Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos

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Weddings are about celebrating love and commitment. Your wedding day anniversary is a chance to renew your love.

Consider getting couple tattoos instead of traditional wedding bands to mark this special day. These tattoos symbolize your enduring love.

In this article, we’ll explore what wedding anniversary tattoos are and why they hold importance.

We’ll also offer practical advice on what to consider before getting a couple’s tattoo and what you can expect during the process.

And if you don’t know what to get, we’ve prepared 29 tattoo ideas to help you find the perfect design.

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Key Takeaway

  • Wedding anniversary tattoos symbolize true love and serve as a visual reminder of the couple’s commitment, shared experiences, and journey together.
  • It’s important to remember the permanence of tattoos and understand the potential risks involved before getting them. Selecting a reputable artist and studio ensures the tattoos are done properly.
  • When choosing a design, choose something meaningful that represents your love story, like initials, symbols, song lyrics, or quotes. Consider placement and style as well.
  • The article provides 29 tattoo ideas for couples, from classic designs like infinity symbols and heartbeats to more creative ones like sound waves and avocados.
  • Proper planning and preparation are key before getting matching tattoos. Consider choosing the right design, artist, and studio. Budgeting and aftercare are also important.
  • Ultimately, these tattoos are a unique, artistic way for couples to celebrate their enduring love and commitment on their wedding anniversary.

The Symbolism of Wedding Anniversary Tattoos

Wedding anniversary tattoos can symbolize true love.

These permanent marks serve as a visual and unceasing reminder of the commitment, care, shared experiences, and myriad moments that define your journey together.

With each tattoo, you declare that your love persists, unwavering through life’s challenges.

However, amidst this celebration of love, it’s crucial to remember the risks.

Tattooing involves needles and ink, and understanding the potential for discomfort, allergic reactions, or infections is essential.

While these tattoos hold deep meaning, staying informed about the process and selecting a reputable artist and studio ensures your love story is etched beautifully and safely onto your skin.

If you’ve decided to get matching anniversary tattoos, here’s a quick guide to finding the right design.

How to Choose the Perfect Design

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Selecting the ideal design for your wedding anniversary tattoo is like weaving your love story into art. Here’s a quick guide for this creative journey:

  • Personalization: Your tattoo should express your genuine love. Etch your spouse’s name for a timeless tribute or choose matching designs that symbolize unity.
  • Symbolism: Pick a design that holds unique meaning, like a heart to represent your first anniversary or a lock and key for your commitment.
  • Tattoo Style: Explore different styles that match your preferences, from traditional to creative options.
  • Placement: Where you put your tattoo matters. Display it proudly or keep it intimate, but make this choice together to deepen your connection. Find a place with deep significance, like matching ring finger tattoos, to etch your enduring love into the canvas of life.

29 Couples Tattoo Ideas to Mark Your Wedding Anniversary

Now that you’ve decided to commemorate your wedding anniversary through a tattoo, the exciting part begins.

Here are 29 couple tattoo ideas, each designed to capture the magic of your special day.

Get ready to embark on a visual journey to discover the perfect tattoo that will forever celebrate your love.

1. Coordinates

Coordinates tattoos are a special way to mark your anniversary.

These tattoos show the exact spot where something important happened in your love story, like where you first met or got engaged.

It’s a sentimental reminder of your journey’s beginning.

Whether you want it discreet or bold, it’s a beautiful way to remember where your love story began.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 69

Credits: @Outsons / Pinterest

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 71

Credits: @refinery29 / Pinterest

2. Matching Initials

Matching initials tattoos are a classic and personal choice to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

These tattoos feature your and your partner’s initials – in a fancy or simple font – creatively combined into a unique design.

It’s a simple yet meaningful way to symbolize your enduring love.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 73

Credits @Tooty via Pinterest

3. Lock and Key

Here, one partner gets a lock, and the other gets a matching key.

It shows that you both hold the key to each other’s hearts, a perfect fit just like the design.

It’s a lovely and lasting way to mark your special day.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 75

Credits via Pinterest

4. Puzzle Pieces

This is a great idea to mark your wedding anniversary.

Each partner gets one puzzle piece, and when they come together, they create a beautiful picture.

It symbolizes how you complete each other and make life whole. This tattoo is a heartfelt way to celebrate your unity on your special day.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 77

Credits: @pintadon_tattoo via Instagram

5. Heartbeat Line

This tattoo design symbolizes the genuine rhythm and unity of your love, showing that your hearts truly beat as one when you’re together.

Classic designs like this can be simple yet reflect the love that harmonizes your lives.

To make it more intimate, add a heart tattoo from your partner’s fingerprint.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 79

Credits: @popsugar / Pinterest

6. Infinity Symbols

This iconic design features an infinity symbol representing your enduring and eternal love for each other.

It’s a beautiful reminder that your connection is limitless and will continue to grow over time.

