Say ‘I Do’ to Experience Gifts on Your Wedding

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Everyone wants their big day to be fun and memorable. So, many people will go over and beyond to ensure that they make this day as unique as possible for them and their guests.

In return, couples expect those on their guest list to show up to celebrate with them and reward them for this milestone.

Although wedding gifts are not mandatory, it is nice to be gifted by your loved ones. It is even lovelier when they give you something that you really like. That is why wedding registries exist.

A wedding registry helps couples let their guests know their preferred wedding gifts. It lists things couples would prefer to receive before the wedding. The list benefits both guests and couples, making the gift selection easier and avoiding duplication.

You can include a number of items in your registry, but a common trend these days in wedding registries is experience gifts. These offer the couples memorable adventures and allow them to share moments rather than traditional household gifts.

Are you thinking of including wedding experience gifts in your wedding registry? Read this article to learn about them, their benefits, and how to include them.

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Key Takeaway

  • Experience gifts allow couples to create long-lasting memories and build meaningful connections, making them a unique and valuable addition to wedding registries.
  • When creating a wedding registry, couples should consider using an online platform that allows for easy editing, updating, and tracking of purchases. The platform should also allow for the inclusion of a mix of traditional and experiential gifts.
  • Couples should ensure clear communication, ease of access and navigation, and a variety of items at different price points to make a registry guest-friendly.
  • After the wedding, couples should thank their guests for their gifts and manage any necessary logistics, such as exchanges or returns.

Why Choose Experience Gifts for Your Wedding?

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Experience gifts are a unique way of celebrating a couple’s new life. Incorporating them into your wedding registry offers several advantages, including:

  • Create Long-Lasting Memories: Unlike traditional gifts, experience gifts offer a chance for the married couple to share memories instead of accumulating items. Such adventures increase the bond and become stories they will tell for years.
  • Focus on Values: Many people value experience more than material things. Experience gifts offer something the couple can enjoy and help them build meaningful connections.
  • Allow Personalization and Uniqueness: Experience wedding gifts can be personalized to suit your interests and preferences. You can inform your wedding guests what you and your spouse enjoy. For instance, a wine-tasting tour or a private chef experience at home suits foodies best; for couples who love being outside, mentioning a camping trip, a guided hike, kayaking, or a weekend getaway at a national park in your registry offers your guests options on what to choose.

Basics of Creating a Wedding Registry

A wedding registry is a wish list of what a couple wants and needs as they start their married life together.

It is a useful tool for helping guests to find out a gift that the couple will actually appreciate instead of buying a physical gift that the couple already has or doesn’t like.

The wedding couple chooses a store or store with several goodies they want to include in their new home. Then, they post the items online or in person in a registry where their guests can see and buy the gifts for them.

However, a wedding registry mustn’t include material gifts. Some people opt for honeymoon registries, where guests buy them an experience or a night out, cash gifts, or a combination of the two.

Choosing the Right Wedding Registry Platform

As mentioned, a registry can be online or in person at a wedding website. Creating it online simplifies the process for you and your guests. Some benefits of making it online include:

You can edit from anywhere at any time without visiting a bookstore or making an appointment.

  • You can easily update it and track purchases.
  • Your guests can view the registry from anywhere with the internet.
  • Online registries give real-time updates, meaning guests will avoid buying duplicate gifts.

If you create your registry online, you will need a profile on your chosen website.

You can register directly with one brand or use a site to input items from different brands. Before you settle for one, explore different websites, online stores, and department stores.

It is wise to consider a universal wedding registry, which is easy to manage from one platform, offers discounts across different stores, and allows couples to incorporate a cash fund, honeymoon fund, and experience gifts.

Incorporating Experience Gifts into Your Wedding Registry

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The first step is to choose the right platform. Consider a universal registry site like Zola or Honeyfund or a dedicated experience site like Virgin Experience Days or Uncommon Experiences. Then, decide which experience gift you would like.

