8 Ideas To Add a Personal Touch to Your Big Day

by Niki in , — Updated December 15, 2023 — Reading Time: 4 minutes

When it comes to your wedding, there are so many decisions to make. From the color palate, to the florals, the guest list and honeymoon location — there’s a long list of things to get right. And it can start to feel overwhelming fast.

With the sheer amount of information online it can be difficult to decide what’s best while still keeping this personal. It is, after all, a day about you, your partner and your families.

Thankfully, we’ve made it easy for you — with a list of the top ideas that can make your wedding feel unique. Read on to find out more.

Playful Cake Toppers

8 Ideas To Add a Personal Touch to Your Big Day 17

The cake is considered to be an important element of the wedding. From the flavor, to the style, it’s all about what you prefer — and many cake makers will let you try samples so you can have a cake that suits your exact tastes. One aspect of the cake that you can make you unique are the cake toppers.

Gone are the days of the traditional toppers of the 1980s. Choosing a playful cake topper that’s out of the ordinary can really add to the theme of the wedding.

Go with a Casino Theme

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Speaking of wedding theme, one that’s definitely unique and can add some glitz and glamour is a casino theme. Whether you want to get married in Las Vegas, add some table games to the venue or even bring in a live dealer, this theme is one that will excite guests and make the night one for everyone to remember.

If you’re looking for ideas, spend some time perusing websites with live casino online for inspiration.

Accept Song Requests

8 Ideas To Add a Personal Touch to Your Big Day 21

If you want to get really personal with your wedding and have guests involved, why not take song requests? This can be done in advance as part of your RSVPs, and can really get the party started. There’s nothing like hearing your song being played when on the dance floor, and it can make the event feel really special to those you’ve invited as they’re part of the planning process.

Add Neon

8 Ideas To Add a Personal Touch to Your Big Day 23

A neon sign not only makes for decor, but you can get as personal as you want with it. An idea that’s grown in popularity over the years is to get you and your partners name in a custom-made neon sign. It’s also a great photo opportunity for guests to showcase your special day, while also being stylish.

Custom Wine Labels

Custom wine labels are another trend for those who want to make their wedding feel unique. You don’t need to make your own wine either! Purchase a batch of your favorite’s, design a label on Canva (or hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you), and wrap the label over the existing one.

8 Ideas To Add a Personal Touch to Your Big Day 25
Credits: @santaynezranchevents via Instagram

It also makes for a great party flavor for guests who can bring it home and use it for whatever they like as a memento from your special day.

Hire an Ice Cream Cart

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Everyone loves ice cream, so why not make it a part of your wedding? Many independent ice cream companies have their own vans for hire, and can park outside your venue serving up the good stuff. Request a dairy free or vegan option so all your guests can have a try. And you can even customize your cone wrappers or tubs to reflect your style.

Ask Family to Bring Dessert

For many people, a wedding is as much about celebrating family as it is the love between one another. One way to include family history and heritage is by asking parents, siblings, aunts and uncles to bring a dessert. Not only will everyone enjoy the sweet spread, but it adds a very personalized aspect to the menu.

8 Ideas To Add a Personal Touch to Your Big Day 29

You can even ask family to provide recipes to display and share between one another, to keep the tradition alive!

Hire a Photo Booth

8 Ideas To Add a Personal Touch to Your Big Day 31

Photos are an important way for people to remember the wedding (which can sometimes be fuzzy after a couple of drinks). A fun way of doing this is to hire a photo booth where guests can take their own shots to bring home with them. For the busy bride and groom, it’s also a fantastic way to see what your family and friends got up to while during the evening. And props are a must!

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