If it’s your first ink and you want something minimalist, try getting little tattoos with this design – they’re a classic! Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 81

Credits: @pileouface / Pinterest

7. Sun and Moon

In this design, one partner gets a sun, and the other gets a moon, symbolizing the balance in your relationship.

The sun signifies one’s energy and light, while the moon represents the calm and soothing presence of the other.

Together, they create a harmonious connection, reminding you that your love shines through all phases of life.

This is a perfect choice if you want to capture the balance in your partnership.Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 83

Credits: @ourmindfullife / Pinterest

8. King and Queen

In this design, you can choose from king and queen crown tattoos, chess piece motifs, or elegant script.

This matching tattoo symbolizes a bond of royalty, where the king and queen of your heart reign supreme.

It is a timeless emblem of a partnership built on respect, equality, and an unbreakable unity.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 85

Credits: @getfashionideas / Pinterest

9. Roman Numerals

Roman numeral tattoos are a sophisticated way to celebrate your wedding anniversary by immortalizing a significant date.

By converting your date into these timeless symbols, you create a unique and elegant design with deep personal meaning.

When opting for a Roman numeral tattoo, it’s important to ensure the correct translation and explore different fonts to make your new ink as special as your love story.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 87

Credits: @nylanelson02 / Pinterest

10. Song lyrics

Remember your wedding theme song, or wedding processional song? If so, you can turn this unforgettable melody into a timeless work of art.

It’s the perfect way to serenade your love story on your anniversary.

You can get your favorite lines on one person’s skin or split a song lyric between you and your partner’s skin to create a beautiful, shared story.

It’s a unique and poetic way to celebrate your anniversary with ink.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 89

Credits: @popsugar / Pinterest

11. Love Quotes

Is there a more heartfelt way to convey your love to your partner than with a love quote that perfectly encapsulates your unique journey together?

When choosing a love quotes tattoo, don’t forget to consider its placement carefully.

It should be both visible and intimate, serving as a daily, enduring reminder of the profound love you celebrate on your anniversary.

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Credits: @glaminati / Pinterest

12. Compass

A compass tattoo symbolizes finding one’s way and staying on the right path in life and within the relationship.

It signifies that no matter where life takes you, you will always navigate back to each other, like a compass that always points north.

This tattoo represents the enduring love and commitment that keeps a couple grounded and connected through life’s journeys.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 93

Credits: @rtwmagazine / Pinterest

13. Animals

Animals can symbolize the wild adventure of your love story. From the graceful gazelle to the loyal wolf, animals hold unique qualities that mirror different aspects of your relationship.

When choosing this design, pick an animal that resonates with your journey and consider how its characteristics reflect your connection.

The result is not just a work of art but a powerful testament to the enduring bond you share on your wedding anniversary.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 95

Credits: @spiritualitynewage8 / Pinterest

14. Wedding Ring Tattoo

This is a unique tattoo design that can be customized to match your actual wedding rings.

These tattoos are a permanent and symbolic way to signify your commitment and devotion to your spouse. They serve as a meaningful alternative to a diamond ring or traditional wedding bands.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 97

Credits: @LetsEatCakeBlog / Pinterest

15. Connected Hearts

Couples can have a half-heart each. When these two halves come together, they form a complete heart, signifying that they are heartily connected, and neither can thrive without the other.

This is an ideal design if you want fine lines and simple tattoos. But, also, you can explore creative ways to personalize it – like adding your initials or special dates.

This is a beautiful and enduring tribute to your love on your wedding anniversary.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 99

Credits: @totalbeauty / Pinterest

16. Feather and Birds

The feather symbolizes lightness and freedom, while the birds, often portrayed as a pair, represent the couple’s journey together.

When choosing this design, consider the type of birds and the feather’s details to make it uniquely meaningful.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 101Credits: @sunglowfashion935 / Pinterest

17. Partner’s Name

Tattooing your partner’s name is a timeless way to express your love and dedication.

This simple act represents the lasting commitment you share, serving as a constant reminder of your bond.

You can choose where to place it, be it the wrist, forearm, or a more discreet spot, depending on your visibility preference.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 103

Credits: @menscraze / Pinterest

18. Anchor and Buoy

The anchor represents stability and strength, while the buoy symbolizes support and resilience.

Together, they embody the idea that love keeps us grounded in life’s roughest seas.

When selecting this design, consider customizing it with initials or dates to make it a powerful symbol of your unwavering commitment.

This can be your reminder to weather life’s storms together.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 105

Credits: @sharma4304 / Pinterest

19. Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are a captivating world of bold and intricate designs, each one with its own profound story to tell.

These tattoos often carry deep cultural or personal meanings, hinging on the specific tribal art you choose.

But here’s where it gets even more fascinating: weaving your partner’s name or initials into a tribal design is like forging a visual connection between your lives and cultures.

It’s the art of personalization, a beautiful blend of identities.

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Credits: / Pinterest

20. Four-Leaf Clover

The four-leaf clover is a symbol of good luck and rare finds.

