Wedding Speech Tips for Introverted Bride and Groom

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Public speaking is not everyone’s cup of tea. To some people, it comes naturally. But to others, a bit of coaching is needed.

This is especially true for those giving a wedding vow or speech. With everyone looking at you, it’s normal to feel some tension and nervousness.

But regardless of how you feel, delivering your speech is important. Wedding speeches are one way to express the love and gratitude towards one another. If you’re looking for last-minute wedding speech ideas and advice, remember to speak from the heart, share a meaningful story or two, and keep it concise yet heartfelt. Practice beforehand to calm your nerves.. You can use them to share your love journey and inform your guests and friends of what you appreciate about your spouse.

For introverted couples, if you’re worrying about this, then we’re here to help! Read this in-depth guide on what makes the best wedding speech and how to deliver it on your big day.

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Key Takeaway

  • Wedding speeches allow couples to express their love and gratitude but can be challenging for those who struggle with public speaking.
  • Crafting an effective wedding speech involves finding the right balance of style, structure, and content to capture the essence of the couple’s relationship and the occasion.
  • Overcoming nerves and delivering a memorable speech can be achieved through various strategies, such as practice, seeking feedback, and employing relaxation techniques.
  • Navigating social expectations while staying true to oneself is key to delivering an authentic and engaging wedding speech that resonates with the audience.

How to Craft the Best Wedding Speech

A groom or bride wedding speech lets you express your deepest feelings towards your partner and share them with your loved ones. Depending on how it is delivered, it can have a long-lasting impact on the attendees and the marriage.

Although the perfect speech may not exist, you can balance humor, romance, and sentiment to capture the attention of your wedding guests and deliver it articulately even as you start your new life. Here are some strategies.

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Choose Your Style

Choosing your style involves finding the right balance between your relationship, occasion, and personality.

If your wedding is formal, aim for a polished and traditional speech to match the atmosphere. A casual wedding, on the other hand, allows some freedom. This means you can craft a relaxed and conversational speech.

Remember to pick a style that matches your personality.

If you love humor, consider including some lighthearted jokes. If you tend to be conservative, deliver a classic speech focusing on your love story.

All in all, you should craft a genuine and sincere speech expressing your love for your perfect match.

Structure Your Speech

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A well-structured speech keeps things organized and helps you say the most important points. Use this speech template:

  • Introduction: Keep it short and sweet, between 30 seconds and 1 minute. It can be a simple ‘Good evening’ greeting or a relevant quote.
  • Body: Personalize it to tell your love story and relationship. It can be two to three minutes long.
  • Conclusion: End your speech in a positive light. You can leave a quote or an important message.

Also, make sure you use a great transition between ideas. Avoid jumping from one idea to the next and stick to the theme.

At the same time, keep your audience engaged throughout. You can do this by using humor and maintaining eye contact.

Keep it Concise

Keep it short and sweet—no more than 7 minutes. Your guests are present to have fun and celebrate, not to listen to you lecturing them.

You can use a speech template to craft. Then, review it several times to refine it as much as possible. Remove unnecessary words and ensure clarity and impact.

At the same time, avoid complex jargon that confuses people.

Share your love stories

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner. So why not reminisce on how it all started?

Besides, your wedding guests may be curious to know how you met and what milestones you have achieved. So, include that information when sharing your wedding vows or speeches.

Use Humor Effectively

Humor can add a sense of impact to your wedding. But remember to remain tasteful and warm. Don’t make fun of your partner or people.

Also, ensure they don’t leave out your guests when using inside jokes. It’s good to give people a good laugh. But while you are trying to be funny, make sure you tread carefully.

Highlight special moments

Are there any significant milestones that have happened in your relationship? If so, use the wedding speech to talk about them.

Maybe you bought your first family home, made a big financial move, or relocated to a new place. Make sure to include these achievements in your joyous occasion.

