Dreamiest Plus-Size Wedding dresses by Olivia Bottega

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Looking for the dreamiest, princess-like, and utterly unique plus-size wedding dress that won’t break the bank? Well, your search ends right here. Enter the realm of Olivia Bottega – hands down, one of the most stunning bridal brands ever.

Now is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the world of wedding dresses that are not just luxurious but also customizable and affordable. Olivia Bottega has got you covered for your big day. Dive in, enjoy the wedding preparations, and let the beauty of these gowns inspire you.

And here’s the cherry on top – they offer fantastic customization services, ensuring your gown is as unique as you are on your special day. If you’re around San Jose, they even have a pop-up store where you can meet these beauties in real life before placing your order. Plus, they ship worldwide and have a range of affordable options.

Olivia Bottega is all about making sure every bride gets her perfect “happily ever after” in the most elegant and luxurious way possible.


Dreamiest Plus-Size Wedding dresses by Olivia Bottega 21

Check out the divine plus-size Chloe dress – it’s like stepping into a Grecian dream, embodying those nymph vibes and turning you into a living masterpiece straight from Babylon gardens. And here’s the bold move – a seriously sexy front leg slit for those who are up for it.

In a pristine white, almost silverish shade, this dress is the spark to your eyes, making you feel like a dream come true. It’s delicate enough to be proudly flaunted on your special night with your one and only. Can you imagine the entrance you’d make in this beauty?

CAMERON Dreamiest Plus-Size Wedding dresses by Olivia Bottega 23

So, if you’re on the hunt for a wedding dress that’s not just stylish but also channels those groovy Marilyn Monroe vibes from the ’60s, say hello to this gem – the midi satin dress Cameron.

Now, picture this: the bodice is all off-the-shoulder enchantment, wrapping around your waist and making you look delicate and all. And let’s not forget the lace on the corset – it’s not just there for show; it’s got your back, giving you the support you need and hugging your figure just right.


Dreamiest Plus-Size Wedding dresses by Olivia Bottega 25

Check this out – have you ever laid eyes on something so darn pretty and beautiful? This dress is like the epitome of delicacy, total charm, and downright romance. Get ready for the deets!

So, the top? It’s this off-the-shoulder dream, twisted up in a bow style that wraps around your waist, giving the whole bodice this royal and sophisticated vibe. And let’s talk about the skirt – attached with a few creases around your waistline, so you’re looking all feminine and elongated.

Can you imagine swaying down the aisle in this beauty?

BREE Dreamiest Plus-Size Wedding dresses by Olivia Bottega 27

Okay, buckle up for some serious magic! If you’re ready for that miraculous feeling, then the Bree dress is your dream come true – no doubt about it. Glitter fabric that’s gonna have you shining brighter than the diamonds in the sky, and a V-neck top on spaghetti stripes that’s just downright stunning.

Now, the fabric is all light and breezy, cascading down gently to the floor, and here’s the kicker – a seriously sexy slit right in the front of the skirt. It’s not just a slit; it’s your ticket to a whole new level of sass. Can you imagine rocking this and stealing the show? It’s practically made for it!


Dreamiest Plus-Size Wedding dresses by Olivia Bottega 29

Missuri dress – the ultimate game-changer for feeling like a real bride. Here’s the lowdown:

The corset? Decked out with a bateau neck, fully covered in a gazillion sparkles that shine like a diamond crush. The long sleeves? Dipped in a shiny crust, and oh, the back of the dress? It’s got this beautiful buttonline that adds a touch of glam.

Now, let’s talk about that beautiful and luxurious skirt. It’s attached to the bodice with a beady thin line to keep the sparkle game strong. The skirt? It’s cascading like a cloud, with tons of tulle fabric, flowing into a charming train that’s practically made for making an entrance.


Dreamiest Plus-Size Wedding dresses by Olivia Bottega 31

Ester dress – the one that’s all about embracing your curves and making you feel like true royalty. The flattering A-silhouette is your secret weapon, accentuating your waist and creating that killer hourglass shape. And let’s talk about those elegant long sleeves – covering your shoulders down to your wrists, they’re serving up a mix of class and sexiness all in one.

The high-quality mikado, paired with silky satin, feels like a dream on your skin – smooth, comfortable, and putting you on top of the world. The deep V-neck? That’s the bold detail adding a serious wow factor to your look, and the open back? It’s all about complimenting that beautiful skin of yours.


Dreamiest Plus-Size Wedding dresses by Olivia Bottega 33

The illusion tulle around the corset creates this jaw-dropping effect of a naked dress – intriguing and seriously unusual. And the dense corset with an obvious carcass? It’s charming in its own right. Imagine this – wrapped around in a triangle shape, half-transparent tulle slowly emerges into these incredibly beautiful off-the-shoulder straps that give you that fairy-like vibe.

Now, let’s talk about that long skirt with a charming train and an impressive decollete line revealed in a semi-sweetheart corset. It’s basically everything you need to feel like an absolute powerhouse on a day like this. The dress is practically made for turning heads!


Dreamiest Plus-Size Wedding dresses by Olivia Bottega 35

Mermaid plus-size gown? Yes, please! The see-through bodice is all sorts of gorgeous, gently hugging your arms in that off-the-shoulder style and throwing in a sweetheart decollete line that’s just dripping in sophistication and romance. Luxurious and stunning, to say the least.

And here’s the magic touch – the dress is skin-tight up top, but the skirt? It’s all lush and voluminous on the bottom, creating this magnificent mermaid look.


Dreamiest Plus-Size Wedding dresses by Olivia Bottega 37

The dense sparkly corset, in a straight across design, is a sight to behold. Now, imagine thick sparkly straps that gently fall off your shoulders – it’s like an extra dose of shine and sophistication. And guess what? The party continues at the back with lace detailing on the corset. It’s there to hug you tightly, ensuring comfort for dancing all night long.

Moving south, your waist is about to take center stage with a cascade of an airy tulle skirt that effortlessly floats down, creating a magnetic allure. But here’s the real kicker – a humble and subtle train gracefully unfolding behind you. Just close your eyes and picture the view as you walk down the aisle. It’s like a dream, right?


Dreamiest Plus-Size Wedding dresses by Olivia Bottega 39

Get ready to step into the realm of royalty because this plus-size crepe gown, Jessica, is here to make all your dreams come true!

This elegant sleeveless dress, fit for a queen, is perfect for a curvy princesses. Whether you’re exchanging vows in a grand palace or on a beach at sunset, this minimalist design with thoughtful details like thick straps and a zipper ensures you’ll be comfortable at all times.

Olivia Bottega – is truly one of the best wedding brands! The customization os over the top pretty and available for all dresses, to ensure that it fits you perfectly in the end.

Check out those stunning plus-size gowns above. They’re not just dresses; they’re something different, that will make you shine from the inside out.

Make sure to follow Olivia Bottega on Instagram and Pinterest. Your dream wedding is just a dress away, and Olivia Bottega knows how to make it all unforgettable!

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