Vow Renewal Guide with a Free PDF Certificate & Checklist

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A vow renewal is a ceremony that is one of the most special occasions held to reaffirm the commitment a married couple has to one another.

Whether you have been married for one year or twenty years, a vow renewal is an excellent way of celebrating your love and affirming the promises you made to each other when you first exchanged your vows.

A married couple may decide to have a vow renewal for many reasons – which will be shared later on!

Regardless of the reason, vow renewals are necessary for a healthy marriage. When you re-commit to one another, you strengthen your love and remember why you chose each other.

Vow renewals are more intimate and personal than traditional weddings. While traditional wedding with a classic vibe does not apply, some rules should be followed.

To guide you, we’ve prepared a checklist to plan your vow renewal.

Vow Renewal Guide with a Free PDF Certificate & Checklist 13

Key Takeaway

  • Vow renewals reaffirm commitment and love in a marriage through an intimate ceremony. They remind couples why they chose each other and strengthen bonds.
  • Milestones, overcoming hurdles together, reconciling after nearly divorcing, and achieving dream weddings are prime reasons for vow renewals.
  • Ceremonies can be fully customized – from traditional weddings to simple elopements. Attire, guests, rituals, and receptions cater to couples’ wishes.
  • A checklist and free certificate are provided to help you plan your personalized celebration.

Why and When to Renew Your Vows

Renewing your vows is another chance to express your love in a ceremony form.

Here are reasons why you should renew your vows.

Celebrate a Milestone Anniversary

Statistics reveal that over 50% of marriages end in divorce, most within the first 8 years.

Reaching milestones like a 1st, 10th, 20th, or 50th anniversary is thus significant.

Planning a vow renewal ceremony to celebrate such moments is a beautiful way to reaffirm your commitment and thank each other for the wonderful years of marriage together.

These meaningful celebrations also reinforce hope for your future and continued marital success.

Vow Renewal Guide with a Free PDF Certificate & Checklist 15

Overcome a Hurdle in Your Relationship

Every marriage faces hardships – illness, job loss, death of loved ones. These storms test even the strongest bonds.

However, overcoming hurdles side-by-side reinforces relationships. Reciting vows again after prevailing renews commitment. You can even use Bible verses to renew vows..

A ceremony reminds couples of their conquered obstacles, bringing a fresh start.

Renewals celebrate enduring love despite life’s pouring rains. They reinforce partnerships forged through resilience.

Once skies clear after weathering storms as one, the sunlight warrants commemoration.

Recommit After Almost Divorcing

You thought your marriage could not be fixed, and you were ready to call it quits. But before that, you rethink and are willing to start afresh.

Many couples agree on separating, but when they step towards divorcing, they find their way back to each other instead.

If almost going separate ways brought you back to each other, it is time to recite your vows again. Such a commitment could be crucial in healing.

Achieve A Dream Wedding

Maybe you didn’t have enough money to fulfill your dream wedding in an exotic location when you first married.

Or, if not the finances, maybe you experienced a wedding day crisis, family drama, or something else that made it impossible to have the wedding you’ve always dreamt about.

In that case, there is no harm in doing it perfectly the second time around with a vow renewal ceremony.

It is less stressful and eliminates most of the traditional wedding etiquette.

So it is your chance to re-do your dream wedding without compromising this time. Take this chance to plan a renewal ceremony that fits what you wanted in your wedding.

Celebrate a Major Life Event

As much as there are storms in marriage, there are many chances for new beginnings that yield positive results in your life.

Maybe one of you is retiring, relocating to a new neighborhood for a different job, or you have bought your house together.

If this is the case, a vow renewal is a perfect way of refreshing your commitment to each other and your life together.

Who to Include

Vow Renewal Guide with a Free PDF Certificate & Checklist 17

When getting married for the first time, you throw in a random mix of people to celebrate what you hope will be eternal love.

But with a vow renewal ceremony, there is less pressure on who should be invited.

You should only include your nearest and dearest people.

Most couples don’t invite anyone, but if you are making a vow renewal guest list, here are the people who should be presented on this special day:

  • Family members and close friends
  • Children and grandchildren
  • Important people in your lives like best friend, previous best man, and maid of honor

Vow Renewal Attire

There are no fast rules regarding the dress code of your vow renewal ceremony.

You can personalize the event as much as you like, which means wearing what you want.

You can wear your wedding dress full of sparkles and a tuxedo or something different from what you wore on your wedding day.

Wearing casual like informal sundresses or dress shirts is also acceptable.

Note: what you wear is influenced by the event’s formality and location.

