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Together We Are Perfect

Seuberling & Witt (1)

The letter W could stand for a lot of things — weddings, wellness, wander, etc. In this case, it stands for Mr. & Mrs. Witt. This glamorous of a wedding made their way to our blog for brides (and/or grooms) to see. And, to be honest, everything in this wedding is major gasp-worthy.

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Clean And Timeless, Rustic And Contemporary

Justice & Atkinson (12)

Rustic and Contemporary — it is how the bride, Lynsey, described her wedding day. The couple didn’t really have a single theme; they simply went for clean, but very timeless. Something you’d love to reminisce to and look at over and over again. With all of those criteria, one can never go wrong with blush and khakis – these complement each other effortlessly.

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Because Everyone Loves M&M’s


Did you know that you can customize M&M’s to fit your occasion?!  How exciting is that?  Everyone loves M&M’s, so why wouldn’t you want to include those delectable, colorful, sweet morsels of chocolate goodness at your bridal shower or even your wedding?  There are so many fun ideas that you can do with them and I LOVE that they can be customized so they are perfect for your special day.

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