Types of Experience Gifts

Experience gifts are available in different shapes and sizes, catering to a couple’s interests and budget.

These include cash funds, gift cards, honeymoon funds, etc.

You can also include adventure, culture learning, and relaxation as wedding presents.

If you want unique items, add Pottery Barn and West Elm to the list.

How to add cash fund and honeymoon fund to your registry:

A cash registry offers several benefits in your new life as a married couple. Here are some reasons to include it:

  • Reduce duplicates of a traditional gift
  • Some guests prefer to gift cash instead of a physical item
  • It can help create a perfect honeymoon experience

You can use the cash for what you really need, like car repairs, down payment, furnishing your home, etc.

Here is how to add it to your registry:

Look for options from your chosen registry platform like “Cash Funds,” “Money Contribution,” or “Gift Cards.

Then, give it a name, like Honeymoon Savings, and briefly describe how you intend to use the cash. But this is optional. Then, decide how you want to receive it.

Some platforms have an option dedicated to the Honeymoon Fund. If that is the case, describe your honeymoon experiences or destination and add relevant photos to make it appealing. But this is optional.

Beyond the Traditional Gifts

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Traditional gifts are nice, but sometimes, the couple wants something else. In that case, you can choose from the available alternatives.

Exploring Traditional vs. Experience Gifts

Traditional gifts include physical items that you can use and keep at home.

There is a wide variety, including kitchenware, appliances, etc., and guests may feel more comfortable purchasing them.

However, they can clutter your home, especially if you get duplicates. Plus, they involve less personalization, so getting the perfect gift may be difficult.

Experience gifts may be expensive, but they are meaningful, thoughtful, and a great way to create long-lasting memories.

But consider including them both in your registry instead of picking one over the other. That way, you can offer your wedding guests more flexibility and cater to different preferences.

Adding Big Ticket Items and Variety

Including big-ticket items allows guests who want to give a gifted group to get you something they like and fulfill their dream of owning that item that might take time to save up for. However, note that some guests may feel uncomfortable buying or may not have that budget.

The best approach is to include items at different price points. That way, they can choose one that matches their budget. You can also mark the items as group gifts to allow a collective contribution among close friends.

Making Your Registry Guest Friendly

Here are some things to consider to make your wedding registry friendly:

Ensure clear communication: Tell your guests about your registry through social media, bridal showers, wedding invitations, or any other pre-wedding event.

At the same time, it offers many options to allow flexibility. You can provide additional information about why you’ve included big-ticket items.

For instance, “We’d love to upgrade our home.”

Ensure ease of access and navigation: Choose a registry platform that is easy to navigate. Check features like mobile friendliness.

Also, consider a universal registry that gives more flexibility when purchasing gifts. Additionally, inform guests about shipping options, return policies, etc.

It’s also helpful to highlight bonus points and department discounts, if any.

Allow a mix of items: Offer your guests plenty of options to create the wedding registry experience. This will allow them to choose different kinds of items that suit their budget.

So, make sure your registry list features a variety of items. Mixing traditional and experienced gifts is a great option.

Ensure a Smooth Wedding Planning Process

Plan Ahead: Remember to incorporate registry planning during your wedding planning process. Additionally, it is wise to set up your registry early so guests have more time to shop.

Final Steps and Post-Wedding: Your work is not done once you post your registry and share the link. You need to check and update it regularly; otherwise, expect duplicates.

After the wedding, you should thank your guests for gifting you as per your registry and manage logistics like exchanges, returns, etc.


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Gifts are a part of what makes a wedding day memorable. Instead of material goods, choose experience presents that offer emotional value and create long-lasting memories.

You can also opt for cash gifts to help you fulfill a dream. The most important thing is that the types of gifts you get are what you want.

Many people only experience the gift of being married once. So, make sure you start your marriage life on the right foot by being gifted meaningful presents.

Don’t be shy to include big-ticket items, provided you offer various options.

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