Popular Wedding Chair Trends

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Wedding decor plays a vital role for a dream wedding. Wedding chairs are very important for your special day. The type of wedding chairs you pick will impact your wedding theme and overall aesthetic. Gone are the days when large couches and velvet chairs were the only seating choice. Nowadays, there is trend of customized wedding chairs for guests, bride and groom. So, its high time that couples start giving significance to the most popular wedding chair trends.

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So, check out these wedding chair trends to make your wedding day memorable for everyone.

Special wedding chairs for Bride and Groom

These customized special wedding chairs for bride and groom are becoming very popular nowadays. These chairs will add a spark to your wedding. The bride and groom can have their perfect pictures with these chairs. These are stunning chairs every couple would wish to add them in their wedding.

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2. Ghost Chairs

The ghost wedding chairs are made complete from acrylic or Lucite. These chairs mostly come with rounded back but you can also find them with square back for an ultra classy look. These chairs give a complete smooth and moderate impact. They usually come in transparent color but if you want to go exceptional for your memorable day, you can pick dark shades like green, blue or orange.

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3. Fur Wedding Chairs

The trend of fur wedding chairs is never going to end. These chairs will rock your wedding. Your guests are definitely going to ask from where you got these ideas. This is a modern design and it adds an inviting look to your decor. If you are planning winter wedding, there is no better option than fur wedding chairs.

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4. Folding Lawn Chair

A famous choice for any wedding style, these lawn chairs can be left alone or effortlessly styled up utilizing aisle markers and different embellishments. Wooden lawn chairs are particularly incredible for a casual wedding, and they settle on an ideal decision for couples who need a trace of sophistication without an excessive amount of fight.

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5. Bold Colored Wedding Chairs

Strong and bold colored wedding chairs are becoming very popular in weddings this year. These chairs will add positive energy to your wedding and give you an exceptional energy. These bold colored wedding chairs looks so beautiful and elegant. They are basically used at traditional weddings. You can use them barely or style them with colorful flowers, ribbons or cushions.

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6. Cross-Back Wedding Chairs

These wedding chairs highlight a Tuscan-inspired style with a characteristic wood finish and the mark “X” on the back. Cross-back chairs encapsulate natural taste and are perhaps the most popular wedding chairs for gardens, vineyards, farms, outdoor weddings and barn venues. Cross back chairs show their rustic elegance and beauty. If you are going to plan wedding this year, you must add these cross back wedding chairs.

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7. Luxury Pearls Wedding Chair

Give your special day a touch of luxury by pearls wedding chairs. These chairs look so elegant, stunning and beautiful that your guests will go mad over this. Everyone coming to the wedding are going to love these chairs. Your guests will definitely take pictures with these adorable luxury pearls wedding chair. Pearl wedding chairs are becoming very popular and every bride and groom wish to add them on their special day. These chairs will grab attention of every visitor.

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8. Clean White Chairs

Sometimes, the simplest choice can be the most excellent choice. In the event that your theme is elegant and pared back, white seat covers can be amazingly compelling. This is an especially decent look if you have a venue with heaps of natural light. For a hotter or more rustic look pick cream or cereal tones however keep it fuss free and lovely.

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9. Peacock Chair

No boho wedding is finished without these beautiful chairs. Peacock chairs are regularly made of rattan or white wicker, and they include a sensational, highly arched back that fans out like a peacock’s tail—thus the name! Utilize two of these one next to the other at your head table or as a feature of a wedding lounge region. These wedding chairs will make your day more special with its elegance. If you want a classy wedding, try these peacock chairs.

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10. Wooden Benches

Keep things casual and loose by utilizing long wooden chairs rather than singular seats. Pair dull earthy colored seats with farm tables for a modern look and rustic energy at your wedding party. These wooden benches look very stylish and will add a great look to your wedding. These wooden benches are very popular nowadays.

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11. Infinity Wedding Chairs

Also called the phoenix seat, the infinity chair includes an oval back with two covering circles that make a loop inspired design. The outcome is an “infinity” impact by being not able to tell where each circle starts or finishes. We love these wedding chairs for a super stylish festival. Just as infinity means never ending, in the same way, infinity chairs symbolizes the never ending love of the wedding couple. You can discover infinity chairs in a few tones, including white, gold, dark, wooden styles, and surprisingly clear acrylic.

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12. Rustic Wild Leaves Wedding Chair

If you love nature, rustic wild leaves wedding chair is perfect for your wedding. The wild leaves and floral at the back of your chair will give your wedding a rustic chic look. Rustic wild chairs are one of the most popular wedding chairs. Add these chairs in your wedding and rock on your special day.

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No matter what’s your wedding theme or budget, these trendy wedding chairs will fit you in every aspect. Make your wedding day special by adding these special and trendy wedding chairs. These stylish and fashionable chairs will increase the beauty of your wedding. Chairs have huge impact on the decor of your wedding. So, pick any of these elegant, classic, trendy and beautiful chairs to your wedding to enhance the feel and look of your wedding day.

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