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A Beautiful Park Wedding


Their wedding was very much a simple, laid back wedding for their guests and themselves. I have no doubt that this was by design. Liz and Kyle are in a band together and it was really important to them that they share their love for music with their guests, so they put on a show! The ceremony was at the beautiful Brand Park in Glendale with the reception being held at the Mason Temple in Pasadena. Brand Park was perfect with its Jacaranda trees and little ponds. Congratulations Liz & Kyle!

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An Eye for Design


Our bride, who does custom made decorations, surely has the eye for design that is not only unique but beautiful as well. Every detail in this wedding is really something to look forward to. And to think she didn’t use real flowers at all! The way she recreated flowers through cloths and papers were beautifully done that you wouldn’t mind doing the same unusual thing to your own wedding. Unusual but lovely. Anyway, congratulations on your awesome wedding, Rita & Ludwig!

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Colorful Whimsical Wedding


This colorful and whimsical wedding is just one for the books. Every detail, every color, and ever decoration is just something you’d definitely want for your own. And all of these awesome things is topped by how lively and adorable our couple is. They’re willing to strut and pose and look adorable in front of the camera. Couldn’t be more perfect even if they tried. Congratulations Jessica & Adam!

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