Think you’re rushing into a marriage? Here’s your checklist to verify

by Niki in — Updated May 23, 2023 — Reading Time: 5 minutes

Are you excited about being a bride and feeling the magic? Most brides are. However, are you sure you are taking the right decision and not rushing into it? Here are a few things to think through that can help you determine if you are ready for a lifelong relationship and commit to a person;

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You have just met “the” person

Marriage is not just about loving each other. It involves understanding each other equally well, and it is challenging to understand you and your partner are perfectly compatible unless you spend enough time together. You might often feel your current partner is the person with whom you want to spend your entire life, but pause, and think. Is it so? Remember rushing into a marriage can cause several issues between you both. Thus, it would be best to understand each other and be perfectly sure before you make a decision. Marriages are ever-lasting bonds and there is very little scope of stepping out once you commit.

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You are not financially stable

Gone are the days when one used to depend on their partners for financial stability. Do you have sufficient income to support your new family? If not, take some time to become so. This would help you to avoid being a burden on your partner. Furthermore, financial stability also provides considerable independence. You do not want to ask your husband for funds every time you want to buy something, do you? Thus, being financially stable is crucial before you get married and if you are not, it is probably not the right time.

For newlyweds, life insurance is a crucial financial safety net especially if it comes without having to go through a full medical exam. It provides protection against unforeseen circumstances, helping the surviving spouse manage potential financial burdens such as debt repayment. It’s also a smart investment towards future family planning like childcare costs and education. Moreover, obtaining life insurance early on is usually cost-effective with lower premiums. Therefore, life insurance is an essential element of sound financial planning for newlyweds, ensuring financial stability and security for the shared future.

Feeling the peer pressure

You might be at an age where all your friends are getting married, and want to experience the thrill of the Wedding Day. Your relatives might ask you about your plans about getting married but you should not feel pressured. Remember, if you get married because all your friends are, and you think you have reached the age, it is not quite the right reason. That is mostly a compromise. Which is why you should get married only when you think everything is working in favor and there is no better time.

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You have not met his family and friends

You have got to remember that marriage is not just a social contract between the both of you. Have you both met your family and friends? It is crucial to gel with them as marriage involves a relationship with all of them. You might also have to live with your in-laws. Thus, getting to know them well and understanding if you would be able to mix well with them is also important. Remember, marriage is about mutual acceptance. If you fail to do so, it is not the right time and you must rethink your decision. Of course, you do not want household issues after your marriage. Thus, it is always better to have an idea of the nature of your partner’s family, and their circle of friends.

You have not discussed about getting married yet

The first and most crucial factor for a successful marriage is an in-depth discussion about the same. Is your partner as keen as you to get married? Beware of not forcing your decision on them. You must also discuss your wedding plans much before you actually get married. Starting from discussing the kind of engagement ring you like, to deciding the kind of venue you would prefer for your wedding, you must discuss it all.

If you have not had such discussions yet, pause, and do so. If you feel your tastes or dreams of marriage do not match, it is too early to make a decision. Remember, communication is the key to a successful relationship. Thus, it is crucial to have a healthy conversation about your relationship, its goals, and other similar things before you get married.

Also, on the side note, if you are going to buy an engagement ring, the first thing that you would want with it should be getting insurance for it. Otherwise, you would always be at risk of losing something extremely expensive. Rings are tiny and believe it or not, they always have a tendency to play hide & seek with the owners.

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You want to have kids at the ‘right’ time

Most people want to get married to have kids at the right age. However, there is no right age for bearing kids and medical science states both men and women can have children later in their reproductive age without complications. Thus, you need not worry about having kids soon. Moreover, you should not get married because you are worried about bearing children. That is not the ultimate goal of your relationship. If you feel so, you might probably end up making a hasty decision and you should avoid such thoughts.

You are not sure of your partner’s aims and aspirations

Have you discussed where you and your partner want to be in your careers ten years later? It is important to understand the career goals of your partner. This helps in developing a healthy relationship where both of you help each other grow and achieve your dreams. After all, marriage is not about compromising your career and taking care of the household alone. Though the latter is important, that is not just what marriage is all about. Hence, you must discuss your and your partner’s goals in life before committing to each other.

Though marriage is one of the most magical experiences in life, people might rush into it for several reasons. These can be both harmful and toxic for your relationship and the points mentioned above help you avoid the same. Remember, you must take all the time you need before making the most important decision of your life.


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