Clever DIY Idea For Outdoor Wedding: Be Smitten Not Bitten

by Bonnie in , — Updated August 26, 2023 — Reading Time: < 1
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Are you hosting an outdoor wedding? I love this D.I.Y. bug spray station idea because it is just so incredibly practical. Guests will be focused on you and your day, and will most likely forget to (or not know that they should) apply bug spray before attending. Your guests might be fine when up and moving about, but it could be torture to sit still for a ceremony while being bitten by flies!

This rhyming sign will make people smile. Impress guests with your thoughtfulness and foresight. This way, the  focus of your ceremony will be your wedding vows, not pesky mosquitoes! This D.I.Y. project is basically no assembly required. All you need is a wooden box (you can re-purpose a napkin holder), basket, or tin bucket for a collection of sprays, and a chalkboard. Include at least three different spray bottles. Groups arriving should not have to wait inline for a chance to see what you have prepared. Write out your message in nice bold, easily readable lettering. Offer natural options if your wedding is an especially eco-friendly event!

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  1. This is a cute suggestion! Thank you for this!


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