5 Ways to Handle Anxiety About Your Wedding Before Needing to Talk to a Therapist

by Niki in — Updated January 19, 2021 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

5 Ways to Handle Anxiety About Your Wedding Before Needing to Talk to a Therapist 5

Feeling anxious about a fresh experience or big event coming up is only natural. And when it comes to big events, your wedding is as big as it gets. So, you are not weird for feeling anxious about your upcoming love celebration. On the contrary, if you do not feel anything at all, you should be worried. All that planning, organization, and decision making is bound to take a toll at some point.

The fact that there’s a pandemic happening at the same time is not helping at all. It means you’re facing a bit of an uncharted terrain and you’ll have to innovate a bit. In all of these, just remember that you are not alone. Many couples are going through this exact experience with you.

You should also be aware that there are solutions. You don’t have to live your life feeding energy into the swelling feeling of dread in your gut. Here are five ways that you can effectively handle anxiety about your wedding.

Acknowledge How You Feel

Hiding away from your feelings will do nothing. On the contrary, anxiety is easier to handle if you’re able to acknowledge and live with it peacefully. Trying to get rid of it will mean that you are constantly evaluating yourself to see if it is still there.

This will make you feel even more anxious. Just accept that no wedding is perfect and you aren’t perfect either. As long as you’re making the right decisions based on the information you have, that’s the best you can do.

Make A List

Being anxious can make you forgetful. You’ll be so worried about so many things at the same time that it’ll become challenging to keep track. You’ll find yourself doing some things twice while completely forgetting others. A list can be very helpful in a situation like this. Write out all the things you need to do weekly and tick them off as you do them.

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Hire A Wedding Planner

Knowing that there is an expert helping you monitor things can be very refreshing. They’ll take over most of your organizing and vendor management, thus relieving you of a huge load of stress. When you’re experiencing anxiety, such a relief can go a very long way. So, if you don’t already have a wedding planner, you should look into getting one.

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Keep A Journal

There’s a kind of special freedom that comes with being able to put your thoughts down. Many people have found that it helps them determine what they are really worried about. This way, you can know what steps to take when looking for a solution. It’ll even help you better express yourself when talking to a professional.

Do Some Therapy

Speaking of professionals, you need a mental health practitioner in your corner at a time like this. Therapy is important and in an ideal world, there would be no stigma attached to it because we all need help.

Growing up and becoming an adult teaches you that. So, don’t be ashamed to reach out to an online therapist at this point. They’ll be able to understand and appreciate the situation you’re in. It’s their job to do and help you find solutions.

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