.

25 Fresh Takes on the Ring Bearer Pillows 29

20. Ornate Box

Opt for this old but elevated accessory if your ceremony features a vintage theme. You can look for one with gold detailing that looks stunning.

21. Clamshell

If you have a clamshell, you can incorporate it into your big day. It makes a perfect accessory for a beach wedding.

25 Fresh Takes on the Ring Bearer Pillows 31

22. Clear Acrylic Ring Box

You can get this box online. It usually comes with two slots, one for holding a small ring and the other for a larger ring. Each slot can accommodate several ring sizes. You can also get a box with a lid engraved with your desired writings.

23. A Ball

You can try this idea if you and your spouse are sports lovers. Give your ring bearer a ball to hold as he makes his entrance. You can use a baseball, football, softball, or tennis ball. Remember to tie the ring onto it with a ribbon or some twine.

24. A Melodic Bell

Break from the traditional pillow by letting your ring bearer carry the rings in ring bells. It is an affordable option that makes your ceremony unique.

25. Folding Fan

Consider this idea if you want to add a touch of elegance to your wedding day. Decorate your fan with lace, pearls, and ribbons to make it more attractive.

Best Practices for the Ring Bearer

25 Fresh Takes on the Ring Bearer Pillows 33

Select Age-Appropriate Ring Bearer

Find a child who is excited and comfortable playing this role. There is no ideal age for ring bearers, but most people opt for 3-8-year-olds. Find a child who is comfortable walking in front of a crowd and can follow instructions.

It is also best to choose someone close to you, like a nephew, son, or godchild. You can also pick an older child aged 9- 12, a trusted family member, or a close friend.

Alternatively, you can eliminate this role and have the bride or groom carry the rings to the altar as they walk down the aisle.

Practice Ahead of the Wedding

Walk with the ring bearer several times before the ceremony. You can practice at home or at the ceremony location to help them familiarize themselves and reduce nervousness.

Have a Backup Up Plan in case the Rings Get Dropped

The rings can quickly get dropped using some of the methods mentioned above. In that case, you can have an extra set of rings somewhere on the altar with the officiant or bridesmaid or invest in dummy rings, which you can remove and wear the actual ones once they are recovered.

Let the Best Man Hold The Rings Until the Ring Exchange

To keep the rings from getting lost, give them to your best man, who will present them when it is time for the exchange.


Many couples are moving away from the tradition of using a ring pillow and are incorporating other ways of bringing wedding rings to the altar. Personalized boxes, ring dishes, sand pails, and ring holder signs are creative ways to carry the rings.

There is no wrong method. But remember that many options work better for specific themes and certain wedding colors. No matter what alternative you choose, add some small touches that provide meaningful sentiment on your big day.

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