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Sponsored Post: Avoid Last Minute Wedding Horrors with Markel Wedding Insurance

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If you’re planning your wedding, chances are you’ve heard a hundred different horror stories about what could go wrong. There are simple solutions to fix small rips in your dress, a broken heel or an unsightly blemish, but what if something a little more serious goes wrong?

Couple Arguing

For instance, what if the day before your wedding, your photographer calls to cancel? You have only a few hours to find another photographer but you’ve paid the venue for the photographer because it was included in the package, how do you get your money back? This is a bride’s worst nightmare!

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Or, what if you’ve booked your venue months in advance and paid them in full, only to find out a week or two before the wedding that they’ve filed bankruptcy and will be closing? Of course, you’ve already given them thousands of dollars and don’t have the funds to book another venue on such short notice. Things like this happen more often than you’d think!


Here’s a Practical Solution

If something should happen and a vendor cancels, leaving you at the last minute trying to figure out how to fix it, Markel’s wedding cancellation insurance coverage will reimburse you for lost deposits. It will also reimburse you if something happens and you need to cancel or postpone your wedding, if a covered loss such as a natural disaster (like a hurricane) decides to make an appearance on your big day, if your fiancee suddenly gets deployed and is now unable to make your wedding day or if your father suddenly breaks his leg at work and lands in the hospital a few days before your wedding day and now is not available to walk you down the aisle. Markel’s Cancellation coverage also allows you to receive reimbursements for lost or stolen jewelry or gifts, damage to your wedding attire or lost or damaged photography.

Patient with broken foot


There are hundreds of scenarios that could leave you wishing you’d purchased wedding event cancellation insurance. The bride or groom could get sick and be unable to stand in the wedding, you could find out that you’ve been taken advantage of by a fraudulent vendor, or there could be an “act of god” that makes the wedding impossible at the time it was planned. The list goes on and on. Wedding event insurance can help give you peace of mind so that if something like this happens, you’re covered.


Markel even offers Wedding Liability Insurance. Add to your Wedding Checklist: Check with your venue if they require insurance as many venues now actually require event liability insurance.

If you’d like to learn more about how wedding event insurance can help you, you can learn more at Markel Event Insurance or give them a call at 1-855-480-9757.

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Sponsored Post: The Most Important Wedding Detail You’re Probably Overlooking

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Girls will spend months looking at wedding and engagement rings, selecting favorites and rejecting others before they find the ring and set their heart on it. Their future spouses will spend a lot of money and put a lot of soul into making sure the perfect ring is chosen. Unfortunately, most couples think that the jeweler’s warranty for the wedding jewelry is enough.

Marriage Proposal

Engagement Ring

Why Additional Insurance May Be Needed

While most wedding and engagement rings will come with a jeweler’s warranty, those warranties are typically designed to protect against cracks, chips and other small mishaps. Most of the time, the warranty is only valid if the rings are inspected regularly, too! If you happen to lose your ring, it’s not going to be covered.

Engagement and Wedding Ring

“Lose my ring? Are you crazy?”

Yes – it sounds impossible to think about…that you’d lose the ring you’ve fallen in love with, but it happens. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company reports that 40% of the claims they had in 2011 were for rings that were lost or mysteriously disappeared. Besides the emotional trauma a bride is likely to go through if she happens to lose her ring, there is the fact that most engagement rings and wedding bands are worth thousands of dollars.

Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

While wedding ring insurance isn’t for everyone, it’s worth looking into if your ring is expensive and if the jeweler’s insurance doesn’t cover loss or theft. Specialty insurers like Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company offer the most comprehensive coverage for jewelry as jewelry insurance is all they do. Their Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance product is specifically designed for individual’s personal jewelry pieces. Savvy brides who want to learn more about jewelry insurance can get a free quote and apply for a policy at

Engagement Ring

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