If you want a formal event in a church, you will look best with formal wear instead of couples planning their renewal on a beach.

Another tip: Inform your guests of the dress code when sending vow renewal invitations.

Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Vow Renewal Guide with a Free PDF Certificate & Checklist 19There are different ways to do your vow renewal ceremony. The good thing is you can customize this event to suit what you and your partner like.

Here are some vow renewal ceremonies to plan:

Traditional Wedding Ceremony

A traditional wedding ceremony will be perfect if you don’t have your dream wedding.

Plan everything you would for your dream wedding, including processionals, readings, and wedding cake.

Simple Elopement

An elopement involving just the two of you is a heartfelt way of celebrating your renewal of vows ceremony.

But remember to carry an officiant with you or hire someone from your chosen destination.

You will need one as you recite your marriage vows again. You can also make it a destination wedding and invite people.

Intimate Exchange of Vows

This is the way to go if your budget is tight or you want something simple and low-key.

You may or may not invite a few family and friends to witness.

Vow Renewal Vows

Vow exchange is the most crucial part of your recommitment ceremony.

After all, vows are the reasons you are having this ceremony.

They help you verbalize why you want to recommit yourself to your spouse, why you love them, what your marriage means for you, and your expectations moving forward.

There are three ways to go about this:

  • You can stick with your original vows
  • Write the wedding vows you want for this ceremony
  • Use a mix of old and new vows that speak about your marriage journey

Rings and Other Symbolic Elements

Technically, this is not a legal ceremony, which gives you lots of flexibility on what to include. Some people do away with the exchange of rings.

But if you have chosen to include this part, you can use the following:

What matters is the sentimental value the rings hold. If your original rings mean a lot to you, using them is a good idea instead of buying new ones.

Vow Renewal Reception

Vow Renewal Guide with a Free PDF Certificate & Checklist 21

Vow renewal ceremonies are becoming bigger celebrations than even the actual wedding. When it comes to the reception, you can:

  • Do a big party with music, food and dancing
  • Have a small dinner or brunch with a few friends and family
  • Skip on the reception and opt for dinner for two

Your budget, guest list, type of ceremony, and other factors influence your choice.

If your budget is big, the first option may suit you. However, be prepared to handle some family drama.

The last two options are perfect for a tight budget and an intimate ceremony, only that it may be challenging to decide who to invite and who to leave out.

But the three groups mentioned above shouldn’t be missed on your guest list. Some people also include a gift registry, which is entirely up to you.

Free Vow Renewal Certificate& Checklist

Planning a vow removal ceremony? Use our checklist to plan a successful celebration. We offer a free vow renewal certificate in a PDF format.

To download the printable templates, click the link below:


Disclaimer: This is just a template you can use to guide you on your certificate.

Most officiants offer a customized certificate. So you can opt for this route, too.

But if using our template, please consult professionals for legal advice. Also, note that terms of use apply.

Vow Renewal Checklist

6-12 months before:

  • Set a budget and determine the scope of your vow renewal ceremony.
  • Choose a date and time for your ceremony.
  • Select a location for your ceremony.
  • Create a guest list.
  • Send out save-the-dates.

3-6 months before:

  • Book your vendors, including a photographer, videographer, caterer, florist, and officiant.
  • Choose your attire.
  • Write your vows.
  • Plan the ceremony, including the readings, music, and special guests.
  • Create a timeline for the ceremony.
  • Send out invitations.

1-2 months before:

  • Confirm with all of your vendors.
  • Finalize the ceremony details.
  • Order any necessary supplies, such as DIY wedding favors, guest book, and programs.
  • Schedule a hair and makeup appointment.
  • Get your marriage license (if required).

1 week before:

  • Confirm all of the details with your vendors.
  • Pack for your vow renewal ceremony.
  • Delegate tasks to your wedding party and family members.
  • Relax and enjoy the week leading up to your ceremony!

Day of:

  • Arrive at your ceremony location early.
  • Greet your guests.
  • Enjoy your vow renewal ceremony!
  • Celebrate with your loved ones and enjoy the rest of your special day!


Vow Renewal Guide with a Free PDF Certificate & Checklist 23

A vow renewal is an important ceremony to strengthen a couple’s relationship.

It is typically not a legal ceremony, so personalize it as much as you want.

For instance, you can do away with ring exchange and reception and wear casual.

If you are planning to renew your vows, use our checklist that’s accompanied by a free certificate.

The template is downloadable and printable for personal use and guides you through the entire process.

With that said, we wish you success in planning your vow renewal ceremony and encourage you to make it unique to you and create lasting memories.

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