Filled with Sweet Smiles

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You cannot one picture in this album where our bride and groom are not smiling sweetly. And it’s a delight to see because their smiles warm the heart and gives you the sense of perfection and contentment from this lovely wedding day. Also, may I add that giving the reception tables names of songs rather than just plain numbers was a nice creative touch (we love their music taste!)

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An Eccentric and Intimate Wedding

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Bride: Keep an open mind about EVERYTHING. It’s ok to have visions and dreams, but if you set your sights TOO much on having every little thing a specific way, you are almost sure to be disappointed.

Groom: Case in point: you can plan every second of your wedding down to the last detail, but nothing can prevent an ACT OF GOD (such as flooding in Biblical proportions)!

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Wedding in Beautiful Garden Colors

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This wedding is an epitome of DIY. According to our bride, they did not have any other vendors but themselves and we’re totally impressed for that is not an easy task to pull off! Although this album focused mainly on our couple and their entourage, it is undeniable that this wedding came together amazingly. And the mixture of the emerald green and the yellow sunflower was just genius!

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Hunger Games Inspired Wedding Shoot

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With the release of the penultimate movie for the Hunger Games series, this styled shoot is perfect for those who are a fan of the franchise. The bride and groom were inspired not by the infamous couple Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark, but by the bantering pair, Effie Trinket & Haymitch Abernathy. An unusual pair indeed but they are one of the most striking characters in this series. Effie’s bright outfits and jolly personality is the perfect opposite with Haymitch’s perpetually sullen mood and this made the album more interesting. Enjoy and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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