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The Cost to Book a Famous Band For Your Wedding [Infographic]


ShareTweetSharePinLinked InStumbleUpon Imagine dancing with your newly beloved on your wedding day that you meticulously prepared and planned —a magically lit room with candles and chandeliers all around you, your favorite flowers in your favorite color, your perfectly fitted gown, your loved ones cheering you on and smiling, John Legend playing his piano and singing […]

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A Special Farm Wedding


I adore true to the bone rustic weddings & if anyone was to ask me why, I would gladly redirect them to this beautiful wedding of Kate & Matthew. The location – a farm was scenic in all it’s simplicity. The matching barn was perfect to have the photo shoots in since the light was dramatic and the elements such as the weathered out planks and hays created a unique contrast to the elegantly dressed couple. Who would’ve thought that hay barns are a good option for photo sessions? Then for the decors, they mostly embraced the homey aura of the venue by making use of quilts, burlaps, mason jars, etc. It truly was an intimate but a special rustic wedding. Congratulations Kate and Matthew!

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Picturesque Sunset


I can go all day describing and adoring that view – it is just breathtaking. And to have some of the most important photos of you and your significant other’s life shot in this kind of beauty – it truly is a magnificent moment to behold. That vast amount of greens, that beautiful sunset, and the two people who are head over heels in love with each other, if that isn’t the equation for the perfect outdoor shoot then I don’t have no idea what is. But aside from this view, our couple also had their photographer take shots of them in various locations, all of which are a nature lover’s dream! Congratulations Lesley & Jamison!

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The Dirtiest Four Letter Word of them All… RAIN!! – Part 1

© Andie Freeman Photography

So, in the wedding word, we have our own very special and very dangerous 4 letter word: RAIN!!!! Alanis Morisette even sang about how ironic rain is on your wedding day. And I know so many brides that live in the fantasyland of “It can’t happen to me. It can’t happen to me.” I hate to break it to you. It can. You can pray and beg and think good thoughts all day long, but the reality is this, there are lots of wedding days where it rains. So it’s pretty important to be thinking about rain when you are planning your wedding day to make sure that if it does rain on your wedding day, you are covered.

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