How To Choose The Best Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

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Deciding on which type of diamond to buy for such a special occasion is both difficult yet very much exciting. While the ideal engagement ring is often the colorless diamonds, there are those who crave for something else- something unique, fun and has a bit more character.How To Choose The Best Pink Diamond Engagement Ring 7

If you have the same wonderful dilemma, then colored diamond engagement rings might just be the one you’re looking for. A great example of this would be a pink diamond engagement ring since it will make your loved one feel very special and elevate that particular moment. The pink diamond can be thought of as the pinnacle representation of grandeur, elegance, and love due to its highly uncommon and exquisite nature.

While it is common knowledge that certain colored diamond rings are rare and that makes them extremely expensive, they are not as uncommon in the jewelry market. For example, jewelry houses such as Astteria carry a vast selection of different colored diamond jewelry where pink diamond pieces are available for purchase.How To Choose The Best Pink Diamond Engagement Ring 9

Finding The Ideal Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

There’s a lot involved when determining what type of engagement ring you should go for. And between all of these factors leading you to your decision, one of the most vital ones is learning about how the stone of your choice has come to be.

A diamond’s origin says a lot about how every piece will be priced. For example, natural colored diamonds are far more expensive than artificially produced diamonds, so between these two, you can already tell which would end up as the more practical choice.

Knowing the stone’s origin will also give you an insight into how they achieved their alluring pink color.

gold and purple gemstone ring

Pink diamonds’ distinctive color is a result of structural anomalies and chemical impurities. The Argyle mine, located in Australia, is where the majority of these stones are mined. With the mine now closed for operations, natural pink diamonds are categorized among the most expensive and rarest fancy-colored stones in the world.

Factors Affecting The Price Of Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Like any other diamonds, pink diamonds are also graded based on elements such as color, cut, clarity and carat. Shape is another important factor and should not be viewed the same as the cut element because there two are completely different.

The size and color saturation of a pink diamond are the two most crucial criteria that will define how much you will have to pay, so you should make these decisions first.

Natural Vs Synthetic Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Now that we have established the different factors that determine the value of pink diamonds, one can better decide if your preferred diamond would be natural or synthetic.

We have mentioned about the extreme rarity of the natural pink diamonds- and this famously gives them their relatively high price tags. This natural colored diamond is full of mystery- in fact, out of all the colored diamonds known, only pink diamonds have no proven method of how they got their distinctive pink hue. So if your goal is to have the rarest of rare engagement ring, then a pink diamond should be at the top of your list.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a less expensive option, a man-made pink diamond might be right for you. They are treated diamonds that are made using diamond seeds and are developed in laboratories to help aid the lack of supply of colored and silver ring on pink textile

Although it is significantly less expensive, the overall appearance of the jewelry it is attached to is unaffected. When set side by side with natural diamonds, one can hardly tell the difference between them as they are made so much alike as their natural counterparts that a naked eye would find it impossible to discern which is which.

It’s easier said than done to pick the ideal engagement ring. The pressure to choose the best ring to propose with is constant and is a huge worry for grooms-to-be.

Pink diamonds are well-loved and a popular choice for couples who want to take their relationship to the next level. A good place to start looking at are bespoke jewelry brands such as Astteria where vast selections of incredibly beautiful pink diamond rings are available, making it possible for you to find the perfect one to buy for this special occasion.


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