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Romantic NYC Rooftop Wedding


New York City rooftops have been the locations of some mainstream movies like Friends with Benefits & Confessions of a Shopaholic and it’s because the view of the skyline is just spectacular. There are tons of skylines all around the country but nothing can compare to that of NYC and our featured wedding made use of that. Historical and towering buildings, such as the Empire State Building, was the background of Ylorie & Brian’s ceremony. It was the perfect edge for the otherwise sweetly decorated event. I really love this wedding’s details. The candy bar, the cake, and center pieces were some of the noteworthy ones. See it for yourself guys and enjoy. And to our couple, congratulations!

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By the Crashing Waves – Surprise Proposal


The view and sound of crashing ocean is just magnificent. Then you add within it a genuine showcase of love and you have the perfect scenery. And that’s what we have for you today! Jennifer and Alex’s proposal photos which was shot by the coast of San Diego. It was a bit overcast the day he decided to ask for her hand in marriage but it worked so well in their favor for their photographer came out with beautiful shots brought upon a dramatic lighting. And as if nature wasn’t amazing enough for that moment, they also chanced upon a double rainbow! What a perfect way to end a romantic day. Congratulations Jennifer & Alex!

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