22 Benefits of Being Married: Laughs for a Soon-to-Be Bride

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It’s getting close to your big day, and you’ll be married to the man you love. Here are 22 marriage benefits you’ll experience after saying your vows!

22 Marriage Perks

  1. Emotional support: Marriage often provides a strong emotional support system, as spouses can lean on each other during challenging times and share their joys and sorrows.
  2. Companionship: Marriage offers a lifelong companion with whom you can build a deep and meaningful connection, creating a sense of belonging and togetherness.
  3. Financial stability: Couples often pool their resources, which can lead to better financial stability and the ability to work toward common financial goals.
  4. Health benefits: Studies suggest that married individuals tend to have better physical and mental health, potentially due to the emotional support and healthier lifestyle choices often associated with marriage.
  5. Social support: Marriage can provide a wider social network through extended families and friends, which can be valuable during times of need.
  6. Shared responsibilities: In a marriage, partners typically share responsibilities like household chores, childcare, and financial planning, which can lead to a more balanced and efficient life.
  7. Intimacy and partnership: Marriage encourages a deep level of intimacy and partnership, allowing couples to explore their emotional and physical connections on a profound level.
  8. Legal recognition and protection: Marriage provides legal recognition and protection for the relationship, ensuring that both partners have certain rights and responsibilities under the law.
  9. Longevity: Some research suggests that married individuals may have a longer life expectancy compared to their unmarried counterparts, although the reasons for this are multifaceted and not solely attributed to marriage.
  10. Improved mental and emotional health. Studies have shown that married people are happier, healthier, and live longer than unmarried people. They also have lower rates of depression, anxiety, and stress.
  11. Greater financial security. Married couples are more likely to be homeowners and have a higher net worth than unmarried couples. They are also less likely to experience poverty.
  12. Stronger social support. Marriage provides a built-in social support system that can help couples cope with stress, provide companionship, and offer emotional support.
  13. Better parenting. Married parents are more likely to provide a stable and nurturing home for their children. They are also more likely to be involved in their children’s lives and provide them with the support they need to succeed.
  14. Improved physical health. Married people are more likely to have healthy habits, such as eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. They are also more likely to get regular checkups and preventive care.
  15. Greater sense of purpose. Marriage can give people a sense of purpose and meaning in life. It can also provide a sense of belonging and connection.
  16. Improved communication skills. Married couples learn to communicate effectively with each other, which can help them resolve conflict and build a stronger relationship.
  17. Increased creativity. Studies have shown that married people are more creative than unmarried people. This may be due to the fact that marriage provides a supportive and stimulating environment for creativity to flourish.
  18. Greater resilience. Married couples are more likely to be able to bounce back from adversity. They also have a stronger support system to help them cope with difficult times.
  19. Increased happiness. Marriage is one of the most important factors in a person’s overall happiness. Studies have shown that married people are happier than unmarried people, and that their happiness level increases over time.

22 Other Marriage Benefits You Didn’t Think Of..Until Now

  1. You’ll have a live-in spider killer.Happy couple racing on bikes
  2. Someone will always be around to reach the top shelves in the kitchen for those yummy menus.
  3. You’ll live longer; studies have shown married couples live longer.
  4. You’ll always get a Valentine’s Day present… and an anniversary present!Bride and Groom
  5. Your husband is like a built-in toe warmer waiting on the other side of the bed.
  6. You will always have someone to share your deepest secrets with.
  7. You’ll have a dishes-doing partner… and a dance partner.
  8. There’s always someone to wake up if you have a creepy dream.
  9. You’ll have someone to support you in all things.
  10. Having someone there to bring you soup when you’re sick.
  11. Starting a family with the man you adore.

    Engagement Photobellagala.com

  12. Having a husband is like having a handyman on-call 24-hours a day.
  13. Gaining a whole extra family that you’ll love and who will love you.
  14. Knowing that someone always has your back.
  15. You’ll have a Sunday morning newspaper-reading partner.
  16. He’ll be your partner in crime.
  17. It’s nice having someone who knows you as well as you know yourself.
  18. Two heads are better than one, especially when you’re coming up with excuses for staying home from work, getting out of a prior obligation, etc.
  19. You always have a date on Friday and Saturday night.
  20. Someone is always there to share laughs with.Depositphotos_11643636_l
  21. Looking forward to your husband walking in at the end of the day.Bride and Groom Kissing
  22. You’ll have someone to try new recipes on… and someone to tell you how your butt looks in those jeans!
  23. (Bonus). You get to grow old together and still do fun stuff!Senior couple on country bike ride
    ​There is a special kind of love between a husband and wife who have gotten comfortable with each other that is priceless. Good luck to you and may you thoroughly enjoy that priceless love with your husband.