Express Gratitude

Thank your family and friends for supporting you and being present to celebrate your special day with you. Offer special appreciation to people who’ve come from long distances to witness your union.

Also, acknowledge your parents’ love and support, your wedding planner, best man, maid of honor, and everyone who helped in the planning.

Offer Words of Hope

Express well wishes for the future, and remember to let your genuine love and optimism shine through.

Your attention should be on your positive outlook on life with your partner. Remember to mention that though there will be bumps, your love and respect for each other will help you overcome them.

Tips to Overcome Your Nerves

The groom keeps a microphone and speeking to his bride

It’s normal to feel nervous raising a glass, especially if you are introverted. Here are tips to calm your nerves and help you deliver an unforgettable wedding speech include:

Employ coping strategies

Some techniques, like breathing exercises and visualization, can help manage anxiety during speech delivery. Other relaxation techniques include progressive muscle relaxation and positive self-talk throughout.

Practice regularly

Practice makes perfect. So, the more you rehearse your speech, the more comfortable and confident you will feel standing at the altar/reception and reading it.

With enough practice, you will remember the sentiments you want to share and the order in which you want to share them. You can even record yourself practicing, though it may initially be uncomfortable. But this will help you identify areas that need perfectionism.

Seek feedback

A friendly audience will help build your confidence and identify your mistakes. Read your speech before a supportive family member or friend and ask them for advice on improving it.

How to Navigate Social Expectations

Wedding speeches are often associated with pressure to meet social expectations. But it’s important not to be confined by them.

Understand some common expectations, like thanking your audience, maid of honor, father and mother, beautiful daughter, etc. However, remember to incorporate the elements in a manner that feels natural.

Here are some tips to help you overcome societal pressure when delivering your wedding speech.

Understand the Etiquette

The most important thing is to ensure you are positive, lighthearted, and sentimental. Also, be mindful of your audience. Since the room will have mixed people of different ages and backgrounds, be careful not to offend anyone.

At the same time, keep it short and sweet and focus on good wishes and happy memories. Do not share embarrassing stories about your husband or wife that might portray them badly. The whole point is to deliver a captivating speech while navigating social norms.

Balance Tradition and Style

Although wedding speeches should sound as authentic as possible, cherished traditions should not be overlooked. The most fundamental tradition is the toast. So make sure to raise a glass and offer a toast to the future of the newlyweds.

Most people also believe that they should express gratitude. The bride and groom should thank their wedding planners, guests, closest friends, and anyone who helped plan the wedding in their speech. Other people should thank the hosts for allowing them to be part of their wedding.

Besides these traditions, wedding speeches are a great opportunity to share personal stories about your relationship. Such stories make them authentic while giving insight into the happy couple’s journey.

Interact with Guests

You will be busy during your wedding day, ensuring your guests are comfortable while enjoying your day. But, while there are so many places to be, remember to find time to engage with your audience. The last thing you want them to feel is that you are too busy for them.

Interacting with your guests helps build a connection and celebration. You can do this by:

  • Asking some guests to share short poems or readings that they love
  • Inviting them to pass the wedding rings around before they reach the altar
  • Having an open dancefloor and hiring a group instructor to lead a dance session

Remember that there will be unexpected reactions or interruptions while doing this. Not everyone will appreciate your strategies for managing social norms. But don’t worry about that. Maintain your poise and focus on the joy and beautiful moment. This will kickstart the next chapter with your loved one.


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Giving a wedding speech can be challenging for shy people. However, despite the fear and panic, you can still speak in front of many people.

Remember to speak from the heart and share personal stories to sound authentic. Moreover, don’t fear being overly sentimental. Weddings are a perfect time to release all emotions, so don’t forget to add sweetness to your relationship.

Working with a freelance writer might be a good idea if you are nervous about your wedding speech. Find someone to help you with a wedding speech template and coach you in this area.

A professional will share tips on speed, cadence, delivery, and volume, helping you be confident speaking publicly, not just at the wedding.


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