Paying for Your Perfect Wedding

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You got engaged! Congratulations! Planning your wedding can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. That said, you may also be wondering where the money for the wedding will be coming from. Here’s a quick look at a few ways you might think about paying for your wedding.

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Pay for It Yourself

Believe this or not, you really can pay for your wedding yourself. There are wedding budget calculators available online that will let you break your wedding up into categories and then allow you to determine how much per category you can afford. Once you’ve gotten the numbers crunched and your budget created, you can choose your venue…be it a fancy church wedding, a destination wedding, or even an outdoor wedding, and your timeline. Then just save your money until your budget goals are met and pay the vendors for the big day.

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Speaking of Budgets

A wedding budget is critical when you’re fighting to scrape together the money for the wedding. 

Your budget will assist you in deciding what you can pay a little more for and what you might be willing to forego or choose a more cost-effective alternative. Keep in mind that weddings are meant to be flexible – you really don’t have to have each and every traditional element if you decide not to. As an example, some brides may decide to spend more on their dress and mitigate the extra cost by going with more cost-effective options for entertainment or catering. Managing the wedding budget by category is a fantastic way to adhere to your budget and manage what you save. 

Get a Loan

Believe it or not you can get a personal loan and use it to finance your wedding. Personal loans with no credit can be used to fund any big event in your life. They come in a variety of amounts and most of them have repayment terms that are affordable. You can use one to cover the cost of your wedding and get monthly payments that are fixed and will fit within your budget.

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Courthouse Weddings

A fantastic way to save money on everything is to have your wedding at the courthouse. Courthouse weddings are typically inexpensive when compared to weddings held in other locations and having your wedding at the courthouse will allow you more in your budget for the other aspects of the wedding if that’s what you’re looking for. That said, if the legalities of getting married are the important thing to you, you might totally forgo a reception too.

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It isn’t uncommon for couples to turn to their relatives for assistance with funding a wedding. There’s no need to feel guilty or embarrassed about doing this. In some cultures, this type of financial assistance is a respected tradition. Also, if they happen to be willing to lend some assistance, why not allow them to?

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Another terrific way to fund a wedding is to wait and have it once you’ve attained the financial stability to host your ideal wedding. The sad thing is that many couples will go ahead with plans for a wedding even when they’re in financial straits. This means they are more than likely to be disappointed with the end result because of having to exclude critical aspects that they’d always dreamed would be a part of their big day. 

The thing to remember is that there isn’t any sort of a rush. You might always have a low-key wedding at a courthouse or elope, or you could get a loan, wait, budget, and plan and end up having the wedding of your dreams, complete with all of the frills.

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