The Most Important Parts of a Wedding, According to Men

Groom Kissing His Bride's Cheek

ShareTweetSharePinLinked InStumbleUpon Have you ever wondered what a man thinks about the wedding? The brides do most of the planning, and the men often just kind of get pulled along for the ride. We’ve asked several men what they think about weddings and what they believe to be the most important part. Here are their […]

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Hilarious Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows

ShareTweetSharePinLinked InStumbleUpon If you’re writing your own vows, you probably feel a little pressured to get it right. While taking a break from creating top-notch, Pulitzer-prize content, enjoy these hilarious wedding vows. Writing your own vows has become popular, but they aren’t always elegant expressions of true love and endless devotion “until death do us […]

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