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Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed in White


I like how the details in this wedding are either colorful or simply white. The bridesmaids are in cute off shoulder navy blue dresses with matching colorful bouquets (orange, green, lilac, red). Then our bride is in an all white ensemble – a beautiful lace gown with a bouquet filled with all sorts of white flowers such as orchids and roses. I also like the transition from the Christ the King Catholic Church’s intricate structure and towering ceiling to Level Two’s (Dallas) ambient but slightly weathered event space. It’s a nice contrast from something grand to something cozy. For the reception, they mostly had the decors and cakes in white and it looked nice on their venue’s brick wall backdrop. Congratulations Evan & Bobby!

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Beautiful Wedding Dress Hangers for Photographs


Many brides never stop to think about the hanger their wedding dress will hang on for photographs. It’s important to choose something that will look outstanding in shots of the wedding dress your photographer will take. The following hangers are all elegant and gorgeous, and great options for the wedding dress photos.

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Cherry Blossoms and Pink – Styled Shoot


This feature gave us the reason why spring is the most famous season for weddings, most specially outdoor ones. Nature is at it’s kindest. The flowers are blooming and the weather is kind (except for some sporadic showers). But really, spring is very fitting for weddings. This season symbolizes wonderful beginnings. After months of coldness and winter, all of a sudden, the trees start to grow green again. The flowers are back and more prettier than ever. And I think this is where the similarity with weddings come from. Weddings are the beginning of a happy partnership. It’s beginning of a new life together.

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Playful Schoolhouse Wedding


The wedding was lovely with all the rustic details and beautiful setting, but the quirky photo shoots were something else. I love the way everyone had fun inside the classroom as they posed as school folks. It was clear evidence that made it safe to assume that the rest of day was awesome given our couple’s playful nature and cute personalities. What an awesome match. And I personally believe that the willingness to be silly with each other is a nice ingredient for not only a lasting marriage, but a fun one as well. Congratulations Kassie & Jordan!

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