How to Get a Wedding-Ready Smile

by Niki in — Updated March 30, 2023 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

How to Get a Wedding-Ready Smile 7

Weddings give us plenty to smile about, and it can be difficult not to give in to the grin. For this reason, it’s important to get your teeth looking their best before the big day.

Getting a Consultation

If you haven’t been for a routine check-up lately, now’s the time. In the process you can ask your dentist about treatments you might need prior to your wedding. Some procedures such as tooth polishing can be done on short notice, but if you think you might require more detailed work, try to book your consultation a few months in advance as surgical treatments like dental implants and gum recontouring involve a recovery period.


While your dentist will be able to go into detail about the specific treatments you might benefit from, it can help to know a little about them going in.grayscale photo of woman in wedding gown

Teeth Cleaning

Professional procedures go a little deeper than regular brushing, helping to remove plaque and tartar that might have built up and leaving you with a squeaky clean smile.


If you have experienced tooth loss, a number of treatments are available, including dental implants (best for a single tooth), bridgework (either fixed or resin-retained), or removable partial or complete dentures.How to Get a Wedding-Ready Smile

Gum Recontouring

Also known as gingivoplasty or gingival sculpting, this cosmetic surgical procedure is designed to reshape the gums by removing excess tissue or suturing tissue from another part of your mouth onto the gumline.


Whether you’re seeing a hygienist or whitening at home using strips or whitening kits, most whitening treatments contain peroxide, so to avoid irritating your teeth and gums it’s best not to rush this process and start about two weeks before your wedding.

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Porcelain Veneers and Dental Bonds

These are both designed to cover stains, chips, gaps or cracks, with the key difference between the two treatments is that porcelain is stain resistant. Both last for up to 10 years. Alternatively, you can try crowns: tooth-shaped caps designed to correct the shape of the tooth.
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Rushing orthodontic work might straighten your teeth in the short term, but it could also weaken them and exacerbate any underlying dental issues. Make sure you see your dentist well in advance (a year if possible) of your wedding to discuss your options.

At Home

To give your smile a little extra boost at home, avoid anything that might stain your teeth (including nicotine) and if you drink coffee or red wine, try a reusable straw to prevent staining.

When purchasing toothpaste, avoid harsh abrasive ingredients like silica and instead look for gentler alternatives containing clay or charcoal to help gently remove stains.smiling boy in blue shirt

Tooth-friendly foods like raw fruit and vegetables contain natural abrasives to help keep your teeth clean) but avoid anything too acidic (like citrus fruits) as this can cause sensitivity and erosion. Keep in mind that your clothes, jewelry, and even makeup can impact the color of your teeth. Anything with golden tones tends to make them appear more yellow, while its complementary tone blue has a brightening effect.

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