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Saying Vows from a Cliff


Diego and Eden had a two part wedding which was unique as it was beautiful. They had their ceremony on August 22nd in Black Lake, NM. The bride and groom decided to have an intimate ceremony surrounded by their immediate family on the edge (literally!) of a cliff that overlooked the beautiful forest surroundings. Eden wore her mother’s wedding dress that had been redesigned to be the fit and style she wanted. It was a rainy summer day, but the sky cleared up beautifully in time to have their wedding ceremony.

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Simple Romantic Barn Engagement


Hunter and Shannon’s journey started on facebook in 2012. It is one of those stories where they both went to the same high school but never met. Until one day Shannon “Liked” a photo of Hunter with a huge fish! Facebook led to a few dates which included some with fishing rods. They soon fell in love and then came the proposal.

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