4 Great Tips for Planning Your Wedding Menu

Ah, the wedding menu. It takes up a huge portion of your budget and it can be frustrating to have to choose what to serve, but it’s an oh-so-important part of the wedding. If you’re struggling to plan your menu, the following 8 tips should be helpful!

  1. Don’t Skimp on Appetizers

The great thing about appetizers is that they can be done affordably, and you can offer a wide variety to appease all the picky eaters at your reception. By serving a larger variety of items, you can make sure there’s something that everyone likes.

 4 Great Tips for Planning Your Wedding Menu


  1. Consider a Family-Style Dinner as an Alternative to Buffets or Served Dinners

Brides typically go back and forth between the served dinner and buffet option, but a family-style dinner is a great idea. Placing an entire family-sized serving of food at each table gets rid of the obligations of the served dinner but allows guests to remain in their seats rather than waiting in line for food.

  1. Always Offer Diabetic and Vegetarian Options

If you’re 100% sure there’s no one on your guest list who is a diabetic or a vegetarian, then you can simply stick to your menu, but if you’re not sure, then you always need an option for these folks. No one wants to go to a wedding and sit there quietly while everyone else is eating. Make sure you remember a diabetic option for drinks as well!

 4 Great Tips for Planning Your Wedding Menu


  1. To Save on Your Menu, Hold Your Reception between Meals

If you want to save money on your wedding menu, hold your reception between meals – either between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner. This way, guests aren’t as hungry and you can get away with smaller options like a dessert bar or brunch bar.

These tips will help you out as you plan your wedding menu, and make sure that everything goes smoothly for you and your guests.