Destination Wedding: Choosing Nantucket

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Nantucket has recently been referred to as “The New Martha’s Vineyard” not only because of its proximity to the other iconic island but also because it has become a top vacation, second home, and wedding destination in the past few years.

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Some of the latest statistics show that there are more than 200 weddings per year on this small island which is only 14 miles long and 3-5 miles wide.  Choosing Nantucket for your destination wedding is an excellent choice if you want to impress your guests and make the most stunning wedding photos ever.

It has endless ocean views and beaches, superbly preserved houses, buildings, and cobblestone streets from the pre-civil war period, and picturesque coastal style cottages with gray weathered shingles, French roses, and blooming gardens. There are stunning beaches, lighthouses, and some of the best restaurants, eateries, and boutiques in the country. The island has over 40% of conservation land with no development.

It has some of the best hotels, inns, and a gigantic choice of available houses and dwellings for rent around the island. You can rent one or more of the beautiful houses for your family and guests.

Here are some of the main reasons to choose Nantucket for your wedding

Easy access

The Little Gray Lady of the Sea is located just 30 miles south of Cape Cod and a few miles away from Martha’s Vineyard. It is easy and relatively inexpensive to reach via the traditional ferry or the high-speed ferry, which departs from Hyannis port in Cape Cod regularly. The traditional ferry will take you and the guests to Nantucket in 2 hours and 15 minutes, while the high-speed ferry takes only an hour to get to the island. You can also fly in via one of the many available flights from different big cities, such as Boston, New York City, and more, to the Nantucket Memorial Airport.

The only downside of it being an island is that in cases of extreme weather, such as storms, especially in the colder seasons, it can become impossible to get to or leave Nantucket. This is why it is recommended to plan your special day in the summer – from June to mid-October.


You can stay and enjoy your honeymoon on the island

Once the festivities are over, you and your partner can stay in Nantucket to enjoy a romantic honeymoon there. In fact, it is a preferred destination for honeymoons, engagements, and for romantic getaways too. The island may be small, but there are endless possibilities for spending the perfect honeymoon there.

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You can enjoy the beaches or explore the island by hiking, biking, or kayaking if you are more active. There are some of the best fine dining and more casual eateries where you can eat fresh seafood and other elevated dishes.

You can also explore the historical buildings, the Downtown, the lighthouses, the oldest mill, and many more places. There are various museums that are worth visiting, including the Whaling Museum and the Shipwreck and Lifesavers Museum. You can also attend various cultural events and enjoy some partying and fun at Cisco Brewers or in one of the many bars in Nantucket.

The best part is that you will save the money and time from having to travel to another honeymoon after the wedding and can start your romantic holiday right away after the ceremony.

There are some incredible wedding venues and services

The island’s economy relies heavily on tourists and on weddings, and it offers some of the most stunning venues and local wedding-related services, suitable for all types of weddings. If you have seen photos of weddings in Nantucket, you probably know what we mean.

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There are both indoor and outdoor venues where you can tie the knot and entertain your guests. You can even have your dream wedding straight on one of over 12 beautiful beaches on the island.

This wedding will be one to remember thanks to the endless ocean views, the long clean beaches, the gorgeous shoreline, the lighthouses, and the unforgettable sunsets on the island of Nantucket.

Some of the top venues to pick from include:

The White Elephant

This luxurious resort and hotel has 70 rooms and suites and is located on the right side next to the bay and at a 10-minute walk from the ferry terminal. You can have your wedding at the Harborview Lawn. For the reception, you can pick between the Harborview Terrace for smaller events and the Ballroom and Conference Center in the resort’s inn, which can hold up to 300 people for larger weddings.

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The Wauwinet

This is another top-rated wedding venue in Nantucket. It is located on the north southern coast of the island and is about a 20-minute drive from the ferry terminal. This historic boutique resort was first established 135 years ago. The resort has 32 guest rooms, and the dining room can hold up to 100 guests. There is also an option for a reception in the tent outside, which can fit up to 150 guests.

Nantucket Yacht Club

This popular wedding venue is in the Downtown Historic District of Nantucket and plays an essential role in the history of the island, the yacht races, and life in Nantucket. The Yacht Club can host weddings with up to 260 guests. The wedding ceremonies take place right on the property with a fantastic view of the harbor. It has a spacious Main Ballroom with a waterfront deck and a patio making it perfect for large parties.

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