The Inexperienced Entrepreneur: Starting a Business

by Niki in — Updated September 28, 2021 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

From the outside, working and existing within the business industry can look daunting. For instance, professionals use specific language which needs grasping. Additionally, the old adage ‘it’s who you know’ suggests inaccessibility, both for employment within businesses and contracts for businesses. Yes, both these things can be true, and there is a necessary learning curve to succeeding. However, taking that first step requires bravery, which is self-directed. The second one can be achieved with a helping hand. Success is attainable. Here are a few things to know when starting a business.

The Inexperienced Entrepreneur: Starting a Business 4

Be Reflective Using Data

Self-development is the business industry’s cliché. It can be helpful, though. The habits you form are of greater importance than the buzzwords. However, the language can be the best way to begin the actions which then become habits.

Reflecting on your process and practice is one of the most important things you can do. Getting outside of the flow of the work to give yourself an overview on what’s going on can enable you to see things from a different perspective. It can slow things down too, which is always beneficial.

One of the best ways of achieving this reflection is via data. It can help tell a story, either similar to the one you have, as a business owner, of what you’re seeing unfold day-to-day, month-to-month, or it could fill in some gaps. There may have been events you haven’t seen or considered.

Business is about fine margins. ‘Moneyball’ is the term to describe this kind of practice in sport. (There is a Brad Pitt film of the same name which chronicles its pioneer, Billy Beane, when he was general manager of the Oakland A’s, if the term is familiar.) Liverpool FC, as well as many baseball and basketball teams, use a similar approach to win trophies in their respective sports. These little improvements, because of being reflective and improving your practice, can make a huge difference.

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Insurance should be toward the very top of the priority list when starting a business. It is an essential safety mechanism. It covers any injury claims for employees or visitors, property damage, legal fees for a wide range of lawsuits and settlements, and financial losses caused by severe and unfortunate events. Insurance policies can be tailored for a business’s needs, which keeps the affordable business insurance cost to what’s essential, meaning there are no extras, which saves the business money.


Websites can be an eventual goal. That is, they can be worked towards, and aren’t necessary from the beginning for your business. In industries such as retail, there are plenty of e-commerce sites which offer great services for only the cost of a percentage of the revenue for each sale. This is cheaper than developing a website. Plumbing, carpentry, and other construction and property development companies often use their social media page – particularly Facebook – as a landing page/website. They can advertise their contact info and their completed work through posts, serving the purpose a website otherwise would. Facebook, and other social media sites, have the benefit of easily setting up paid ads, if that is within the budget too. Enabling a business to reach a target audience and generate leads for new customers.


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