Silver + Purple – Fit for Royalty

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Our bride wanted to feel like a princess during her wedding day (who doesn’t?) so she made use of the palette silver and purple. There’s just something so regal about purple and this album confirms how simple hints of this color can make something look completely elegant. Just like their bridesmaid’s bouquet – they used a single purple flower right smack in the middle and it made the simple arrangement look even more lovely.

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Styled Shoot – Classic in Burgundy

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This album had an ingenious approach to what we refer to as ‘classic’. One would consider something as ‘classic’ when it has outperformed continuous changes brought upon by time – that’s why ‘classic’ is synonymous to ‘timeless’. This styled shoot looked classic in all sense but the addition of clock pieces was a creative and literal irony to the ‘timeless’ look that it achieved. Witty.

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Outdoor Wedding with Vibrant Yellow Accents

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Yellow implies happiness and sunshine and having this color as this event’s palette is very fitting for we can see that this is indeed a fun day filled with charming eclectic details. Our couple looked very loving and completely blissful all throughout that their wedding mirrored this vibe and it felt like the sun did not set at all that day. How fun!

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Top 10 Wedding Registry Items

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Ah, the wedding registry. For some brides, creating a registry is super fun, but for others it can seem a daunting task. If you’re not sure what to include on your wedding registry, this list will help you out a bit. Here are the top 10 wedding registry items that most brides include!

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