5 Fun Ways to Match at Your Bachelorette Party

by Cassandra in — Updated June 4, 2024 — Reading Time: 4 minutes
tHE bACHPhoto by Mikaela via The Bach

The last fling before the ring is a fun tradition celebrated by women all over the world. It’s a time to get the girls together and have a bit of wild and crazy fun. Even if wild and crazy means slipping on a pair of silk pajamas and painting each other’s nails. It doesn’t matter if your bachelorette party will be an epic weekend-long event or a laid back and relaxed slumber party complete with bachelorette-themed movies. Any type of hen party is a great excuse to express a little girl gang mentality. And by that I mean, matching! All the great girl gangs match in some way (think the Pink Ladies). If you’d like your bachelorette girl gang to do the same, here are five fun ways you can do just that.

1. Temporary Tattoos

BrideTribeBride Tribe Tattoo by Daydream Prints

With the many cute temporary tattoos on the market, there’s no need to put ink to skin. I mean, the last thing you want is to stumble into a tattoo shop with your girls and haphazardly choose matching ink. Or maybe you do, and that’s cool too. But, if you want to keep it casual, and temporary, hand out some temporary tattoos at the bachelorette party and have everyone wear them throughout the event. You can find a range of designs online at places like Etsy or, if you’re a crafty gal, you can make your own using this tutorial from Something Turquoise.

2. Tutus

TutursVia Pinterest

They aren’t just for little girls! One of my most pinned images on Pinterest is the one above, so clearly ladies are loving this idea. If you’re having a beach bachelorette party, don a short and colorful tutu (with the bride in white, perhaps). If it’s a night out on the town, have everyone slip on a knee-length tutu made of tulle in a solid color. If you’re an eclectic bunch, request that everyone wear the wackiest and wildest tutu they can find.

3. Flower Crowns, Hats, and Headpieces

Bridesmaids-the-Movie-Disney-PosterDisney Photo & Video via Disney Everyday

If you’re having a themed bachelorette party, think about what you and the girls could wear to match that theme. When choosing bachelorette outfits for the bride, consider her personal style and the event’s vibe. Opt for a white dress with fun accessories or a themed costume that suits her personality.. Mouse ears for a Disney-themed party, flower crowns for a bohemian chic theme, baseball caps for a sports outing, wide-brimmed hats for a beach bash. Hats can be monogrammed with descriptors like, “maid of honor,” and “team bride.”

4. Sunglasses

Un BeauVia Un Beau Jour

What’s easier than slipping on a pair of sunshades? This matching accessory is particularly great for outdoor bachelorette bashes, like camping trips, beach outings, and poolside parties. You could pick a color that matches the wedding palette or jazz them up with tiny crystals. Buy a set of sunnies as is or get crafty and customize with paint pens.

5. Statement Shirts

POpBy T&J Designs

You could go for those cute tank tops with things like, “Bride’s Tribe,” written on them, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But if you want something a bit more glamorous, a bit more night out acceptable, consider a simple statement tee like the one above. Not only are they comfortable, they can be paired with just about anything. So if you’re painting the town red with your girl gang, tuck it into a skirt and strap on those stilettos.

Of course, there are a million and one ways to match at your bachelorette party (plastic rings, sashes and boas, masks…) – these are just some of my favorites. Have you seen any other ladies matching in a way that’s perfect for a last fling?

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  1. Great stuff!

    I always really look forward to the bachelorette party when one of my friends tells me they’re getting married and a lot of these ideas really capture the fun that these nights represent.

    I don’t mind the just going for the standard ideas but staying up to date on what everyone is pinning at the moment is great!


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