Elegance Meets Fun


That bobblehead collection depicting the bride, the groom, and their entourage is just ingeniously creative . But truly, that itself gives us an image that this wedding is not only elegant but fun and lively as well. The details are very crisp and traditional – from the cake to the outfits. I love how the bridesmaids had ash black dresses. Black is an uncommon outfit color for weddings so they had the shade a bit lighter and came up with this hue that is (still) rare but tasteful. Aside from this elegance side, the couple and their guests look far from stiff and they all looked like they had the time of their lives with this wonderful event. Congratulations Ilana & Mike!

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Jessie & Justin – A Love That’s Meant to be

Kaleidoscope Monogram Borders

If you think our couple today looks familiar, it’s because they’re both personalities in the world of ice hockey and reality cooking shows. But right now, we’re here to celebrate and share with you their amazing love story that boiled down to a beautiful engagement, and finally, their perfect wedding. Most of the events in their lives was a product of fate and I think that resulted to everything looking lovely and flowing smoothly. We won’t be spoiling any more than that for our bride tells everything better. Enjoy their story that just oozes with sweetness and fate from start to finish. And congratulations Justin & Jessie.

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Bohemia Photography
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

How to Plan a Potluck Wedding


I’ve been researching Potluck Weddings and just the other day I was on CafeMom, and a woman had posted her proposed potluck wedding menu, asking other members if they thought it was tacky. The plan was to provide the foundation for the meal and ask guests to bring their favorite dishes to go with it.

The responses ranged from things like, “that menu really sounds delicious – food that makes you feel good” to “I’m not going to lie – that is really tacky and I would talk about you behind your back.”

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