What Can Your Flower Girl Carry Down the Aisle Instead of Flowers?

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What Can Your Flower Girl Hold While Going Down The Aisle Instead Of Flowers? 1

You’ve chosen your perfect flower girl (or girls), and now you need to choose what she’ll be carrying down the aisle with her. 

While many couples still decide to go with the traditional flower basket filled with petals, others are choosing to have their flower girls carry something different.

This choice can come about for many reasons. One of the most common is because many wedding venues don’t allow flower petals on their carpet—in fact, lots of wedding venues don’t allow anything to be tossed.

Another reason is that the flower girl may be too young to understand the concept of sprinkling petals.

Flowers are a staple in weddings, symbolizing love, new life, and a brighter future. But you can explore creative alternatives to replace a bouquet or accentuate freshly picked blossoms to make your wedding more remarkable and stunning.

Whatever your reasons may be, here are some great flower girl basket alternatives to match a dozen wedding themes. Whether it’s a beach wedding or a small outdoor ceremony, we got you!

Looking for alternatives to the traditional flower girl basket? Consider unique options like handmade floral crowns, mini bouquets, or charming pomander balls. These creative alternatives add a touch of whimsy and personalization to any wedding ceremony.

20 Alternative Flower Girl Ideas

It’s time to blossom your outdoor ceremonies!

Embrace the beauty of nature on your wedding date with enchanting outdoor weddings, but not the traditional way.

From charming wands instead of bridal bouquets to a number of other innovative alternatives, discover a world of creativity that promises an extra dose of magic to your special day.

1. Sign/Pennant

Pennants carried instead of flowers on a wedding.

Signs are probably the most popular choice when it comes to petal basket alternatives.

They’re a favorite because they’re so customizable. They can say anything the couple wants, from “Here Comes the Bride” to “Mr. and Mrs.” to “Wait ’til You See Her!”.

Signs and pennants can also match your wedding theme because the materials can also be customizable—for signs, everything from chalkboard to burlap to wood to canvas.

For pennants, they are available in thousands of colors, styles, and patterns. The possibilities are countless, and you can get very creative with your options.

2. Framed Photo

A wedding couplte posing for a photo.

Some couples choose to have their flower girl hold a framed photo of a loved one who has passed and can’t be there. This may seem like a strange idea, but it’s actually very touching.

Other couples who like the idea of their flower girl holding a framed photo but may not necessarily want it to be a deceased loved one will often use a photo of themselves, perhaps from one of their first dates.

3. Mini Bridesmaid Bouquet

A beautiufil bridal bouquet.

Just as the flower girls sometimes wear younger-style versions of the bridesmaid dresses, it may also be a fun alternative for them to carry mini-versions of the bridesmaids’ bouquet. This is something that will make little flower girls feel like the “big girls”.

What Can Your Flower Girl Carry Down The Aisle Instead Of a Bouquet? 7

Photo Credit: Rebekah J. Murray Photography

4. Wand

A sparkling wand.

Wands are great for flower girls to carry down the aisle, mainly because they look so sweet and are very versatile.

Depending on what tone your wedding has, you can get a “real” wand, or you can go the fairy tale route and have one made from flowers, twigs, and ribbon.

5. The Bride’s Train

A woman in a wedding dress sittig down.

This is an older tradition that seems to be disappearing from weddings.

It may be because brides now want to be the very last to walk down the aisle or because smaller flower girls may not do a good job. However, if you feel like your flower girl can handle it, the image of her carrying your train behind you will look very sweet.

Just make sure to walk slowly enough for her to keep up!

6. Dried Lavender

Lavander flower in the field.

As mentioned before, many wedding venues don’t allow real flower petals to be thrown (apparently, they can stain carpets). However, if you really have your heart set on your flower girl throwing something floral, flower girl baskets can be filled with dried lavender.

It makes a fantastic flower petal alternative because it looks beautiful in photos and smells wonderful as well.

7. Lanterns

lanterns in a wedding
Credits: BridalGuide

If you’re having a daytime wedding, having your flower girl hold a flowery lantern will look charming.

And if you’re having a nighttime wedding outdoors, a lantern lit with a fake candle, LED lights, or Christmas tree lights will have a very magical effect.

8. Balloons

What Can Your Flower Girl Carry Down the Aisle Instead of Flowers? 39

Photo Credit: Susie Lawrence Photography

Flower girls holding balloons can make a fantastic visual. They can also match any colors or theme of your wedding, which will look great in photos.

They can even be heart-shaped. Just be sure to tie the balloon to the wrist of your flower girl if she’s smaller so that it doesn’t fly away and make her cry!

9. Lollipop Bouquet

What Can Your Flower Girl Carry Down the Aisle Instead of Flowers? 41

Photo Credit: Mira Weddings

Very…” sweet”, right?

