Geeky Groomsmen: Five Awesome Gift Ideas

by Niki in — Updated May 7, 2021 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

From the bachelor party to the altar, your groomsmen will be with you every step of the way for the most important day of your life. So, whether they’re friends or family members, you’re sure to want to thank them for helping to make your wedding special. Finding the right gifts for groomsmen can be quite tricky, though; especially if they are the geeky type. To help you find the right gifts for your geeky groomsmen, check out the following five awesome ideas.

Geeky Groomsmen: Five Awesome Gift Ideas 5


If your groomsmen could do with a style upgrade, consider a pair of stylish cufflinks. Square cufflinks with a neutral silver hue are ideal as they complement any attire and can be worn at a variety of dress-up occasions. Cufflinks are suitable for all types of men, not just geeks. But if you are buying the gift for a groomsman who has a passion for something like Star Wars, Call of Duty, or Batman, you could engrave the cufflinks with something suitable. For instance, for a Batman fan, you could engrave the cufflinks with the bat symbol.

A Gaming Chair

Geeky Groomsmen: Five Awesome Gift Ideas

Most men we affectionately call tend to be into gaming. So, why not push the boat out and buy your nerdy groomsman a gaming chair? You may not be able to afford buying each groomsman but maybe you best man? Due to the bulky nature, you may want to give the gift prior to the actual wedding. After all, you will have a lot more on your mind come the big day besides the gifts you are giving to your wedding party. But any geeky groomsman who loves playing video games,  whether he is into first-person shooter games or online slots like those in this Canadian online casino, the ergonomic design will provide the support he needs for long periods of time.  Many are fabric-coated, but you will also find a variety of leather chairs and multi-colored chairs, each with their own features, to suit the your style and budget.

A Personalized Wallet

Nobody wants to lose their wallet, but it can happen too easily on a wild night out. However, when someone has a wallet that they treasure, he is sure to look after it more. So, consider getting your groomsmen monogrammed leather wallets. A stylish and classy wallet with your groomsman’s name or initials on the front is sure to be cherished. After all, every time he takes his wallet out of his pocket, he will be reminded of your friendship and the wedding day.

Brown Leather Wallet

A Dungeons & Dragons Dice Patent Print

If your groomsmen are into Dungeons & Dragons, as surely all geeks are, then they are sure to love a gift that reflects their passion for the popular fantasy game. While you could buy items like dice bags and even novelty Dungeons & Dragons dress socks, if you really want to show your groomsmen your appreciation, get them a framed high-quality print of the Dungeons & Dragons dice patents. It’s the type of gift that would look awesome in an attic snug or a games room.

Scrabble Board Game on Shallow Focus Lens

A Board Game

If your groomsmen love history as much as they enjoy playing board games, you could buy them all the definitive version of the classic war board game Risk or Scrabble. You could even go a step further and make everyone commit to playing games on a regular basis via Skype. Your groomsmen will then not only have a game to treasure. They will also ensure their bond continues for years to come. Even if they will be playing a game where they are trying to steal land from one another!

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