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How to Plan a Potluck Wedding

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While many brides dream of a fancy, Cinderella-style wedding, others would prefer something much simpler. A potluck wedding is perfect for a small, intimate ceremony. Here are a few tips to help you plan a perfect potluck wedding get-together.

Seek Out the Chefs

You know the ladies or guys in your family and friends group that are always cooking up something new and delicious. Seek them out and ask them if they’d be willing to bring a signature dish. Make sure you make notes of the dishes they’ve agreed to, so you can prepare a full meal.

Portugese Chicken Dish

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Turkish Wedding Dish

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Ask a Volunteer for Drinks

For the friends who may not be so handy with the baking dishes, why not ask them to make drinks? Whether it’s gallons of lemonade or fun mixed drinks, get a few different friends to make drinks so there’s a variety of options.

Apple Cider

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Create a Theme

Tell your friends about your theme idea and let them choose dishes and drinks that fit the theme. For instance, backyard barbecue is a fun theme, or a Tuscany night full of delicious Italian dishes.

Wedding BBQ

Italian Food Wedding

Doing it Yourself

Even if you choose to do a small, intimate dinner all yourself, it will be cheaper than purchasing plated dinners or carving stations for your wedding. Simply plan out a themed menu and create foods that can be kept warm with buffet-style serving dishes.

Overall, a potluck wedding can be fun and romantic as well as delicious.

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