How to Capture Intimate Moments at Sunset Weddings

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Every couple looks for a way to make their celebration unique. For some, saying “I do” while the sun goes down is a dream come true. Think about it.

Who doesn’t love chasing the sunset?

Most people love a beautiful sunset, which makes it a perfect time for a wedding.

Sunset wedding photography adds a touch of elegance and intimacy to your wedding album. It captures the magic and romance of the event in a beautiful natural setting.

Nothing beats a sunset if you are looking for unique and unforgettable memories. It is a moment during your wedding day when you can enjoy the stunning colors of the sunset captured by your photographer.

If you’re thinking of a sunset wedding, then you’ve landed on the perfect spot! Read on to learn more.

How to Capture Intimate Moments at Sunset Weddings 9

Key Takeaway

  • Sunset weddings offer a romantic and magical atmosphere, whether you choose a ceremony during sunset or focus on capturing stunning photos with golden hour lighting.
  • Careful timing and venue selection are crucial for a successful sunset wedding. Couples can opt for either a sunset ceremony or sunset photos, each with its own pros and cons, requiring flexibility and coordination.
  • Choosing the right location close to the sunset point and setting the ideal time to maximize golden hour lighting is essential. Couples should prioritize venues with natural elements and consider incorporating sunset-themed decorations for a cohesive aesthetic.

How to Plan a Sunset Wedding

Planning a wedding ceremony in the setting sun is not as complicated as it looks. You just have to be careful with timing and venue. Here are some tips for you:

Decide If You Want a Sunset Ceremony or Photos

Decide whether you want to say your “I dos” when the sun is setting or if you want to focus on getting those perfect sunset pics. It’s a big decision because it totally changes the vibe of your wedding day.

Do you want that romantic feel of getting married as the sun dips below the horizon, or do you want to make sure you have awesome pictures with that dreamy golden light?

Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons:

Sunset Ceremony


  • Romantic and magical atmosphere.
  • Memorable backdrop for your vows.
  • Natural lighting can create stunning photographs.


  • Timing can be tricky, depending on the season.
  • Weather conditions might affect visibility.
  • Guests may need to plan their schedules around the timing of the ceremony.

Sunset Photos


  • Flexible timing for capturing the best light.
  • Opportunity for stunning, artistic shots.
  • Less pressure on the timing of the ceremony itself.


  • Missing out on the romantic moment of exchanging vows during sunset.
  • Limited window of time to capture the ideal lighting.
  • Potential for schedule conflicts if photos are taken during the reception.

Take your time to think it over because whichever you choose, you’ll have a great time and memories you’ll treasure forever.

Choose the Right Location

How to Capture Intimate Moments at Sunset Weddings 11

Location scouting is essential for golden hour photography. It will help your photographer get the perfect photos since they will have an excellent spot.

Remember that if the location is far from the sunset point, there is a chance that the sunset will be missed, even with a perfect timeline. So, we recommend choosing venues where the sunset will be close.

Select the Ideal Time

Several factors influence the ideal time. However, it all boils down to capturing the best shots and ensuring that the event flows smoothly.

Most professional photographers will work with the Golden Hour, a period right before sunset that offers the perfect light for photos. Depending on the location, it can be long or short, but it mostly lasts 15-20 minutes.

It’s best to set your reception timeline at least 1 to 2 hours before sunset. That gives enough time to take beautiful pictures under sunset lighting.

Consider Lighting and Logistics

Your photographer will aim for golden hour sunset photos because the light is warm and properly diffused at this time, creating a romantic ambiance.

As the sun disappears and paves the way for the night, you can consider using fairy lights and candles to maintain the magical and intimate atmosphere.

Regarding logistics, couples need to be flexible with their ceremony. Be ready to adjust your schedule to capture the right sunset time on your big day.

Pick Sunset Themed Decorations

The wedding décor needs to complement your sunset wedding photos. The exact type you choose depends on aesthetics, location, and season.

However, remember to allow the sunset to be the focal point by opting for minimal adornments. If you want the sunset to be the primary overarching concept, you must work with a sunset-themed décor.

Opt for pastel tones consisting of pink, orange, and gold. You can also add bold colors like blue to the mix to create an illusion of the sky.

