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Minimalistic Elegance


Minimalistic has been the trend for quite a while now – may it come to interior designing, architecture, and now even weddings! Not only does it mean less stress for our brides and planners but there’s always some sort of elegance that comes with being minimalistic. I guess it’s because nothing is overshadowing something and all the details’ good sides are emphasized. For example, I love our bride’s sleek, sophisticated and minimalistic hair style for it gave us a clear view of her big smiles! It was a simple day but undeniably elegant. Congratulations Allison & Reid!

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Urban in Coral and Pink


A very fun and radiant Missouri wedding of Rosie and Justin. They made use of coral as color accents and it’s contrasting quality with gray made the wedding vibrant. Held in Terrace on Grand in the urbanized city of Kansas, the wedding was adorned with awesome views and a sort of rustic structure. And when they went outside to have their first look, the towering heights of the buildings made for a nice backdrop for these two love birds. They truly are a sight to behold. Congratulations Rosie & Justin!

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Win a Dream Wedding Dress from Justin Alexander!

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Sometimes, real-life love stories are better than any fairytale ever written. Do you feel this is the case with you and your fiancé? If so, you could win a dream wedding dress from Justin Alexander! If you’re not already familiar with this talented designer, then the 2015 signature collection is going to knock your socks off. The dresses in this collection stunning – featuring rich fabrics and embellishments and drawing on vintage styles, the signature collection is refined, elegant, and sleek.

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Wedding Rings That are Safe for Those who Work with Their Hands


Many men and women are unable to wear traditional wedding rings due to their job. Whether they work in construction or with dangerous machinery, there is a risk of the ring becoming stuck or caught, which could cause serious bodily injury. Luckily, there are some options for these men so that they can have a wedding ring to show their love that is safe and attractive.

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