Color Card 065: Buttercup, Wheat, Mint, Pool, Tropical Sea

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Color Card 065

Inspirational image from blissfulimages. Note: I’ll be taking off early and will not be posting a Week in Review today in order to focus on some big upcoming projects for the blog. I hope you have a very happy weekend!

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Happy Holidays from IB and Company

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Inspired Bride Postcards

Almost a year ago (New Year’s Day, to be precise) the Inspired Bride was born. It completely blows me away that a year has passed already and this blog has flourished beyond my expectations. To be honest, if you asked me when I started where I’d be at this point, […]

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Inspired Conversations: Courtney Spencer of Merriment Events

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Merriment Events

Today I’m welcoming Courtney of Merriment Events to the blog for a great Inspired Conversations interview. Some of you who are wedding blog junkies (like myself) may know her better from the Little White Book blog, where she collects great inspiration that will really get the wheels in your head […]

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Real Save the Date: Courtney + Brian

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Courtney + Brian

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally I’ll come across something that I’m so impressed by it gets an audible reaction out of me the second it loads on my screen. In the case of Courtney of Design Work Life and Seamless Creative and her breathtaking save the dates, I believe […]

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