Five Gorgeous Honeymoon Destinations

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A wedding can certainly take its toll on a couple, especially when it comes to the planning and the intricacies around a ceremony. As such, newlyweds don’t just deserve a honeymoon to celebrate their union in style but also to wind down from the undoubted stresses that typically occur during a wedding occasion.

In 2022, there are a selection of standout honeymoon destinations that are ideal for newlyweds on a decent budget. While things might be tight after an expensive ceremony, it’s certainly worth investing in a memorable honeymoon to cap off arguably the biggest day of your life. After all, you only do it once, right? With that in mind, let’s take a look at five stunningly beautiful honeymoon destinations.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

If you’re keen to switch off in a tropical setting with your loved one, then Bora Bora is well worth considering. Particularly famous for its amazing coral reefs and scuba diving, the French Polynesian location offers a gloriously remote package that will enable you to enjoy each others’ company in peace and look forward to a happy life together. The beaches of Bora Bora are pristine, too, with the island of Motu To’opua proving to be a go-to spot for many people.

Big Sur, California

Famous for its sweeping views and peaceful retreats, California’s Big Sur is the ideal spot for many couples. Capable of providing luxurious hotels alongside more immersive outside accommodation options, it’s a truly romantic setting to explore and unwind in. For example, the Japanese hot baths and the infinity-edge hot tub at the Ventana Big Sur are pure perfection. The options are extensive, though.

Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

Many couples have Hawaii at the top of their lists when it comes to honeymoon destinations and it’s easy to see why. With regards to Big Island, this tranquil setting is off the beaten track and provides lovers with the perfect opportunity to relax in a glorious setting away from tourists. While playing games like Immortal Romance might be on theme and pass the time for a few hours, there are some worthwhile activities to enjoy also. Newlyweds can go snorkeling in the evening, hiking in the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park during the day, and exploring a selection of amazing art. Alongside being pampered to the maximum and being able to sample some delicious cuisine, this particular part of Hawaii is superb.

Florence, Italy


A sand-filled location doesn’t always appeal to couples. If that sounds like it might be you, then Florence’s city package is a fantastic option. The historical Italian city is packed full of everything, from food and culture to pampering opportunities and even the option of exploring the Tuscan countryside. Attending a football match or embarking on an adventure in the skies through a hot air balloon ride might be more your bag also. Ultimately, Florence has it all. Venice is another fantastic option when it comes to Italy, too.

Turtle Island, Fiji

Back to the more remote offerings, this wonderful planet of ours has to offer and, more specifically, to Fiji’s Turtle Island. While nearby locations, like Australia and New Zealand, are worth considering also, Fiji deserves some serious consideration, too. When assessing Turtle Island, its popularity is entirely understandable. Offering glorious reefs and a selection of amazing wildlife, it’s a location that has plenty of natural beauty. In terms of accommodation, there are villas and hotels of the highest standard. You can also enjoy some water and land-based adventures while you’re there, alongside having the ability to eat fresh and tasty cuisine.

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