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Eat, Drink, And Be Married

Golden & Schwartzbeck (1)

The beautiful barn setting for Davis and Brittany’s wedding gives us hints about what to expect or how to properly design one. The elements that comprised this lovely event fit to a T to the theme they wanted. The contrast between rustic and elegance of the venue and the decors and outfits give it an excellent balance. You can always find comfort in differences that can make the look complete.

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The Stunning Backdrop


Today’s featured post is the wedding of our couple from yesterday’s engagement session. Keenan and Meagan had a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. The sun shined and made a gorgeous lighting for the couple, as they say, their “I Dos”. Their reception was filled with cute DIY signages that made the whole setup adorable and personalized. And just like their engagement session everything was just as dreamy. Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Yanity!

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Chase The Sunset

Wood & Yanity (16)

After three tries, Meagan and Kenan finally got the engagement session they’ve always wanted — capturing the sunset. After being rained on at their other engagement sessions, they, together with their persistent photographer, finally were able to have a rainless session. This can be a reminder to all couples out there; if it’s not the weather or kind of setting you wanted, don’t give up. There is always plan B, and after all there are 26 letters in the alphabet *wink*. Just be positive and it will bear fruitful outcomes.

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