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Outdoor Wedding with Natural Elements

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This beautiful wedding is fulfilled with nature in our couple’s mind. The outdoor location, the elements of the decoration, and the chosen colors – plum and moss, all came together to create the refreshing and natural vibe. But aside from this certain aspect of the wedding, it is undeniable that they have […]

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Pencils Up – A Summer Wedding of Two Teachers

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You can never take the ‘school’ out of a teacher, even on their wedding day! Although, taking a first look on the album won’t really give you that impression that our bride and groom are teachers, there’s a significant detail that you couldn’t miss that just screams “Alright class, pencils up!”. But aside from this unique place-card, this event is filled with accents and decors that are sweet and elegant. Credits to the soft pink that just looked lovely spread throughout everything. Such a perfect summer wedding. Congratulations teachers Caleb & Rachel!

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An Elegant Vineyard Wedding

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Horan_McCarthy_Michael_David_Photography_JessandCharlse0284_low Although it’s already cliched to quote “Marriage is like a fine wine, if tended properly, it just gets better with age”, I’m still going to jump on that train because our wedding feature today is set on a lovely vineyard and just like where every good wine begins, we hope that this amazing wedding is a start of an equally amazing marriage. Not only is this wedding set in such a beautiful scenery, it was also filled with such elegant details from the bride’s getup to the reception arrangements. Congratulations Jessica & Charlse!

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Cowboy Boots and Mason Jar Country

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This is such a chic wedding. Even the cowboy boots of our bride and her bridesmaids looked so stylish paired with their chic gown and pink dresses. Also, the DIY details just fits the rustic feel and the country vibe. The use of mason jars for different purposes is ingenious. These things have been a staple in DIY projects because it makes for some good decorations and glass substitutes – and this wedding surely knows how to fully utilize this container for it completed the chic feel of the whole event. Congratulations to our lovely couple

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