Sanderling Resort
Duck, North Carolina
Outer Banks, North Carolina
Virginia Beach, Virginia

God, Family, And Friends

Carmien & Roberts (11)

Gary and Alyssa wanted a wedding day that is centered around God and surrounded by their family and friends. The outdoor Nashville setting was a perfect representation of all these. Heavenly decors at the ceremony and the patio style of reception where there hung many fairy lights to illuminate them as they celebrate love and life. Read on to get more of the detail from Alyssa. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Roberts on your holy union!

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As Bright As the Sun

As Bright As the Sun

Although it seemed overcast on the day of Sarah and John’s wedding, they still seemed to shine as bright as the sun. Maybe it was all the sunflowers in the theme – the bouquets, the aisle décor, and the boutonnières. Or maybe it was the warm glow of a couple so in love with each other? You be the judge, dear reader.

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Leo Gozbekian Photography
Boston, Massachusetts

Oh My, Love And DIY!

James & Gross (1)

Make way for Keegan and Ashley’s DIY extravaganza of a wedding. From the bride’s bouquet down to all of the centerpieces — everything was handmade with love. This couple clearly had so much help from their families on their wedding. I love that about big families; it’s not only fun, you can also get all the help you need. When things are made with love, you will be sure to know that the outcome would be beautiful. Congratulations, Keegan and Ashley on an excellent DIY wedding.

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