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Ethereal Styled Shoot


The location, the decoration, the gown… the list goes on on why we deemed this styled shoot ethereal and magical. The forest felt like it was a place where fairies dwell. The vintage decors looked like a million bucks. The pastries seemed like they would taste heavenly. And of course, the bridal ensembles (there are two in this shoot!) are both a ten! It was carried beautifully by the model that her wearing the elegant gowns reminded me of nymphs which is perfect for the “ethereal” vibe the album is exuding. Enjoy this shoot readers!!

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An Artist’s Dream DIY Wedding


Libby and Dave are the best people to pull off a DIY wedding. Their artistic capabilities and their families’ readiness to lend a helping hand created this beautiful wedding that made me wish I had that much creativity. Even the gown was made by the bride herself! It was a ruffled beaut and was elegantly designed (check out her Etsy shop for more of her works). Everything was decorated in bright colors which exuded a fun and whimsical vibe. It is definitely a DIY wedding where other brides and artists can pick up ideas. We’re honored to have featured such an amazing album. Congratulations Libby & Dave!

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Why You Should Meet your Photographer Before Booking Them


Today, we are so heavily reliant on the internet and among all of the things we use the internet for, it is becoming very common for couples to book their wedding photographers via internet as well. As a wedding photographer myself, I am here to tell you why it is not the best option, and why meeting a photographer in person is so important in order to know if they are the right photographer for you!

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An Elegance Filled Family Affair


ShareTweetSharePinLinked InStumbleUpon Wedding is a way to commemorate the start of a new family, so what better way to celebrate this than with the ones you called your only family before you finally met your significant other and create one with him. Ever since the official start of this part of their lives, which was the […]

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