5 Tips for Choosing the Best Gown for Wedding

by Niki in — Updated November 19, 2021 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

So you’re planning your bridal party’s outfits? Congrats! Once your bridesmaids have their dresses sorted, it’s time to consider what you’ll wear. Dressing for the best bridal gown can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Here are five tips for bridesmaid garb that will help ensure everyone looks great and feels comfortable all day long:

1. Know your body type

This is especially important since bridal gowns usually come in many different cuts. If you’re petite or the opposite, don’t worry-there are bridal gown styles out there that were designed with your shape in mind. Lace-accented empire waistline dresses flatter more miniature figures while form-fitting mermaid bridal gowns make an extensive bust look fantastic.

Just remember bridal dresses in white or another understated color suit any body type. In contrast, bridal gown styles embellished with beading or lace can accentuate your figure’s good points and minimize its flaws.

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2. Know the rules of formal wear etiquette

Every culture has different customs when it comes to bridesmaid dress attire, so you’ll want to learn more about the official bridal party guidelines of your wedding’s host country or region of origin. You may even need to submit photos of the bridal party’s outfits for approval before you purchase them! A few things to consider: If you’re wearing a bridal gown and all of your bridesmaids are wearing bridal gowns in different styles, then their dresses should be all the same color. If bridesmaids’ bridal gowns are different colors, your bridal dress must stand out with its silhouette and embellishments.

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3. Get guidance from your bridal party

Before you even begin looking for bridal gown ideas, consult your bridesmaids about what they’d like to wear on the big day. Some may prefer a particular style or color of the dress, while others want more casual ensembles for comfortable chic! Also, check with them before shopping to ensure that everyone’s taste is compatible enough for easy purchase online or in person.

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4. Shop early

If you’re having bridesmaids shop for bridal gowns, give them enough time to do it. According to bridal salon employees, the best time frame is about six months before the wedding date. That’s plenty of time to order or purchase bridal party attire. It also gives bridesmaids some breathing space after they’ve found their bridal gowns-they’ll be able to look forward with you until your big day.

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5. Choose a flattering color and style

When choosing bridesmaid dress colors and silhouettes, remember: you can never go wrong with classic styles in solids and understated hues like gray, black, champagne, and blush pink. Matchy-matchy bridesmaid dresses may be fun at bridal parties, but they can be hard to coordinate.

The bridal gown styles that are all the rage right now are strapless tea-length bridal gowns and one-shoulder ones with ruched bodices. A-line bridal gowns flatter almost all body types, while ballgown bridal gowns make tiny busts look lush. No matter what bridesmaid dress styles you choose for your girls, remember: hints of their kind (jewelry, shoes) should show through if you let them. Cicinia is a brand which is really helpful for you to choose a budget friendly and excellent quality dress.

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Doing these five things will help you get great bridesmaid outfits everyone will love!

Another essential thing to consider is bridal party etiquette guidelines, so you know what types of bridesmaid dresses are acceptable for formal ceremonies depending on where it takes place. There are many rules related to bridesmaid garb, so give your bridesmaids enough time before the wedding date to shop around or order bridal attire online! You’ll also want to consult about their style preferences, making coordinating outfits easier if everyone agrees on bridal party dress styles beforehand.

Lastly,remember: bridesmaids ‘ style should shine through if you let them, no matter what bridesmaid dress styles you choose for your bridal party.

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