Stylish Boho Wedding

by Chelsea in , — Updated April 26, 2021 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

We’re gushing over the gorgeous styling of today’s featured wedding! Held at Paradise Cove Orando, Jennifer and Carlos’ special day featured dried elements, earthy tones, and wood. Honestly, I can’t get my eyes off the sweethearts’ table! It was fabulously adorned with pampas and fall-inspired floral arrangements. The wedding arbor is one to cop if you’re looking for simple yet stunning ceremony space ideas. However, no detail can amount to the radiance of the newlyweds. Their love and happiness were perfectly captured in the photos below! Let’s also take it from the event planner and decorator herself, Isabella, as she shares intimate details of this stylish boho wedding!

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From The Photographer

This couple had been together for 14 years. Both from Hispanic heritage, they knew they wanted to make everything right when the time was right. Together with their fur babies, they build their real estate empire. Their original wedding date was November 2020. However, with Covid, they decided to changed it to March yet the bride still wanted to keep her original wedding colors! On March 6, 2021 was their perfect day to make it right and say “I Do”!

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Associated Vendors

Caterer: Plus Catering
DJ: DJ Rey
Reception Venue: Paradise Cove Orando
Floral Designer: The Coffee Garden
Design and Decor: Vogue affairs Wedding Planning & Decor
Photographer: Ashley Krug Photograpy

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