​I hope you enjoyed this! Which one is your favorite? 🙂

33 thoughts on “22 Benefits of Being Married: Laughs for a Soon-to-Be Bride”

  1. Getting married comes with benefits! This post made me smile. Husbands are best friends, loyal companions, and the admirers that you will never choose to live without!

  2. All of those benefits almost make me want to tie the knot myself especially the “Two heads are better than one, especially when you’re coming up with excuses for staying home from work, getting out of a prior obligation, etc.” part. Nice read!

  3. Wonderful list! Great reminder for brides-to-be to look forward to these things. I personally love #5 and #21!

  4. Bahahahahahahahahaha number 13 is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard lol that’s just a lie everyone tells because otherwise if people knew the truth they would never get married lol

    • I concur wholeheartedly. Getting married is moronic. And probably the biggest mistake of my life. Truth is marriage is hard. Even a failed marriage takes hard work to keep your spouse from killing you. I haven’t the foggiest clue why anyone would do this willingly and why gays want this misery too

      • You are clearly married to the wrong person. I agree with ever point to the benefits

  5. Unless he’s in the military.

  6. This is an extremely idealistic list.

  7. Most of these are already true for my boyfriend of 5 years and me. We don’t live together (and won’t until we are married), but a lot of these would be true for unmarried couples living together. And by the way I am my own spider killer.

  8. I’ve been married for 5 years (together for 8yrs) and none of these are true for me except 11, 17, and 18. Life is not a fairy tale just bcs you get married, sorry to be a Debbie Downer.

  9. I already have all this after 4-years living together and im not married

  10. I will have been married 15 years in August and these are still true.

  11. Most of these are true already for me (except I kill my own bugs, I’m my own handy-man, etc.) and I’m a young adult and have been in the same relationship for only 2 years. Find someone who meets these expectations before you marry them. Cute list!

  12. I love all of these reasons and there are so many more. Your marriage is what you make of it and some people would rather focus on the negative and that is fine. I love my husband (of almost 8 years) and he really is my best friend, my tag team partner with the kids, my number one fan and my hero. This was a wonderful read.

  13. It seems a little sexist that the men are automatically assumed to be the ones to kill spiders & fix things around the house, implying that women are incapable of doing these things.

    • I think your thinking is sexist. It only implies that if you have a sexist mind. An open mind takes it for what it is!
      Try to have an open mind!

    • That’s kind of what I was thinking too. It was a cute list but awfully… dated.
      Assuming your husband will walk in on YOU at the end of the day since you’ve spent your day, what? At home doing dishes?

  14. I’m the one who’ll kill spider but those are cute lists for married couple indeed.

  15. I don’t think these are over-done at all. I think it’s very possible because I have all these things after 2 years. The people saying that this list is unrealistic just aren’t lucky enough to have fallen in love with the perfect man. 🙂 <3 cheers!

  16. I’ve been married five years with two kids and this doesn’t even start to explain the benefits of being married. Every marriage is different but this isnt just a fairytail idea. This is for sure possible.

  17. I’ve been married ten years and have four kids and these are all true for me…except number four, and it’s only because I tell him I don’t want anything, we have more important things to spend our money on. Most of the time I still feel like a newly wed.:D <3 Love my man! It is VERY possible to have this kind of relationship with your husband.

  18. I don’t think this list is unrealistic at all! The ones who are saying that it is, have not had the chance to meet their one true love! My man meets all of those listed and some! He’s my true Prince Charming 🙂

  19. This list is not far fetched at all. My “perfect” husband and I have been married for 21 yrs. I say perfect becaue he is to me. He might not do a few things on this list, but he does more than what is on the list.

  20. As a feminist, I find this post hilarious and adorable! I think everyone needs to chill a bit and laugh at the funny for a moment 🙂 Nice list, haha!

  21. love it 🙂 hope will get married soon <3

  22. This was so sweet I wish I would have done it 8 years ago and then again now to see what would have changed. That new bride feeling is gone and we’re comfortable now, with 3 small kids… it would have been a fun tradition to start!

  23. I like this list but had to laugh. At my sister’s house SHE is the spider killer. My husband is so not handy! He can fix a car though! His mom contributed tous almost never speaking to each other again. It is a good list though. He does taste all of my cooking experiments and always tells me I look beautiful even when I dont! 🙂

  24. Ahww all of these are so true, except #13… Well he’s gained a family who loves him. Unfortunately, I gained his super disfunctional family, but the silver lining is that having me in his life has helped him view his family relationships in a healthier way. And it’s made us learn to really appreciate the love and support we receive from my family. Something that may have otherwise gone somewhat unnoticed. Cute post.

  25. like the picture

  26. thanks for these points. hopefully i get pass through my first date

  27. Well being married with a family certainly gives you a lot of advantages when being single and alone all the time has so many disadvantages. And it can be very unhealthy and depressing as well.


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