Lollipops are colorful, bright, and whimsical, and the right “arrangement” can be truly dazzling. Your flower girl holding a lollipop arrangement will be an adorable sight, indeed—just as long as she doesn’t start sampling the goods!

10. Bubbles

What Can Your Flower Girl Carry Down the Aisle Instead of Flowers? 43

Photo Credit: All Heart Photography

This one is a bit more popular than some of the others on this list. If your flower girl is old enough to blow bubbles effectively, it can be a great visual and a good alternative to a petal basket.

Some couples even take it a step further and disguise bubble guns with flowers for their little ladies.

11. Something Sentimental

A set of sentimental photos.

Sometimes a sentimental item is very meaningful for a flower girl to carry down the aisle. Did you meet your partner in high school?

If so, your high school yearbook from the year you first met is a good idea for her to hold. Or if you met at a party, maybe a bottle of vodka. (Just kidding.)

If the item is truly representative of a crucial moment in the couple’s life, it does make for a very sweet moment.

12. Garlands

What Can Your Flower Girl Carry Down the Aisle Instead of Flowers? 46

Photo Credit: J Nichols Photo

This one works when you have two flower girls. Still, within the floral family, long garlands look amazing and will add a regal (but still sweet) touch to the wedding procession.

13. Glowing Candles

A beautiful lit candle.

If you’re having a nighttime wedding—especially outdoors—you may want your flower girl to carry a glowing fake candle to create a dreamy, romantic effect.

This makes a particularly good petal basket alternative since it’s much more visible than the petals anyway.

14. Floral Pomanders

What Can Your Flower Girl Carry Down the Aisle Instead of Flowers? 49

Another very popular item for flower girls to carry down the aisle is a floral pomander, or “kissing balls,” as they are sometimes referred to. Visually pleasing and set apart from a bouquet, pomanders are quite sweet and create an angelic vibe.

15. Vows

A wedding couple's vows.

Having your flower girl bring your vows to you is also a good idea. She can present them in a fancy box or basket, and she will feel like she has a very important job—because she will!

If you like this idea but it makes you nervous to have the vows carried by a young flower girl, hand them over to someone you trust until the moment she will be transporting them down the aisle.

16. Isis Wings

What Can Your Flower Girl Carry Down the Aisle Instead of Flowers? 52

Photo Credit: Audrey Alba Films

Want your flower girl to look like a mini rock star?

Why not give her Isis wings instead of having her carry something? These fun wings will give her something to do with her hands, and they make for fantastic photo ops, especially in an outdoor ceremony.

17. Pets

What Can Your Flower Girl Carry Down the Aisle Instead of Flowers? 54

Definitely the most adorable flower basket alternative!

Lots of couples want to incorporate their best four-legged friend(s) into their special day and see them coming down the aisle carrying a significant item. If your pet does well with strangers and your flower girl is comfortable with him or her, consider having her carry, walk, or cart them down the aisle.

For multiple pets, a wagon may be a cute idea. Incorporating pets into a wedding is always a lovely crowd-pleaser.

18. Confetti

What Can Your Flower Girl Carry Down the Aisle Instead of Flowers? 56

Confetti has a similar aesthetic to flower petals, only it’s much more festive. It also comes in countless colors and styles, so you’ll definitely be able to find something to match your wedding.

Plus, your flower girl will have a blast throwing it!

19. A Parasol

What Can Your Flower Girl Carry Down the Aisle Instead of Flowers? 58

Photo Credit: Photography By Leah

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, parasols make very pretty alternatives to petal baskets. They can be covered with flowers or pearls, they can be Japanese-style, they can have customized wording or anything else your heart desires.

They also serve a double purpose of protecting little girls’ skin from the sun.

20. A Single Stem

pink flower

Having your flower girl simply carry one individual flower looks absolutely adorable, especially when the flower is big and bright.

She won’t have to throw anything—she can just concentrate on making her way down the aisle while looking as cute as can be.

Or Maybe, A Combination?

Maybe you’ve looked over this list, and it’s given you the idea to incorporate more than one petal basket alternative. Maybe your flower girl will walk down the aisle with your pet while holding a balloon and throwing kisses!

The thing to remember is to understand exactly what your flower girl can handle, especially if she is pretty small.

Winding Up

In conclusion, when it comes to alternative flower girl ideas, there is a plethora of creative and heartwarming options to choose from.

From sweet signs and charming hair accessories to delightful balloons and sentimental items, these alternatives offer a great way to make the flower girl’s big day even more special. Whether it’s an outdoor ceremony or an indoor venue with restrictions, couples can find the perfect flower girl accessories that match their wedding theme while bringing a smile to everyone’s face.

So, it’s up to you to explore these fantastic alternatives and let the flower girl’s presence add a touch of magic and joy to your memorable celebration.

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