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Important Things to Discuss with Your Photographer before the Wedding

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Every wedding is different, and although photographers might shoot hundreds of weddings in a year’s time, they are not mind readers. It’s important to meet with them before the wedding and have a discussion about the events that will take place and the photos you want. Here are some tips for important things to discuss with your photographer before the wedding.

Must-Have Shots

Most photographers get the general idea: bride and groom, bride with her parents, groom with his parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. However, there may be some shots you want that your photographer won’t think of because he or she doesn’t know you personally. For instance, maybe your uncle is also your godfather and you’d like a special shot with him. Make sure you let your photographer know and even make a list of your must-have shots.

Bride and Mother-of-the-Bride

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The Wedding Picture Venue

If you want to take your wedding pictures in a location other than the wedding or reception venue, it’s important to discuss this with your photographer. Perhaps the location has a special meaning to you and you’d like to get some pictures there. Tell your photographer the significance of the spot (so he or she will remember it more clearly) and make sure they agree to take some pictures at the location.

Bridal Party Wedding Photos

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Special Pictures

Some brides want pictures of special items, because they’re important to them. For instance, one bride carrying a tiny photo frame on her bouquet of a grandfather who had passed on wanted pictures of that particular item. Make sure you let your photographer know about anything that simply can’t be left out of the wedding scrapbook.

Bridal Bouquet Photo Charms

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These are just a few of the things you’ll want to discuss with your photographer before the wedding. Also make sure to discuss a plan B in case it rains on the day of your wedding or wedding photo shoot.

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Making Your Smile Super Bright for the Big Day: Home Remedy

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As you get closer and closer to the date of your wedding, you will be worried about the little details that will make the day truly special for you. This includes your hair, your nails, your skin, etc. Don’t forget to spend some time making sure your smile is super bright. Here are a few home remedies that will make sure your teeth are white and beautiful for your wedding day.

One Week before the Wedding

Start this process one week before the wedding for best results. Add a small amount of toothpaste to ½ teaspoon of baking soda and ½ teaspoon of peroxide. Brush the mixture on your teeth for 2 minutes before rinsing your mouth thoroughly. Repeat this step once per day (brush your teeth normally the rest of the time) for a week and you will notice that your teeth are visibly whiter.

Homemade Whitener

Photo Source:

What to Avoid

In the week before the wedding, you will want to avoid certain foods that can cause stains to the enamel of your teeth. This is especially true if you’re using any whitening method. Some of those foods and drinks include coffee, tea, sodas, bright juices, spinach, beets, other bright vegetables, etc. You don’t have to stop drinking these things all together, though. Have your coffee or tea through a straw to avoid exposure to your teeth.

By following this method, you can ensure that your smile is as bright as it can possibly be, which is important considering you’ll be taking a ton of photos and smiling a lot!

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The Oh So Hilarious Wedding

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For many brides, wedding planning is serious stuff. However, there are some couples who can’t help but let their sense of humor show through. Get ready to chuckle at this collection of hilarious wedding photos and items.

Funny Groomsmen

These groomsmen have found the perfect ways to incorporate their sense of humor into their friend’s wedding. From revealing their super hero costumes under their tuxedos to sporting fun pink socks, these men are so hilarious.

Funny Groomsmen Photo

Photo Source:

So You’re Going to Sit Through a Wedding

This program absolutely takes the cake! It’s funny and really sets the mood for the wedding right away. You can bet the guests at this wedding weren’t bored.

Funny Wedding Program

Photo Source:

She Went to Jared

This picture features the groom and his friends doing what boys do best – being silly. In this case, they hit on something super hilarious.

Funny Groomsmen Photo

Funny Wedding Cakes

This couple just couldn’t resist getting a good laugh with their wedding cake

Funny Wedding Cake Topper

This one couldn’t either.

Funny Cake Topper

Or this one.

Funny Cake Topper

Photo Source:

When Zombies Attack

It’s obvious that this couple (and their photographer) has a sense of humor. They’re having a sweet and romantic picnic, totally oblivious to the threat behind them!

Zombie Engagement Photo

If you and your husband are people that love to laugh, try recreating some of these photos or come up with your own hilarious wedding items/photos.

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