10 Best Wedding Photography Editing Services

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If you don’t know which wedding photography editing service to choose to enhance your photos, make sure to read this article about the best wedding photography editing services to refer in 2020. We have tested their professional skills by sending them the same bridal photo and compared the results.


All the companies received the same photo post-processing instructions. We asked them to perform color correction and basic face retouching, remove stray hairs and enhance a wedding dress. Let’s see what we have.

1.  FixThePhoto

10 Best Wedding Photography Editing Services 23

Website: The official website has an intuitive user interface. On the main page you will find the portfolio, price list and list of photo retouching services offered by FixThePhoto.

Ordering process: The company takes orders at any time of the day. You can upload pictures to the cloud, attach them to an email or use the special upload window.

Pricing: FixThePhoto provides the following services for wedding photographers: culling costs 5 cents per photo, color correction costs from 20 cents per photo, while retouching services cost from $2 per photo.

Availability of wedding packages: FixThePhoto offers two main packages for wedding photo editing: Wedding Light for $99 and Wedding Pro for $159. Both of them include color correction for 700 photos. The Pro package also includes basic retouching for 20 photos and High-End retouching for 5 photos.

Final result: FixThePhoto wedding photo post production service https://fixthephoto.com/services/wedding-photo-retouching has coped with the task better than other services which is why it takes the first place in our ranking. For the record, we received the edited photo within 24 hours after placing the order. Now, let’s discuss the quality of the work in detail.

Color correction was performed with high accuracy. Retouchers smoothed out the wrinkles on the dress, made it look brighter and lighter. Face retouching was at the top-notch level as well. Small skin imperfections were removed without affecting natural skin texture.

On a separate note, it worth mentioning the quality of hair editing. Retouchers removed the stray strands of hair, livened up the overall look of the hair and improved color saturation to make the portrait more aesthetically pleasing.

2. Weedit Photos

10 Best Wedding Photography Editing Services 25

Website: The website is extremely easy to navigate, it has a well-thought-out interface and a light-colored design. From the main page you can access the price list, portfolio, blog and order tabs.

Ordering process: To place an order, you need to register with your email. Once you do it, you can upload your photos.

Pricing: When it comes to prices, WeeditPhotos has a similar pricing policy to FixThePhoto. Culling costs from 5 cents per photo, the color correction starts from 20 cents, while retouching prices range from $2 to $10, depending on a task.

Availability of wedding packages: There are two packages, for $99 and $159. Both of them include color correction for 700 photos, while the more expensive option also includes basic retouching of 20 photos and advanced retouching of 5 photos.

Final result: The order was processed pretty quickly. Additionally, we were contacted by managers to discuss the details. We received the retouched photo in 36 hours.

On the whole, it’s one of the best wedding photography editing services. The skin retouching looks high-end, the skin is perfectly smooth, with its natural texture being unaffected. The overall look of the hair was significantly improved, all the stray strands of hair were removed. It’s worth noticing that stray hair removal demands high accuracy, so it’s one of the most time-consuming editing tasks requiring high professionalism.

Similarly, color correction is at the top level as well. The colors of the skin, hair and dress became more saturated, the contrast was adjusted and small details became easier to distinguish. The photo has an artful feel with additional highlights added to the face of the bride.

3. Wedding-Retouching

10 Best Wedding Photography Editing Services 27

Website: On the main page of this wedding photography editing service you will find a convenient navigation panel where you will see the links to the portfolio, ordering instructions, prices and list of photo retouching services.

Ordering process: You can sign up with your email, Facebook or Google account. It’s possible to upload photos that take up to 50Mb of storage space.

Pricing: Wedding-Retouching has extremely affordable prices, culling will cost you from 5 cents, the color correction starts from 20 cents per photo, while wedding photo retouching prices range from $2 to $10, depending on the task.

Availability of wedding packages: The company offers two packages to choose from, for $99 and $159. Both of them include color correction of up to 700 photos. The more expensive package also offers basic and high-end retouching services.

Final result: On the website, they state that the wedding photo edit takes 2 days but we received our file on the next day after placing our order. What’s more, you can easily contact customer support to ask any questions or discuss order instructions.

As for the order, the photo looks simply stunning. Color correction is great so the edited image looks stylish and airy. The portrait became lighter and the contrast was improved.

Skin retouching looks highly professional as well. All the small imperfections were removed, the skin texture wasn’t affected while its color became more natural. As for the hair, now it looks beautiful and more realistic, with all the stray hairs skillfully removed.

