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Weddings aren’t just about saying “I do” anymore; they’re about creating unforgettable experiences and embracing the latest trends.

One such trend that’s taking the wedding world by storm is the ingenious idea of using TikTok to make date cards and inviting favorite companies to the celebration.

Picture this: couples leveraging the power of TikTok to craft stunning save-the-date cards while extending invitations to their most beloved brands. It’s a modern twist that promises surprises and delights as they journey towards their big day.

In this post, we’ll delve into the magic of incorporating TikTok into wedding planning and the art of inviting favorite companies to join in the celebration. We’ll explore how to seamlessly merge creativity with practicality, ensuring that your wedding stands out in style.

So, grab your devices, and let’s explore how TikTok, date cards, and your favorite companies can come together to create the wedding of your dreams. Let the adventure begin!

Mail Them an Invite & Get Free Stuff From These Companies 7

Key Takeaway

  • Sending wedding invites to favorite companies and celebrities is a fun new trend, although gifts or attendance is unlikely. It can generate surprises, sharing, and viral social media attention.
  • Good companies to try this with are local businesses, sports teams, food/beverage brands, tech companies, and apparel brands. Follow celebrity fan mail guidelines to contact them.
  • Getting creative with invite designs tailored to the company builds interest. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope, send early, and follow up respectfully.
  • Share your wedding story and invites on social media with tags and hashtags to gain more attention. This can help make your wedding more memorable and personalized.

Why Send Extra Wedding Invites?

Sending extra invitations and wedding cards to companies and celebrities is not common. But it can be a fun addition to your wedding with good returns.

It’s not likely that these names will attend your wedding (although you need to reserve them a seat), but there are many other reasons to send them the invites.

  • Get Free Stuff for Your Wedding Day: They say that best things come for free and it is okay to want free gifts on your special day. Some companies and celebrities are generous and might send you gifts, heartfelt congratulations, and beautiful messages when they receive the invite. It may be a surprise that could spice up your day.
  • Share Your Big Day: A wedding is a special occasion, and many people want to share it, even with those they aren’t close with. Sending those extra wedding invites is a way to share your big day with the world. It’s saying, “You and your spouse are happy and want everyone to know.”
  • Good Advertising/Go Viral on TikTok: Sending a wedding invite to companies and celebrities advertises you. Since these people are famous and the enterprises are well-established, getting recognition from them can go a long way in building your brand. If they have a large social media following and decide to post your card to their platform, you will gain a lot of attention. Some couples have grown their brand using this strategy.

Best Companies to Send Your Extra Invites

Making wedding invitations can be costly – that’s why others opt for a DIY wedding invitation. So, you should try to mail the extra ones to companies and celebrities that are likely to respond. These include local businesses, tech giants, clothing and apparel, and food and beverage enterprises.

You can also consider sending your extra wedding invitations to companies known for providing free samples by mail, as it might not only increase your chances of receiving a response but also add a delightful touch of anticipation to your mailbox. There is no certainty that you will receive anything in return when you mail them the invite. But just try your luck.

If you are looking for some inspiration, here are the companies you can send your extra wedding invitations to:

Favorite Brands

  • Chick-fil-A: This is the best company for fast food lovers to send invites. They have sent coupons for free meals, gift cards, and other goodies. Chick-fil-A Inc., Attn: CARES, P.O. Box 725489, Atlanta, GA 31139-99923, USA.
  • John Deere: This has sent gift cards, branded mugs, capes, hoodies, and handmade gifts. Deere & Company World Headquarters One John Deere Place Moline, IL 61265
  • Toronto Blue Jays: If you are a big fan of this team, try your luck with them. The company has sent tickets, signed baseball, and congratulatory messages. Rogers Centre (Stadium) 1 Blue Jays Way Suite 3200. Toronto, ON M5V1J1

Favorite Celebrities

Many celebrities have sent gifts, and some even attended weddings they have been invited to. If you want to send your invite to them, please find out their address for fan mail to use for sending your invite.

