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2015 Celebrity Engagements: What Weddings to Expect


If you’re feeling a little stressed with all of your wedding planning, it’s nice to know you’re not alone. Even celebrities have to go through the decisions, the confirmation calls, the guest list debacles…admittedly, they may have help with high-priced wedding planners, but they still have to deal with their fair share of stress. Check out the celebrities who have gotten engaged recently and are planning (or soon will be planning) their weddings.

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A Woman and her Gown


I love what our photographer said about bridal portraits being one of the most sentimental and empowering photos a woman will ever take, aside from maternity pictures. Bridal shoots are when the focus is not on the details, color palettes, or food, but on you. You get to see how a wedding gown can truly make you feel beautiful and that the word “glowing bride” isn’t just a cliche but a truth you can own! We love these photos and congratulations on your wedding Cara!

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Bridge of Love – Proposal and Engagement


Here’s another one of our favorites (aside from weddings of course), SURPRISE PROPOSALS! And I just love how our groom proposed right on spring, the season that represents new and awesome beginnings. Anyway, it was such a simple and cute plan – Dan asked Alison to meet him up in this area and just when they were both crossing the bridge, he got on his knee and proposed. A beautiful moment that was captured on camera. Congratulations Dan & Alison!

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4 Stunning Neutral Wedding Color Palettes


Perhaps you’re a woman who doesn’t like to be the center of attention. Maybe you’d prefer not to make a statement with your clothing or jewelry choices. Maybe you just love the simplicity of neutral colors and don’t want to shake things up. Well, today’s post is for you! We’re highlighting 4 simply stunning neutral wedding color palettes that we just can’t get enough of.

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