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Highways and Parks – Engagement Shoot


How’s that for a contrast – highways + parks. A place made for machines + a place made to celebrate nature. For this adorable couple’s engagement shoot, their photographer had them pose by towering highways and laid-back state parks. Completely polar opposite settings but I like the personality it brought to the whole album. Belated congratulations too Erin and TJ!

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“My Fair Lady” – Styled Shoot


It seems like today is a ‘pop culture reference day’ with the “Great Gasby” wedding preceding this “My Fair Lady” styled shoot. But no one is complaining! It’s nice to see the books or movies we liked be interpreted for weddings, especially those that are aesthetically rich and has a signature styling. One of My Fair Lady’s most known style is the black and white pairing and this shoot made use of that without compromising elegance and not making things look like Hamburglar’s dream. Everything looked so sleek then matched the floral accents, it became perfect inspiration for any (and I mean ANY) type of wedding. Audrey Hepburn would be so proud. Enjoy this feature dear readers – we sure did!

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“The Great Gatsby” Wedding

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As much as we’re huge fans of Gatsby themed weddings, toning it down a bit to sort of blend into this decade’s style does not lessen the elegance and class it would originally exhibit. Case in point, today’s featured wedding wanted a flapper Gatsby feel but a little less intense and look what they came up with, an awesome wedding with soft touches of modern styling and little bits of art deco details. Another wonderful thing about this wedding is the ceremony and it’s not just your usual by the book one. I love how they made use of beautiful works of literature by some of the most talented writers, I Carry your heart by e.e. cummings, A Marriage by Mark Twain and (YA) Wild Awake by Hilary Smith. It was a nice sort of introduction to their wedding vows. Congratulations Danielle & Powell!

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Dreamy Wedding in a Secret Garden


This not just your typical garden wedding for it has surpassed the typical nature elements and created an amazing styling that made everything look ethereal, dreamy, and just plain gorgeous. It’s like we were being transported to a dimension where fairies and magical creatures exist which is pretty much what our couple wanted to portray from making use of A Midsummer Night’s Dream’s setting as a theme reference. The church for the ceremony was beautiful in all it’s glory, the woods for the photo shoot was perfect for some rustic touches, and the gorgeous garden for the reception was as close as we can get to paradise with all the stars brightly shining down on them through the night. Our bride’s creative taste from being a designer surely paved the way for this wonderful and magical wedding. Congratulations Laura & Dylan!

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