Choosing a four-leaf clover design for your anniversary tattoo can represent the idea that finding each other was a stroke of luck, a fortunate encounter in the vast field of life.

It symbolizes the uniqueness and rareness of your love, making it a great choice for couples who consider themselves lucky to have found each other.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 109

Credits: @daya_gavilanez / Pinterest

21. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shape tattoos are a great way for couples to celebrate their wedding anniversaries.

These designs use simple shapes like circles and triangles to symbolize balance and unity in a relationship.

When picking a geometric tattoo, choose a design that’s special to both of you, like interlocking shapes to represent your unique bond.

This will make your tattoo a lasting tribute to your love story.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 111

Credits: @nextluxury / Pinterest

22. Sound Wave

A sound wave tattoo is a creative and modern way to immortalize a meaningful sound or message, such as your partner’s voice saying “I love you” or “I do.”

It’s a deeply personal choice that can add an extra layer of sentiment to your tattoo.

When you scan the tattoo with a soundwave app, you can hear the recorded message.

This makes it a special and intimate way to remember your bond.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 113

Credits: @luckylamztattoo / Instagram

23. Avocado Tattoos

If you’re looking for fun ideas, try these cute couple tattoo!

They symbolize the perfect pair – two halves that fit together perfectly, just like the way you and your partner complement each other.

It represents the harmony and balance in your relationship, and it’s often seen as a fun and lighthearted choice.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 115

Credits: @kickassthings / Pinterest

24. Coffee Cups

If you’ve shared countless cups of coffee or tea, a coffee cup or tea mug tattoo is a wonderful way to symbolize the warmth and coziness of your marriage.

These tattoos celebrate those special moments, like mornings together over a hot drink. They represent the deep contentment and togetherness in your relationship.

Make it even more personal by adding your names, initials, or a wedding date.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 117

Credits: @JessieMoses / Pinterest

25. Seashells

Seashells are a go-to for couples with a shared love for the beach or cherished memories of seaside getaways.

These tattoos mirror the uniqueness of each shell, reflecting the one-of-a-kind love you both share.

Whether it’s a conch shell, echoing the ocean’s soothing sounds, or matching seashell designs symbolizing your togetherness, these tattoos are a beautiful way to encapsulate your ocean-inspired love story.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 119

Credits: @stayglamcom / Pinterest

26. Mountains and Waves

For the adventurous types, this tattoo is a great choice to mark your anniversary.

These tattoos represent the ups and downs of your journey together, just like the highs and lows of mountains and the gentle flow of waves.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 121


27. Hamsa Hands

Hamsa Hands symbolize protection, happiness, health, and good luck.

In couple tattoos, they show a commitment to support and protect each other.

The design usually includes two Hamsa hands, often touching, representing the unity between partners and their commitment to care for each other.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 123

Credits: @culturacolectiva / Pinterest

28. Flower

This tattoo offers a beautifully uncomplicated option for couples celebrating their wedding anniversary.

Embrace the elegance of a single flower inked with a hidden significance uniquely shared between you and your partner.

To make it more meaningful, opt for the type of flower from your wedding day.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 125

Credits: @dubuddhatattoo / Pinterest

29. Bow and Arrow

Bow and arrow symbolize love as a journey and a strong connection.

The bow represents the initial effort in a relationship, and the arrow shows love’s path straight to the heart.

It’s a simple yet powerful symbol of a deep and focused love between two people.

Marking Milestones with Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 127

Credits: @ideasdonuts / Pinterest

Planning and Preparation for Your New Tattoos

Getting a new tattoo is an exciting and personal experience. Here are some simple steps to make sure you’re well-prepared:

  1. Choose Your Design: Take your time picking a design that means a lot to you. Think about the size, where you want it, and the style.
  2. Find a Good Tattoo Artist: Look for a skilled and reputable tattoo artist. Check reviews and ask for recommendations. Visit their studio to make sure it’s clean and professional.
  3. Consultation: Talk to the tattoo artist about your design and listen to their advice.
  4. Stay Healthy: Get a good night’s sleep, eat well, and avoid alcohol and certain medications before your appointment.
  5. Dress Right: Wear comfy clothing that allows easy access to the tattoo area.
  6. Prepare Mentally: Know that it might hurt a bit, but focus on the meaning of your tattoo and the excitement.
  7. Aftercare: Follow the artist’s instructions for caring for your new tattoo.
  8. Budget: Discuss the cost with your artist and be prepared to pay for their work.

Remember: your tattoo is not just ink — it’s a story and a part of you.


Getting matching tattoos as a couple is a unique way to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

These tattoos serve as a lasting reminder of your love and the promises you made to each other.

Because tattoos are permanent, they celebrate your relationship even when you’re not wearing your wedding rings.

They symbolize your enduring bond and that your spouse is your best friend for life.

In the end, genuine love is a beautiful and lasting thing.

A meaningful tattoo can make your love story even more memorable.

Here’s to a happy and everlasting anniversary celebration!

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