Photography by Belinda Philleo
Garden Grove, California
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Vintage With A Hint Of Purple

Baker & Hamilton (1)

Kristina, the bride for today’s feature, wanted to have a purple motif. Their wedding planner agreed, but they didn’t go all out purple and used vintage decors because Kristina also wanted her wedding to look timeless, and it does! The hints of purple were just the right blend of elegant and chic. Looking at their wedding gallery, I can say that no matter what year you may be looking at this it’d be beautifully classic.

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Romantic And Quaint

Judy & Kenny (1)

I notice that in weddings when you match vintage with contemporary things get extra interesting more so romantic. Maybe it’s the metaphor of old things mixing with new ones. Just like in marriage, old memories are adjoined or celebrated to make new ones. This wedding definitely had me blabbering. Well, you can’t blame me, I am just in awe of how timeless Kenny and Judy’s wedding is. Congratulations on the new milestone you two, cheers to more!

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Sanderling Resort
Duck, North Carolina
Outer Banks, North Carolina
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Touchdown With You

Nix & Osti (17)

At Neal and Aimee’s wedding, we witness romance in its natural setting. These two were all cute and lovey-dovey as they celebrate this momentous event of their life together. I love this photo of them as they exit the church. It’s metaphor of them running towards the goal post aka married life. As they passed by people around them cheered for them while showering the newlyweds with mini pompoms. Clever!

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Green and Blue For Me and You

Green and Blue For Me and You

It was a beautiful wedding full of greens and blues for Crystal and Kyle. This color combination can be quite tricky to pull off because these green and blue have visually strong characters on their own. But with the right choices in terms of shade and contrast, they make a wonderful pair — perhaps, just like this lovely couple.

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