For example, your aisle can have flowers and lanterns in those bright shades to recreate the sunset. Then, at the reception, use blue linens and a mix of orange and pink vases.

Create a Romantic Ambience

The soft glow from the sunset already provides a magical and intimate moment at your wedding, so you don’t have to go the extra mile to bring romance. But if you want more, you can decorate your venue with ample lighting.

For instance, consider putting candles on the sides of the aisle or placing string lights on the ceiling. You can also offer a plus cushion or mix stylish vintage chairs to ensure your wedding guests are comfortable.

Tips for Maximizing the Golden Hour During Weddings

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Arrive Early to Scout The Location and Plan for the Photos

Timing is everything, especially for a sunset wedding. Coordinate with your planner and photographer to decide when to capture that magical golden hour. Schedule key photos about 1 to 2 hours before sunset to catch the best light.

Know when the sun sets on your big day to avoid missing the stunning views. Consider starting your wedding a bit earlier than usual.

Also, pick spots with good lighting for your photos. Choose open areas without many things blocking the view.

Don’t forget about family photos! Talk to your photographer about when and where to take them to make sure everyone looks great against the sunset backdrop.

Utilize Natural Elements

To make your wedding photos truly stunning, consider incorporating nature’s elements such as trees, water, and unique architectural features. These natural backdrops can significantly enhance the beauty of your pictures, adding depth and interest to your shots.

Whether it’s the lush foliage of trees, the serene reflection of water, or the character of a charming building, these elements bring a timeless appeal to your photos, ensuring they remain captivating for years to come.

When planning your photo locations, prioritize spots that offer these natural features, such as parks, gardens, or scenic overlooks.

Utilizing nature’s beauty in your wedding photography will create a magical and memorable visual story of your special day.

Experiment with Different Angles and Perspectives

During location scouting, to the venue’s manager about the sunset in the area. Ask them about the sun’s angle, objects that will cast big, long shadows, and any obstructions.

Then, on the event day, try different angles and perspectives to capture the magic. You can try the following:

  • Low angles: Try silhouettes where the sun will be the backdrop, or get down on the ground and shoot through tall grass or flowers. Also, ask your photographer to capture close-up shots of your dress, bouquet, and shows from a low angle.
  • High vantage points: you will need a drone for such shots. Please check if your venue allows you to capture aerial photos of your sunset wedding. That way, you will showcase the entire scene and natural surroundings.

Also, embrace being creative with the angles. You can use elevated areas like staircases and balconies, the top of a mountain, treetops, reflections, and shooting through flowers and foliage.

Encourage Genuine Interactions with Your Partner

Make this private moment more memorable by incorporating elements of nature, like finding a secluded spot with a picturesque view of the sunset.

Embrace the tranquility of the moment as you bask in the golden glow of the fading light, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Incorporate Props or Accessories That Complement the Warm Tones of the Sunset

The bride can wear jewelry in gold, rose gold, or copper palette to reflect the sunset’s warm hues.

Hair accessories should include warm tones like orange and pink. You can weave fresh flowers into your hair or use them as a crown. Using a veil with a hint of ivory or champagne to match the warm light is also a great idea.

For the groom, embrace a pocket square in a warm color like peach or orange. You can also use cufflinks in these colors too.

Trust Your Instincts and Creativity

Although sunset weddings require skills and planning for beautiful shots of the ceremony, trusting your instincts and creativity can bring a whole new dimension to the wedding pictures.

Don’t be scared to try out a new idea. Also, don’t be afraid to embrace the unexpected and try different poses.


How to Capture Intimate Moments at Sunset Weddings 15

There is something magical about weddings and sunsets. Whether you choose to do the entire ceremony or just the photos with the sunset as the backdrop, you can be sure that the overall vibe will be intimate and romantic.

Take a moment to soak in the beauty of nature and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of your wedding that kickstarts your new chapter.

But remember, the wedding timeline is the most important thing. You need to figure out the ideal ceremony time for the sunset portraits.

Bear in mind that sunsets differ depending on the time of day and time of year in different places, so consider this when planning your wedding date.

Also, look for the best wedding photographers to help you take breathtaking views in a natural-light setting. Here are 3 signs that your wedding photographer is the one .

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