Do Wedding Bands Bring Their Sound and Lighting Equipment?

by Niki in , — Updated August 26, 2023 — Reading Time: 2 minutes

Do Wedding Bands Bring Their Sound and Lighting Equipment? 3 Most people substitute wedding bands and deejays. So, you don’t need a DJ when you have already hired a live band for the wedding for, they do the same job. The only difference being, a deejay plays prerecorded hits while live bands play their music live, with drums, and all musical instruments available. Usually, a deejay can emcee, can mix songs, set the mood, give announcements, provide lighting and music instruments, etc. these roles are, however, taken over by the band. So, the band would now be the show-runners. Where the bandleader would pass the announcements as well as entertain and set the tone and mood in the event.

So, do the wedding bands bring their own lighting equipment?

Most of the time, yes. This is because they are not really obligated to bring their lighting equipment since their job apart from emceeing, is to entertain. However, they bring whenever they are asked to do so by the planner or the owner of the event. Basically, you have to pay the band company a visit before the wedding to set things in motion. Enquire if the lighting system is part of the package and book for it. So that you won’t get surprised on the day of the event when they arrive without the lighting.

What makes bands more expensive?

Compared to the cost of hiring a deejay, bands are much more expensive, and these are the reasons why.

  • Time put into the performance. Bands charge according to the number of hours performed. So, the more the hours, the greater the fees. Bands play for a predetermined number of hours, and then if the owner wants them to perform at some times, the fees are added. Furthermore, they take pre-ordered breaks from the stage and leave recorded tracks playing to avoid boredom
  • The number of the performing crew. If the band that you hired comprises more individuals, then you will have to shelter these extra costs. Therefore, the more the members on the crew, the more you are likely to pay.
  • Extra equipment. Other than their musical instruments, the band members are not obligated to come to the event with anything else. However, just to lighten up the party, they may carry extra tools such as lighting equipment. These tools would only get the costs to go high.
  • Particular songs. The brides usually have that one song they promise themselves to entertain within their receptions. Therefore, if you want the band to practice this specific song, then you will have to pay more for the extra service.
  • Traveling expenses. If you have just learned about this great band far away in the country, and you want it to come and perform at your event, then you have to put in attention on their travel costs. So, the further they come from, the more you are expected to part without covering this expense.

The Bottom Line From the discussion, it can be seen that the more you spend on these bands, the better the party you will have. If you want your event customized to every detail, then you have to start shopping for these wedding bands to hire early enough so they can work on your party and rehearse to bring out the best.  

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