Maximize Your Wedding Budget with These 9 Budget Saving Tips

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Fortitude Mens Tungsten Wedding Band Brushed Center

With the average American wedding costing almost $30,000, it’s getting more and more expensive to throw the party of your dreams. Unless your last name is Warbucks, you’ll need some tips and tricks to help you save money on your big day. Here are a few ideas to make the […]

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Can You Negotiate with Wedding Vendors?

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Bridesmaid Dresses

If you have read the price tag on your dream bridesmaid dresses or you’ve been given a quote for the flowers you want and you think it’s the absolute final price, think again. There are times when you can negotiate with wedding vendors so you can get a better deal […]

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The 3 Most Expensive Parts of a Wedding and How to Cut Costs

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Wedding Reception

Weddings are expensive, no matter which way you turn. However, they don’t have to be as expensive as they could be. By checking out the most expensive parts of a wedding, you can come up with tricks and alternatives that will allow you to save money. The Wedding and Reception […]

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Wedding Planning: What to Take Care of 6-9 Months In Advance

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Bridal Gown

If you’re still a ways out from your big day, there are some things you will need to take care of, even now. Here is a small checklist of the things you’ll want to take care of 6-9 months in advance. Begin Trying on Dresses – visit bridal salons and […]

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