How To Make Gold Dipped Feather Decorations

by Bonnie in , — Updated December 8, 2019 — Reading Time: < 1
How To Make Gold Dipped Feather Decorations 3

What could you do with pretty gold-tipped feather decorations? The options are endless. You could turn each feather into a save-the-date card for a lovebird themed wedding, or scatter them across a boho chic, dream-catcher themed reception table.

This D.I.Y. project takes some time because of the cutting involved, so it would be the perfect project for a gaggle of girlfriends who want to chat and laugh as they cut away. If that sounds like you and your crew, here are the instructions for this fun project.

First of all, you need feather designs to work with. Freehand draw your own designs, or find feather clip-art, blow it up on the computer, and print it out. Cut out the feathers so that you can use them as templates. Make at least three different templates so that you have an assortment of shapes.

Next, trace the templates over poster board. Once they are cut out, paint each feather with two coats of glitter spray paint, being sure to dry between coats. Create the gold tip with a separate application of gold paint, or use a gold-leaf pen.


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