7 Elegant Wedding Jewelry Accessories for a Modern Young Bride

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7 Elegant Wedding Jewelry Accessories for a Modern Young Bride 17

To all soon-to-be modern brides, you can admit that jewelry accessories are something that we truly consider special for our big day. While some may get them as heirlooms or gifts, most of us modern brides ponder on buying them. That’s why today, we’ll be pitching in a few ideas to help you decide which jewelry accessory you’ll like best.


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As the saying goes, “rings signifies eternal!” If you’re a modern bride who loves something pure and meaningful then rings would certainly be your best choice for an accessory. Though this type of jewelry may be a bit traditional for some, having an extra gold ring from your heirloom or most commonly your engagement ring would simply be a great accessory. More than just the ring itself, the thought that comes with it would really be as meaningful as the rest of every detail in your wardrobe.


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When you start looking for elegant wedding accessories, you might find yourself swamped with crowns and tiaras. And it’s definitely popular for a reason. Modern brides lean towards having a whimsical wedding (walking down the aisle as a glamorous princess). And what better way to be a princess than wearing a crown or tiara. Wedding accessories are designed to accentuate beauty, and tiaras and crowns are famous for bringing out that royal elegance that every modern bride loves.


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You may have a lot of options when it comes to wedding accessories, but simplicity really brings out the beauty of a modern day bride. Of course, earrings would somehow be a collective choice. But don’t be misled with its simple reputation, earrings can easily complete the look that you so desire. Remember, though- you don’t have to wear fancy, over-the-top accessories to look or feel bridal.

Shoulder Necklace

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Once you’ve selected your wedding gown, talk to your bridal shop and you might find a perfect shoulder necklace that matches your wardrobe. Shoulder jewelry is the new bridal accessory. When you’re looking for a modern twist in your traditional dress, then having a shoulder necklace that drapes over your shoulder would be fabulous.

Bracelet Bangle

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A piece of wedding jewelry that is worn around the wrist. Wedding bangles or bracelets serve as a supplementary accessory that completes a look that modern brides are aiming for.

Choker/Collar necklace

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A dazzling accessory that emphasizes the collarbones and creates a strong neckline, collar necklaces can easily amp up an edgy statement. Modern brides would find this accessory vital if they are going for a more sophisticated look.

Bride’s Comb

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When you’re looking for the perfect headpiece accessory that isn’t too overwhelming for your look, then bridal combs or hair brooches would be perfect. Some may have embellishments that match with the bridal theme or some go for a more simple design, bridal combs are more to it than just trappings.

Put more effort and thought to the wedding jewelry and choose the best accessory to complete your modern bride look. It will both be an investment piece as well as a sentimental symbol that will always remind you of the best day of your love for each other.

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  1. I love the idea of bangle bracelets! This is the perfect way to add a modern look to a simple dress.

  2. I 100% intend to have a bridal tiara! Thanks for this!

  3. I love that gold ring!! I don’t normally wear gold but I am in need of some gold to spice things up a bit!

  4. I love those timeless gold rings! A simple quality ring can add a delicate touch to any bridal look! The elegant jewelry will let the bride shine on her big day!

  5. A shoulder necklace is a brilliant idea! And of course a ring for marriage is a must, thanks for sharing!

  6. I would never consider shoulder jewelry as an option. I think that look is so unique!

  7. I love the gold ring! simple and elegant rings can really add extra style to any outfit!

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  10. I had never thought of having a shoulder necklace, but now I am obsessed with the idea!

  11. I love the bride’s comb the most out of all the ideas. Although it might not be a versatile item, its a great sentimental piece to remind you on your wedding day. A great piece to pass down your family line.

  12. I love the simple ring. It makes a statement without over taking your engagement ring and wedding band. The shoulder necklace is something I haven’t seen before and I love it!! I wish I could get married tomorrow just to dress up like that.

  13. Weddings have such an elegance and whimsical nature to them, they are something almost magical. I love the idea of simple yet elegant statement jewelry such as the gold rings that are the details that bring the bride’s look together. Great ideas!!

  14. I’m obsessed with that gold ring! It is so simple yet so elegant. It will definitely be a must-have when I get married.

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  16. These accessories are so beautiful!! Dainty gold rings seem like a great way beautify a bride’s hand for her wedding day without overpowering the wedding rings!


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