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Do It Yourself Project: Nefarious Activities Mustaches

As I’ve alluded to previously on Twitter, Kristen from Paper Crave and I are collaborating on a top secret project together that we’re both incredibly excited about. We’ve been making a lot of progress, and each time I’ve tweeted about our progress I’ve mentioned that if I had a mustache, I’d be twisting it, making Kristen reply that I’ve officially made our activities nefarious. Well, in recognition of a weekend in which we made a lot of progress, I’ve made a quick little project for you that I’m dedicating to Kristen.


What You’ll Need

Mustache Template PDF (available here)
8″ or 11.75″ Lollipop Sticks (like these from Wilton)
Cover Weight Black Paper
Double Stick Tape

Print out a few sheets of our template PDF on standard white printer paper. Use the shapes as a template by cutting them out while a sheet of black paper is backing it so that the shape cuts out of both at the same time. To conserve paper, rotate the cut templates to fit uncut area of the black paper to get additional mustaches out of the sheet. Cut as many as needed.

Cut strips of the black paper stock to measure ½” by 1½”. Lay a strip of double stick tape about half the length of the strips centered on the back of the mustache shape. Place the lollipop stick centered on the strip of tape, pressing down slightly to hold in place. Line one side of the strips you cut earlier with double stick tape so it completely covers it. Lay the strip down, centered vertically and horizontally over the lollipop stick and the mustache shape so the strip acts to keep the lollipop stick secured in place. Press firmly in place, and enjoy!

Happy Holidays from IB and Company

Almost a year ago (New Year’s Day, to be precise) the Inspired Bride was born. It completely blows me away that a year has passed already and this blog has flourished beyond my expectations. To be honest, if you asked me when I started where I’d be at this point, I’d probably say I’d be lucky to have 100 visitors a day, assuming I was still working at it. Few people know how much I do outside of IB, and those who do are usually astounded that I keep up! This blog has really become a huge creative outlet for me, and to say it’s my “baby” is an understatement. It’s something I’m fiercely passionate about and dedicated to regardless of what’s going on outside of the scope of this blog.

I would be wrong to not give a huge amount of credit of the Inspired Bride’s success to some of my blogging community friends and mentors. They have helped shape this blog in more ways than they could possibly imagine, have motivated me to push the envelope as well as myself, and have been a great support system. They’re also absolutely lovely people.

As a thank you to them, I sent out a bunch of Happy Holidays postcards, each individually designed and assigned randomly, to the people I owe the most gratitude to this Holiday season and given the upcoming anniversary. While I gave them the option to share them, there was no pressure to do so as this was a genuine expression of gratitude, not some publicity ploy! Many of them have already shared them with their readers, and some still plan to. Here’s a look at a few of them:

Inspired Bride Postcards

As Kristen from Paper Crave put it so well, these cards are “sort of like baseball card collecting for the designer set”. Indeed! A treasure hunt of pretty postcards. Here are all the bloggers who received a card and publicized them, and as others are posted, I’ll add them as well.

Kristen of Paper Crave: Mittens
Erin of Leo on the Loose: Gifts
Vane of Brooklyn Bride: Scarves
Nole of Oh So Beautiful Paper: Gingerbread Men
Kathleen of Twig & Thistle: Christmas Stockings