4. EvolveEdits

10 Best Wedding Photography Editing Services 29

Website: The official website has a nice look. It provides detailed descriptions of all the services and some retouching examples. The only shortcoming is that there is no separate page with a price list. We had to go to the pages dedicated to certain services to check the prices.

Ordering process: Before placing an order, a user is required to register and provide a lot of personal information, such as a phone number and address. Our first attempt to register failed as the website didn’t accept our address.

Pricing: Evolve Edits offers a subscription plan. By paying $199 per month, you will get unlimited access to its color correction services. If you want to place a single order, the color correction of one photo will cost you $0.3. Deep color correction costs from $3 per photo, or up to $150 per hour.

Availability of wedding packages: This company doesn’t offer any special packages for wedding photo editing. There are no seasonal discounts on their photography post production services either.

Final result: We received the enhanced photo on the fourth day after making an order. If we take into account the time it took them to edit the photo, the result could have been better. Let’s take a closer look at the photo to see if there are any issues with the quality of editing.

As for color correction, it seems that the bride’s skin tone doesn’t seem natural enough. Skin retouching quality is quite average. It’s impossible to imagine such a photo in an album. Hair editing looks artificial. If you take a closer look, you will instantly notice the edited areas which doesn’t make this photo aesthetically pleasing.

5. EssentialEdit

10 Best Wedding Photography Editing Services 31

Website: Essential Edit has an informative site with easy navigation where visitors can immediately see examples of work and prices for services.

Ordering process: To order a wedding photo edit, there is no need to register on the site. You can simply go to the order section, fill in the necessary data and choose which service you need, as well as enter your photo editing wishes if necessary.

Pricing: Essential Edit offers culling at $0.09 per photo, photo editing in Lightroom just for $0.3 per shot and album design at $4 per page. Photo retouching prices start at $6 for basic edits.

Availability of wedding packages: We didn’t find any wedding photo editing packages.

Final result: We received the edited shot on the third day. We spot good color correction and an increase in the level of contrast in the shot.

Speaking of photo retouching, the interference of specialists is immediately noticeable. The retouched skin is too blurry, it looks unnatural. We wouldn’t dare to publish such a shot on social networks.

Regarding the removal of excess hair on the head, the work is done a little carelessly. In general, photo editing can be ordered in this company only if the model doesn’t have skin defects. Photo retouching isn’t the strongest point of Essential Edit.

6. ShootDotEdit

10 Best Wedding Photography Editing Services 33

Website: The company’s website is nice to use, loads quickly and provides access to all the necessary information.

Ordering process: To send photos to the company, you will have to go through registration first. You need to enter a lot of unnecessary information and then wait for a confirmation letter.

Pricing: ShootDotEdit provides only monthly membership fees to use their wedding photography editing services, instead of being able to order editing of a single photo. Packages cost $119 and $299 per month. A more expensive package offers an unlimited number of shots for editing.

Availability of wedding packages: You can only use existing packages that have additional services for editing wedding shots. In the $119 package you can have only one wedding edited per month.

Final result: We received the edited shot within 36 hours which corresponds to the deadlines indicated on the site. Color correction didn’t meet our expectations, the shot remained quite dark and gloomy.

As for photo retouching, skin defects were eliminated but not very neatly. If you enlarge the shot, you will instantly spot the areas where some defects used to be. The skin color also doesn’t look natural. The texture is distorted which ruined the whole appearance of the model.

In terms of hair and dress, almost all excess strands and folds were removed quite naturally.

7. PhotographersEdit

10 Best Wedding Photography Editing Services 35

Website: The Photographers Edit website is minimalistic and convenient. On its main page you can see examples of photo editing performed by the company’s retouchers.

Ordering process: It doesn’t cause difficulties. You have to go through standard registration and upload shot to the company’s server.

Pricing: Prices of this wedding photography editing service range from $3 to $40 depending on your requirements. In case you send images in RAW format, the price for photo editing services will be slightly higher.

Availability of wedding packages: The company doesn’t have wedding packages but you can get a 30% discount on your first order.

Final result: We received the edited shot in two days. We weren’t really impressed by the result. The photo hasn’t changed much in terms of retouching. The company focuses more on photo editing in Lightroom and selecting low-quality photos rather than on manipulations in Photoshop.

Excess hair is eliminated quite carelessly. Skin retouching leaves much to be desired. Not all defects are eliminated, the skin has become rather unnatural and blurry.

8. Picsera

10 Best Wedding Photography Editing Services 37

Website: The site of the Picsera service seems overloaded and you can get lost in it. Although, in general, it is quite informative and you can find out what services Picsera provides, examine the edited shots and prices.

