How To Make Fancy Wildflower Ice Cubes

by Bonnie in , — Updated December 19, 2019 — Reading Time: 2 minutes
lust!!! freeze edible flowers in once-boiled water (less bubbles) by boiling and cooling water then pouring in a bit, freeze, add flowers and pour in more, freeze, then do an extra layer of flowers if you please….gorgeous!!! much more on what where &...

Beautiful wildflower ice cubes seem like a simple idea, but it takes a little bit of work to make them look fancy and intentional instead of strange and questionable (as in “um, is there something wrong with the ice, or is it supposed to look like that?”). First of all, you need to use a good quality ice-cube tray that makes cubes and not the stretched out semi-spherical shapes that many trays come in today. Use a tray that bends easily and will pop your cubes out in one piece. Amazon and many box stores carry silicone ice cube trays that create perfect cubes.

Next, collect edible wildflowers and herbs. Choose plants that are vibrant and colorful, with whole, healthy looking petals and leaves. Use flowers that you have grown yourself or find in a wild place far from the roadside. Flowers from a nursery are usually sprayed with chemicals. Geraniums, Mint leaves, basil leaves or blossoms, carnations, mini roses, violets, and marigolds can all be used, and there are many more options that I have not listed here! Add water to your cube tray until about half of each cube is filled. Place your petals, blossom, or leaf on the water, and freeze this. Once it is solid, top off with more water and freeze again!

Wildflower ice cubes are a beautiful detail, especially for a whimsical, boho chic reception. This budget-friendly DIY project is a must!

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