Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing Wedding Flowers

by Niki in , — Updated August 26, 2023 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

Weddings and flowers go hand in hand, and when the happy couple get the decision right, they are able to furnish their special day with beautiful, freshly cut flowers which bring style and color to the occasion. Unfortunately however, when it comes to picking out the right flowers for the big day, not all brides get it right. In fact there are a number of common mistakes which are made when it comes to picking flowers, and these should be avoided if you want to deliver the perfect flower selection for your wedding.

Here then, are some common mistakes which are made.

Brides Holding White Bouquet of Roses

Flying Solo

There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking to take care of your own floral arrangements for the big day, but at the very least you should have some level of experience with this. Florists like Pearsons Flower Delivery are very often called at the 11th hour to help or support a bride-to-be who had bit off more than she could chew for the big occasion. Selecting, buying and arranging the flowers is something that you should have done once or twice before you take on this big task.

Budget Mistakes

The happy couple can have whichever flowers they wish for their big day, even if they plan to DIY their wedding flowers. However, it is critical that they have budgeted for it ahead of time. There is little point planning for peonies, roses and gardenias, if the budget will only stretch to daisies and tulips. Be sure that this is costed out well in advance so that you can have the perfect arrangements for the wedding.

Flower bouquet with roses and green plants on white background

Color Limitations

You may have a favorite color which you want for your flowers, yet it is essential to understand what there colors will be able to do in order to highlight your favorite. Some make the mistake of simply picking one color for their flower arrangement and the result is a bland choice which doesn’t pack the punch which a gorgeous arrangement should.

Scent Too Strong

Many love the smell of flowers but if that scent is strong and overwhelming then it won’t take long before your guests have headaches and move away from the arrangements. Each flower type has a different scent, both in note and in strength, so speak with the florist before you decide on which will be the right choice for you. If the flowers will be in an amplified space then you won’t have anything to worry about, if things are more confined however then this is a key consideration to make.

Woman Wearing White Bridal Gown While Holding Assorted-color Bouquet Flowers

Height of the Bride

One common mistake which is made is opting for the wrong height of the flower arrangement in relation to the height of the bride. This is a minor detail yet one which can in fact make a difference to the overall visual of the wedding. If the bride is short in stature then a long-stemmed flower bouquet is not going to give her the right look at this will only accentuate her shortness. Given the importance of the aesthetic for this special day, this is the kind of detail which should always be thought about ahead of time, to ensure that each aspect of the floral arrangement is just right.


And finally we often see couples getting the volume of flowers wrong for the size of the space on their wedding day. Getting the balance right between too many and not enough is critical, and you should always seek advice from a professional with regards to the space where you will be getting married and the volume of flowers which you will need.

Avoid these mistakes for the perfect floral compliment to your special day.


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