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Elegance in the Woods – Styled Shoot


If you had to take a second look to make sure those place cards didn’t have raw meat by their side, you’re not alone. But if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s a intricately processed beautiful piece of glass that’s perfect for vintage weddings. This styled shoot actually is designed to have a vintage and elegant vibe. The bride looked like a 1950s fashion royalty with her updo, statement lippy, and an offwhite A-line gown. Her outfit was matched with an interesting bouquet that really embodied the natural backdrop but still looked as gorgeous as the ensemble. The details followed this suit through the gold, white, and blue palette. Brides-to-be who are planning on having a vintage or an elegant wedding will surely pick up an idea or two from this spectacular styled shoot.

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Proposal, Engagement, and the Wedding


It’s awesome to actually see the transition of events of a real life love story – totally beats romance novels (trust me on that, I’m a bookworm). From the proposal to the wedding, this feature goes to show how practical and smart it is to document moments like these. And we’re lucky today that we get to see both in just one album. I love how seemingly related the two locations are. The bridge where our groom, Nathan, got on one knee and asked for Stefanie’s hand in marriage looks so similar to the venue where the couple had their ceremonies. The wedding was a beautiful outdoor and rustic event filled with adorable burlap details and mismatched dresses. Congratulations on your special day, Nathan & Stefanie!

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Tips for Making Your Wedding Planning Organized


A bride has enough to stress over – from making sure her groomsmen get to the tux fittings to picking the perfect cake flavor. A disorganized bride will have a lot more to stress over – from lost vendor phone numbers to forgotten items. Here are some great tips for making sure your wedding planning is totally organized.

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