Adding Sparkle to Your Winter Wedding: 4 Ways

by Niki in , , — Updated February 22, 2020 — Reading Time: 2 minutes

Winter weddings look amazing with sparkling elements. From items embellished with glitter to twinkling lights, adding sparkle to your wedding really creates a winter feeling. Here are 4 ways to add sparkle to your wedding!

Twinkling Lights

Adding twinkling lights to your reception area is a wonderful way to bring a winter element to your big day. Twinkling lights can be added under sheer tablecloths or strung above tables to create a beautiful, romantic look.

Wedding Decor: Twinkling Lights
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Glittering Stars

Find craft stars at your local craft store, paint them with glue or modge podge, and then sprinkle them all over with fine glitter. This creates a beautiful look that is wonderful for winter and also looks perfect for a vintage wedding.

Wedding Decor: Stars
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Glittering Wedding Shoes

Another perfect idea for adding sparkle to your winter wedding is to wear sparkling wedding shoes! There are a variety of glittering shoes that you can choose, whether you want to go with white or another color. These glittery, lace wedding shoes are a perfect example.

Wedding Shoes with Glitter
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Tabletop Décor

Finally, your tabletop décor is a wonderful area to bring sparkle into your winter wedding. Paint your centerpiece containers with glue and sprinkle with fine glitter to incorporate a twinkling in this area. It’s fun and really pretty!

Wedding Decor
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Use these methods for adding sparkle to your winter wedding, and gain some inspiration for more wonderful ideas along the way!

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  1. Can you PLEASE tell me where I can get these shoes! I am so in love with them, but cannot track them down anywhere! Help 🙂


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