Cool Treats: Sweet Lucie’s Ice Cream Cart

by Niki in — Updated August 26, 2023 — Reading Time: < 1

Cool Treats: Sweet Lucie's Ice Cream Cart 2

Chalk this up as the strangest way to find great wedding details I’ve ever experienced.

I was using Google Image Search for something completely unrelated to the Inspired Bride when I came across a photo of an adorable vintage blue ice cream cart. It was so sweet that I naturally clicked through and, to my surprise, found the website of a vendor called Sweet Lucie’s, which caters homemade ice cream for events out of the super cute blue cart. I love the idea of serving something other than pastries at a wedding (as I’ve mentioned before on this post), and having a catering cart seems absolutely perfect to me. Sweet Lucie’s ice cream cart carries up to twelve flavors, so you get a lot of great variety in addition to the unexpected surprise of a different type of sweet for your guests.

Images by He and She Photography for Sweet Lucie’s – additional photos found via Inspired by This.

2 thoughts on “Cool Treats: Sweet Lucie’s Ice Cream Cart”

  1. So cute! I love the idea of having this at a wedding reception.

  2. we’ve booked a gourmet ice cream sandwich truck for our wedding (coolhaus). it’s perfect: no delivery costs (they drive the truck right up to the venue). so many yummy flavors to choose from. and they even print custom, edible wrappers!


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