Wedding Bows Galore: For the Bow Lover

by Niki in , — Updated February 16, 2020 — Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you adore bows, we have quite the collection for you! Below you’ll find 10 ways in which you can add bows to your wedding. Of course, you don’t have to use them all, but we’re willing to bet you can find a few great ways to add bows to your wedding with these ideas.

1. The Wedding Cake

What a perfect opportunity to add an elegant, tasteful bow!

Wedding Cake with Bow
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2. The Dress

Bows on dresses aren’t always obnoxious and 80’s style – in fact, sometimes they’re quite beautiful.

Elegant Strapless Ballgown Beaded Applique Chapel Train Organza Wedding Dress with Bow at Back
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3. Your Hairstyle

Wearing bows in your hair on your wedding day can be very elegant and sophisticated.

Bow Hairstyle

4. Your Shoes

These beautiful bow-embellished shoes are absolutely darling.

Wedding Shoes with Bows
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5. The Groom

What a great way to sneak a bow on your groom! It’s tasteful and very dapper.

Bow TIes
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6. Your Jewelry

You can also wear some gorgeous bows on your wedding jewelry! Check out these beautiful earrings which would be great for a vintage-themed or Hollywood-themed wedding.

Earrings with Bows
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7. On Your Chairs

This is the perfect way to dress up plain chairs for the reception, and they’re easy to do yourself!

Chair Decor

8. On Cupcakes

If you want to serve cupcakes at your reception, serve some like these, complete with gorgeous fondant bows.

Cupcakes with Fondant Bows

9. The Invitations

These invitations are elegant and very classy and of course, they have a bow!

Wedding Invitation with Bow
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10. The Napkins

And finally, why not shape your dinner napkins into bows for your guests? This is a beautiful and elegant way to present the table for your wedding dinner.

Napkin Bows
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If you love bows, then you’ve just been given some ultimate inspiration for wedding planning with bows. Use them all or gain inspiration from one or two of them.

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  1. Beautiful! Love this perfect wedding stationary, especially the invitation and wedding cake.


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