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A Simple Vineyard Wedding


I have always been a fan of vineyard weddings. I love the expanse of the magnificent view made up of straight rows of grapevines. It’s amazing how nature can be arranged to be so aligned. But moving on to this equally beautiful wedding, I love the simplicity and straightforwardness of the details. The entourage outfits weren’t too elaborate and only had subtle hints of color but it was nicely tailored for the bridesmaids. The cake was simple too but it had a little bit of cute added to it. Everything matches the vineyard’s style of being uncomplicated and consistent – which means that all in all, what they had was a picture perfect and gorgeous wedding. Congratulations Jaret & Meg!

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Camp Lucy in Blush and White


What a beautiful wedding day in Austin. And although this is a place where cowboys and ranches are the norm, I love how the wedding incorporated that but still maintaining the chicness of it all. Julia and Cody picked Camp Lucy because of the natural beauty and laid back atmosphere. They knew the minute they looked at it that it was the place they wanted to get married. They love “off the beaten path” but close enough to enjoy Austin and all it offers. The colors are very simple and clean. The girls wore blush dresses and the guys had black tuxes with black cowboy boots. The flowers were a mix of white/ivories and some blush to brighten it up. Congratulations Julia & Cody!

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Styled Shoot – Chic Purple Wedding Outfits


Using purple or plum as an entourage outfit color is something pretty common especially with elegant weddings. It exudes royalty because (fun fact!) centuries ago, Queen Elizabeth I banned peasants and non-royal folks to use this color. So it’s not a surprise that this styled shoot, which focused on purple outfits, looked so classically elegant. What’s a nice contrast too is the way the bride’s makeup was done. It was unique and not something you would expect but nevertheless, it’s a nice change and something edgy bride-to-bes should consider. Enjoy this lovely shoot ladies!

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15 Amazing Décor Items Every Soon-to-be-Bride Should Register For


When it’s time to create your bridal registry, it can all seem a little daunting. By taking the time to look through the products available to you and finding products that fit your personality, you can make sure you get everything you need to start your life with your spouse. Here are 15 amazing home décor items every soon-to-be-bride should consider putting on her bridal registry!

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