  • Taylor Swift: 242 West Main Street PMB 412, Hendersonville, TN 37075, USA (c/o Taylor Swift Entertainment)
  • Johnny Depp: 916 West Burbank Blvd., Suite #206C, Burbank, CA 91506, USA
  • Justin Bieber: 9301 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 504. Beverly Hills, CA 90210-6149

Local Businesses

  • Dallas Mavericks: Explore the exciting offerings from the Dallas Mavericks, including tickets to thrilling games and exclusive branded merchandise.1333 N Stemmons Fwy Ste 105, Dallas, TX 75207, USA
  • Fort Lauderdale companies: Consider collaborating with esteemed companies such as Invites & Events, AutoNation, and MSC Cruises for your event invitations. Their excellence ensures a memorable experience for your guests.

Ideas for your Extra Wedding Invites

Make a Wedding Website

If you have many extra invites, consider preparing a guest list and creating a wedding website. That way, you will remain organized and on top of things.

With all your information in one place, guests will know your contact information and any other intricate details. Remember to include a guestbook, photos, and registry on your site.

For celebrities or companies that have not RSVP-ed, you can do a follow-up video to remind them.

Mail Them an Invite & Get Free Stuff From These Companies 9

Handwritten Notes

Sending a handwritten note adds a personal touch to your invitations. The recipient will feel your genuineness and sincerity in welcoming them to your wedding party and might be touched to mail a response or send a gift.

Creative Invite Designs

People love things crafted with creative, beautiful designs, and this also applies to your wedding card. It needs to stand out from the rest of the recipient’s mail for them to be interested in reading it.

Make sure you include custom details of the company or celebrity and use elegant font and graphics. While classing wedding invitations are great, you can opt for a modern wedding invitation card that’s eye-catching.

Responses You May Get

  • Social media shoutouts – from companies/celebrities with a large following, which is a great advertising strategy.
  • Free products – like tote bags, brand merchandisers, etc.
  • Gift cards – some companies also offer free meals
  • Travel vouchers – especially from companies that deal with travel
  • Pickets/season passes – you may get season tickets to watch a game from your favorite team
  • Personal responses – some companies may send you a letter congratulating you on your big day.

When sending the invite, please do not have high hopes of getting anything in return. Remember that these companies deal with a large volume of mail, and responding to each may be difficult. However, try your luck, who knows.

Tips for Sending Your Extra Invites

Mail Them an Invite & Get Free Stuff From These Companies 11

Use the best envelope

When it comes to wedding invitations, the envelope sets the tone for what lies within. While A7 (5.25 x 7.25) envelopes are the popular choice for accommodating 5 x 7 invites, an array of sizes awaits your consideration. Once you’ve decided on the envelope dimensions, elevate its elegance with the artistry of Faux Calligraphy.

Include self-addressed stamped envelopes

It’s best that you include contact details for those who want to send gifts. Include a phone number, a social media handle, and an email address. Even better, you can include a self-addressed and stamped envelope. While it looks like a small gesture, it can encourage a reply.

Send early

Don’t be a last-minute person when it comes to the wedding planning process. You can send the invite as early as five months to the wedding. That way, the recipient will have enough time to respond, package it, and send a gift if they want to.

Follow up if needed

It’s not always necessary, but because these companies and celebrities receive lots of mail, yours may be missed. In that case, you can send a follow-up to see if the recipient got your invite.

At the same time, remember to be respectful and genuine in your approach. Don’t sound too entitled. The goal is to share your special day and maybe get a surprise. But, the recipient is not obligated to respond.

Share Your Story

Include a snippet of your love story, especially if it relates to the company or celebrating. For instance, if you’re inviting a company where you had your first date, mention that. The message needs to resonate with the recipient to gain their interest.

You can also take advantage of the digital era by sharing your story with the world. You can;

  • Post on TikTok and social media – make a video or take pictures of your wedding card and write a good caption.
  • Tag celebrities/companies – for instance, @john deere, @taylorswift
  • Use the right hashtags for your post to be viewed by the companies – for example, weddinginvitation #weddingtiktok #2023bride, sendingweddinginvitationstocelebrities #wedding #septemberbride, wedding invitation #weddinginvites #wedding #2023bride


Sending extra invites to celebrities and companies is a modern trend that people are adopting. It adds novelty and excitement to your wedding planning.

Plus, it is a good idea if you want to involve your favorite company in your wedding ceremony. So, even if you are not guaranteed a response or gifts, still mail the wedding invites to your favorite brands. You never know the surprise that awaits you.

Remember, the best companies are sports, local businesses, clothing and apparel, and food and beverage brands. Check on platforms like Reddit and TikTok for success stories by other couples.

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