The 3 Most Expensive Parts of a Wedding and How to Cut Costs

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Weddings are expensive, no matter which way you turn. However, they don’t have to be as expensive as they could be. By checking out the most expensive parts of a wedding, you can come up with tricks and alternatives that will allow you to save money.

Wedding Reception

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The Wedding and Reception Venue

Typically, the most expensive aspects of a wedding are the ceremony and reception venue. This depends on whether the venue comes with food and servers or not, and of course, the location of the venues. Many brides will pay tens of thousands of dollars for the venues. To save money, book the venues in “off times,” such as during the week since most brides want to be married on the weekend. Call the venue you’re interested in and ask about discounts and savings.

Wedding Venue


Flowers are very expensive and they don’t last long. They’re one of the biggest expenses brides will have to budget for. There are some great ways to save on flowers. Vases with single flowers rather than total arrangements can save you money. You can also go with silk flowers, but some of these cost as much as fresh flowers. If you want to be creative and save money, choose hand-picked wild flowers for your wedding. You can also save by ordering local flowers from your florist rather than ones that are imported.

Wedding Centerpiece

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Wedding Bouquet

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Wedding Flowers

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The Wedding Attire

Your dress alone could cost thousands of dollars, and then you have to factor in the price of a tuxedo, shoes for the bride and groom, accessories, etc. The cost can really add up. If you’re not too sentimental, you could borrow or rent a dress for the occasion. Renting a tuxedo rather than buying can also trim the cost. If you want a new dress, look for last season’s styles to save money.

Wedding Dress

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Wedding Gown

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By trimming costs in each area of your wedding budget, you can really save money while planning your wedding.

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