Ordering process: It is quite simple. In order to make an order, you need to register and upload images of any size and format to their site. We got an answer the next day but received a message with the exact price and other details in a week.

Pricing: Prices start at $2.5 for basic photography editing and from $1.2 for e-сommerce shots. The majority of prices can be viewed on the website but Picsera usually asks to see images to provide custom quotes for high volume orders or specials requests.

Availability of wedding packages: The company provides a Wedding Bundle. With its help you can have 1000 photos edited for just $169.99. The bundle includes color correction, selection of successful frames and framing.

Final result: The company seems to be more specialized in e-commerce photography because wedding photography post production services aren’t their strong points. We received the edited shot on the third day and this is what happened.

Color correction is performed at a decent level. The shot has become more vivid and rich but there are some difficulties with photo retouching. Picsera failed at full removal of excess hair strands, they aren’t perfectly smooth. The skin was retouched well. However, the retouchers affected the natural look and texture of the skin, and it appears rather blurry.

9. Color Experts International

10 Best Wedding Photography Editing Services 39

Website: The company’s website is too cluttered and doesn’t load well, even if you have high-speed internet. The main page contains examples of edited shots, information on basic prices and the ordering process.

Ordering process: During registration you only need to specify your email, password and name and then upload shots to the company’s server.

Pricing: Color correction starts at 99 cents per shot, basic photo retouching – from $1.49, and high-end – from $4.49 per shot. With a mass order, you can get up to a 40% discount.

Availability of wedding packages: There are no wedding photo edit packages.

Final result: The edited photo was sent to us on the fourth day after we made an order. Color correction is performed better than photo retouching. While removing skin defects the retouchers slightly damaged the texture and some areas on the face were deformed.

The situation with hair is similar. There are a few extra strands on the head, which doesn’t contribute to the perfectly smooth hairstyle of the model. The retouchers have accidentally or intentionally missed unattractive folds which almost all services have removed.

10. Photo Editing Company

10 Best Wedding Photography Editing Services 41

Website: The company’s website is convenient and not overloaded. You can instantly see the services that are offered, prices and examples of edited shots. But there is a disadvantage – when you click on some of the site’s buttons, ads pop up and redirect you to a completely different website.

Ordering process: It is simple and doesn’t require much extra information from you. Just upload shots and fill in the main fields for communication.

Pricing: The company offers color correction from 18 cents per shot and photo retouching from 80 cents.

Availability of wedding packages: There are no such packages if you are interested in wedding photography editing service.

Final result: The edited shot was sent to us on the third day. The color correction is performed well, although we believe that the colors are slightly distorted.

The company handled photo retouching slightly better. Almost all the defects were removed. Still, the retouched shot isn’t perfect, and it is unlikely that we would place it in a wedding album or on a banner.

We weren’t happy with hair retouching either. Trying to eliminate the extra strands, the retouchers slightly deformed the hairstyle. The final result doesn’t look very high-quality.

11. PhotoRetouchingServices

10 Best Wedding Photography Editing Services 43

Website: It has a bright and colorful intuitive interface that is convenient to use. You can clearly see the company’s portfolio and the prices for different types of services offered by photoretouchingservices.net.

Ordering process: To order the service you need is very easy here. You upload the photos to the website, add your instructions and examples for retouching, pick the service for your photos, and download the edited photos within 48 hours. Uploading the RAW files is available.

Pricing: The company offers three different types of tariffs:

  • Mini – $3 per image. This service is meant for basic adjustments such as correcting color, skin cleaning or cropping. It helps to save time and money if you need basic photo retouching for a lot of photos taken in the same location, scene, surroundings or light conditions.
  • Midi – $9 per image. It is the most popular option if you need full online wedding photo retouching, editing group photos or making look books. The service includes all the options from the Mini tariff plus teeth correction, toning, fixing closed eyes and creating beautiful faces.
  • Maxi – $15 per image. This service is meant for maximum retouching. It involves everything from Mini and Midi plus rejuvenating and liquifying effects, removing or adding objects, changing backgrounds as well as cleaning texture and color.

Availability of wedding packages: Batch online photo editing is available for the number of photos from 100 to 3500 images. Each image, despite a big number of photos, is retouched properly and carefully. The price and volume of each package are discussed with every client individually and considered in accordance with all their requirements. Any combination of services in one order is possible.

Final result: As a result, we have received the edited photos from this company within 36 hours since we placed the order. All the photos came in perfect quality and they were edited in accordance with all our instructions and requirements.

The color correction was done properly making the photos look brighter and more distinct. All the retouching works were done at the top-notch level.

According to our assessment, this service is the leader among the rest, the result of their work exceeded all expectations.

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