The Dashing Groom 101

Gill Mau

What makes for a dashing groom? Is it his suit’s material? Color? How it fits? Is it the tie design? The boutonniere? It is true that a groom’s struggle over finding the perfect outfit is not as stressful as that of the bride’s, but in it’s own way, it’s an art that not everyone can achieve. Here are some of the dashing grooms we have featured on our blog. They all have their certain individual sense of style but in general perspective, they sure do make for some refined gentlemen

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Knoxville, Tennessee

The Most Important Parts of a Wedding, According to Men

Groom Kissing His Bride's Cheek

Share Pin Tweet Share StumbleUpon Have you ever wondered what a man thinks about the wedding? The brides do most of the planning, and the men often just kind of get pulled along for the ride. We’ve asked several men what they think about weddings and what they believe to be the most important part. […]

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