4 Rustic Wedding Cakes: A New Trend

by Niki in — Updated January 9, 2020 — Reading Time: 2 minutes

While some brides prefer large, elaborate and immaculately decorated wedding cakes, a new trend seems to be emerging to brides the world over. Rustic wedding cakes are becoming very popular, especially among brides who aren’t afraid to deviate from tradition. These are just a few examples of how gorgeous your cake can be if you choose to go for rustic wedding cakes.

White Rustic

This beautiful cake features white icing and some succulent embellishments topper. Simple yet sophisticated, this rustic wedding cake is oddly elegant. This cake will go well with 2017 Pantone Color greenery color palette.

Rustic White Wedding Cake
Photo Source: madeulookphotography.com

Pastel Ruffled Cake

This beautiful ruffled cake features pretty pastel colors and simple floral embellishments. The ruffled look is very popular among rustic-themed weddings for its flirty and playful aesthetic. The ombre effect adds to the rural charm.

Ruffled Pastel Rustic Wedding Cake
Photo Source: ambershawphotography.com


Pretty Neutrals

This absolutely gorgeous rustic wedding cake features a simple frosting technique, and is embellished with raffia and neutral flowers, as well as topped with neutral flowers – perfect for brides who want some understated charm. This also fits perfectly in wedding set in the fall.

Rustic Neutral Wedding Cake
Photo Source: cakecentral.com

Bird Topped Cake

This gorgeous rustic cake is simple but breathtakingly beautiful. The bottom tier is frosted with a rosette technique that gives it texture and beauty while the top is wrapped in burlap. The cake is topped with cute bird toppers that are charming and whimsical, perfect for lovebirds. I can totally see this in a Portland wedding.

Rustic Bird-Topped Wedding Cake
Photo Source: harwellphotography.com

I hope these rustic wedding cakes help you decide on the best cake for your wedding.

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2 thoughts on “4 Rustic Wedding Cakes: A New Trend”

  1. Love the rustic chic trend that’s buzzing everywhere.. These cakes are lovely, and very inviting 🙂 The burlap and ruffle floral look is so in 😀 The concept would go well with wedding invitations too, not to mention for the wedding dress or even the bridesmaid’s dresses 🙂

  2. Interesting trend! Have a rustic wedding coming up soon. Now I’m interested to see their cake.


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